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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 9-1: The Unspeakable Secret(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 9-1: The Unspeakable Secret(I)

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The powerhouses in the city all had their own reactions as Gando and Luo Yinglong began their battle. It was a sort of resonance between Lights of the Soul that let those far away sense something.

“Borrowing the force of the heavens and earth! Eight Trigrams form!”

“Thunder! Bolt!”

Luo Yinglong’s hands gave a wave. The Eight Trigrams formation spun faster and several streaks of lightning that flashed past were pulled in, disappearing from the skies.

What immediately spurted out was the lightning gathering below the formation. It was like a laser cannon that had been charging had spat out a serpent of light. Several seconds later, a pillar of lightning shot out from that formation. The speed was incredibly fast. All those present could only feel the world lighting up, and before they recovered, that laser-like lightning descended, enveloping the Unit-01 within.

“Thunder Dragon Rumbles!”

Luo Yinglong couldn’t help but start to breath heavily after executing this move. He stared at the giant pit formed by the lightning strike, afraid that that undying machine would appear again within. He had used ‘borrowing the force of heaven and earth’ two times since the start of his battle against Gando. Although they had all been complemented by this rainstorm, and were much stronger than usual, it was still unable to break through that Eva’s Light of the Soul for some reason. With no alternative, he could only use lightning, the greatest force he could borrow from the natural world at this moment…

The might of this move was enormous, and the consumption of Refined Qi was great as well. With his current strength in the Astral stage, he could only use this level of power several times. If he still couldn’t kill them, he could only use some forbidden technique that would completely put his life on the line.

The might of this move was abnormally great. That lightning moved at the speed of light. The limits of a lifeform’s speed couldn’t dodge it. Gando had been struck by the lightning pillar before he could even respond, the power within that strike already exceeding the power as the centre of an atomic explosion, reaching the level of hydrogen bombs. This was a move Luo Yinglong had infused the power of the world into after all. If Luo Yinglong relied on himself alone to execute this move, he would have to be in the Unification or even the Tribulation Traversing stages to do it. Of course, if he had a good magical or Cultivation treasure and could unleash it to the fullest, he could also use this move in his current stage. It was just that such items were rare, and had a large consumption of Refined Qi… For instance, there was Xuan’s Bell of the East Emperor.

After that pillar of lightning crashed down, for Gando and the Eva, which both had been knocked underground, their life or death was unknown. Everyone looked at the ground anxiously. After all, they didn't know whether the Eva’s Light of the Soul could block an attack of the power. If it really could block it, Gando’s power didn't bode well for them. Here, apart from Luo Yinglong risking his life to activate a forbidden technique, perhaps only Zheng could deal with such a powerful Gando.

Not long after, a giant ball of hazy light slowly floated up from deep below. The light was an A.T. Field visible to the eyes, with an Eva within that had half of its body blown off. Even Gando which was in its hand was grievously injured. His stomach and chest was blown off, and the upper and lower halves of his body were only tenuously connected through his backbone. He looked more or less dead, but his face was merely pale and his eyes and face were still moving. It seemed it wasn’t a fatal injury. It was at this moment everyone realized his legs were connected with the Unit-01, his legs fusing into it. Before, his pants had been covering it so it hadn't been obvious. Now, they realised it as soon as they took a look.

“Good, you’re strong. If you were too weak, I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself to the fullest.” Gando smiled coldly as he said it word by word. “Now THIS feels like a final battle. All that war of wits and overt schemes Xuan talks about is really not interesting. Only a honest battle and life or death feels refreshing. Cultivation, was it? I don't know what kind of gratitude or grievances exist between Zheng Zha and you, but you’re not the target of my revenge. Stay far away from team China if you want to live longer.”

“This giant machine is called the Unit-01. The introduction says it’s the body of a god and that its sole deficiency is the lack of enough of a soul to move and control it. Thus, I could only exchange the Apostle enhancement. I don’t know whether I can still be considered human, but I no longer care about anything anymore for the sake of revenge. You’ll know about its power soon. It’ll be worth it whether I lose my mind or fail to overcome the heart’s devil and become a devil… Hahaha, I’ll let you all live a little longer. If you want to die, come kill me now.”

Gando had already slowly fused into the Eva’s hand as he spoke. When he could no longer be seen, the entire Eva trembled. That damaged body actually began to madly regenerate. Although the damage it had taken was great, based on this speed of continuous propagation, it should be able to completely restore itself within a few hours at most. This did seem to be the best chance to kill him.

“Why?” Luo Yinglong was stunned, asking curiously.

“We’ll discuss the details later. It looks like the Unit-01 needs some time to restore itself to its original state. Let’s talk as we fly… That lightning has already disappeared, so this will be a good time to hurry to the Umbrella Corporation building. Let’s go.” Zheng gave the giant lifeform a complicated look, before flying into the distance on the Sky Stick. Luo Yinglong hesitated for a moment, before following behind them on his flying sword. It was only that this squad… was missing Yingkong.


“...The basic situation is like that. Errr, ignore what I just said. Let’s continue the topic from before. That Unit-01 is obviously the prototype god we met before, just that it’s slightly weaker. The situation is slightly strange. The prototype god didn’t have a pilot, so I destroyed its central control system. The prototype god began to propagate infinitely, becoming a terrifying monster. I’m not clear on the situation for this Unit-01. If we attack it now, I don’t know if it’ll go berserk and become such a monster as well, or go berserk in an even worse way now that it has a pilot. We don’t know all this.” Zheng said to Luo Yinglong as he flew.

Luo Yinglong immediately asked in surprise, “Then, all the more we should completely destroy it when it’s defenceless.”

“The problem is that we can’t confirm if this is clone Xuan’s scheme.” When he said this, Zheng specially gave Xuan a look. The man was currently silently following behind the group. Those familiar with him would know that this man was using his mind to mull over something. Perhaps it was to deal with enemies… or perhaps his own people. Anyways, this fellow made others afraid.

Xuan suddenly opened his mouth, “We don’t need to have a direct confrontation with Luo Gando now. Luo Yinglong, your appearance should be one of the misfortunes of team Devil. Gando could have depleted our strength or even threatened us. If possible, it’s naturally not necessary to recklessly fight with him at this time. We just need to go with the flow and turn the entire situation into chaos. There’s no need to mix ourselves into this chaotic situation. If I didn’t guess wrongly, team Devil and team Celestial must have started to make their moves. If team Devil’s luck continues to worsen, we don’t need to determine a victor between Gando and us. He’ll be beaten by some accident… Now, the crux is you, Luo Yinglong.”

“Me?” Luo Yinglong pointed at himself, mystified. He then laughed, “Alright alright. No need to act mysterious. I’ve been with Adam so long and I know your kind likes to keep things inside. Just say it directly. Why am I the crux?”

“What you want to say should have to do with team Celestial. No, it should be to do with Adam, right? The remaining 30% probability is you’re a spy sent by Adam. But even a spy has to have something to prove their loyalty. The crux is what excuse you’ll have to deal with us. The crux lies in you. What did team Celestial do? Why does my clone want to ally with me to deal with you. Another important question is why does my clone want to act like spectator at the side waiting for benefits while team Celestial acts against us?’

Xuan pointed at Luo Yinglong, “What happened in team Celestial? Why must us of team China have no choice but to battle them, and why would Adam definitely trouble us and make the three-way situation lose its balance? My clone’s scheme as well… The crux of all this lies in what you have to say!”

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