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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 9-2: The Unspeakable Secret(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 9-2: The Unspeakable Secret(II)

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The rainstorm remained. However, the lightning was gone, which meant that God’s air restrictions were gone. Not discussing whether the removal of the restrictions were man-made or natural, it anyways meant that the various teams’ individual flying equipment was now usable. In other words, the greatest obstruction to the teams’ speed was gone and the distances within the city was no longer a large issue and the road to the Umbrella Corporation building was now open for the teams.

“Let’s go! We’ll go this very night! Although I don’t know what happened, this is the best chance to go to the Umbrella Corporation building now that the lightning is gone.” In the basement team Africa was in, Neos was frowning as he spoke to his team.

A difficult to describe fluctuation had just burst out through the city not long before. It was a fluctuation that was sensed deep within the soul. If using terms that high level teams could understand to explain, it was that a powerful Light of the Soul had appeared in the distance.

What this meant didn’t need to be said. Some teams were already battling, and the combatants were all very powerful based on the intensity and vibrations of the Light of the Soul. That strength wouldn’t exist in the vast majority of teams. The largest probability was that those battling were those from the three strongest teams.

“I know everyone doesn’t understand my request to move in the middle of the night, and ignore everything to enter the city and find team China. You all don’t understand. But we no longer have a path of retreat. If we can’t stop Adam, while those who’ve unlocked the fourth stage and overcome the heart’s devil and slightly resist, we’ll definitely die. As soon as his plan completes, we’re dead!”

“The rune technology the white race’s Saints, Magicians and Alchemists collaborated to construct, the Tree of Life, is an unconventional sort of pinnacle. A nigh-infinite energy as well, a spear that pierce through the soul and energy, and also, to turn oneself into a body that depends on possessing Light of the Soul… If you don't want to become his food, you’re going to have to start risking your lives!”

Neos gave a cold look towards the newer veterans in the team. They weren’t completely trusting of him the way Richard and the rest were, but everyone’s power was important in the final battle… Putting it unpleasantly, if there weren’t even disposable pawns for the schemes and calculations, there were no need for a scheme. It was a guarantee that no pawns equalled to no schemes. So, these members needed to exist no matter how unwilling he was.

Even if it was just for the coming sacrifices, he had to endure these people!

“Let’s go. We’ll find team China no matter the cost. How pathetic. My whole life I’ve been calculating this and that. I didn't think I’ll end up making all these rash actions instead in this final battle.” Neos laughed bitterly again, standing up as he patted off the dust on his body. He ignored the responses of everyone else, walking alone to the exit of the basement. That figue looked indescribably bleak from behind.

For a person who had relied on his wits his entire life, not being able to use it at this juncture that decided life and death was undoubtedly the greatest mockery to him.


Apart from team Africa that departed that very night, a majority of team that had entered the city made the same decision. After all, most teams were mature teams that had underwent multiple life and death tests. Although they weren’t the peers of the three strongest teams, they still had their veterans that were slightly stronger. They could sense the Light of the Soul somewhat, so they had made some guesses. These people even more urgently wanted to reach the Umbrella Corporation building. If the clue wasn’t there, they would have to go the main battlefield of the first Resident Evil, the Hive, to find the clue.

This was the sole hope for the weaker teams. Disregarding what terrifying monsters may be in the Seventh Underground Laboratory, many teams still had this thinking. A hundred days were neither a lot nor a little after all. If they snuck into the laboratory while the three strongest teams were going against each other, and if their luck was good and they didn’t die, what followed would be fleeing into the vast world. It wasn’t necessarily impossible to last the hundred days. Overall, finding the clue was the only path of survival for them.


“Our team Celestial doesn't need to look for the clues so urgently.” Adam looked silently at the gloomy night sky of the distant city. He muttered to the over ten people behind him.

“Our power is great. Although the people who are weaker number over seventy percent of us, there are still twenty of so left. Our strength isn’t inferior to team Devil, let alone team China. So, we don’t need to waste energy searching for whatever clue. Whoever finds it, we just have to snatch it from them!”

Adam turned his head and continued to speak, and the dozens of people behind him all cheered. A majority of them all revealed expressions of delight, secretly thinking that they had indeed found an excellent backer. If Luo Yinglong had been present, he would surely sneer at Adam’s words. They were obviously to trick people, purely to deceive these idiots.

They wanted to compare with team Devil? Just one clone Zheng, no, one clone Gando was enough to make so many suffer. Against someone who had reached the fourth stage, and against most of these who hadn’t reached that level, it was something that numbers could make up for.

However, they all didn’t know the truth. The reason they could live to this day was because they hadn’t met team China or team Devil. They hadn’t been killed when they met team Celestial, and instead joined Adam’s Angel Alliance plan. Thus, they didn’t have much of a notion regarding the power of those in the fourth stage.

Of course, there were some exceptions...

“I don’t know about team Devil, but team China is strong. Their leader is already powerful to an inconceivable level. I don’t have confidence in lasting a minute against him. Honestly, I may not even last one round if he unleashes his full power. I don’t think our Angel Alliance is THAT strong.”

A young man carrying a Japanese katana was standing within the crowd. The young man was Miyata Kuraki, who had unfortunately ran into team China in The Perfect Storm. He seemed to have fully recovered currently, but the self-confidence that had been present in his eyes before had diminished greatly. He had been defeated in his transformed state by Zheng within a few light punches, and the mental blow from this was great. It was difficult to guarantee his self-confidence after knowing how vast the difference was between him and the other side.

Adam silent gave Miyata Kuraki a look. He nodded, saying, “True, the high end members of team Devil and team China are indeed stronger than the norm. However, did you fight with most of their members?”

Miyata Kuraki froze for a moment, muttering, “No.”

“That’s how it is. Just like all teams, team China and team Devil has both the weak and the strong with. Even if their powerhouses come, us team Celestial aren’t eggs that’ll shatter on the slightest impact. Our powerhouses can naturally stop them. So, our Angel Alliance is actually the strongest in the realm.” Adam smiled gently to everyone.

Miyata Kuraki didn’t say anything more. Although he still had some doubts in his heart, he still had some belief in Adam’s words.

In truth, anybody familiar with the three teams could refute this lie.

Those who joined team Devil were all talents with the greatest latent potential in the realm. Team Devil also pursued a policy of the law of the jungle. Anyone who could survive till now would be a high-level combatant.

Team China’s circumstances were more unique. With Zheng and his ‘power’, along with Xuan and his ‘intelligence’ shielding them along the way, and their life and death battles, the survivors were all super veterans who had survived many movies. Although they couldn’t match up to the members of team Devil, each and every member of team China’s power couldn’t be overlooked.

This also applied to team Celestial. As every person who joined were team leaders, their strength was top-class. Adam’s words could only trick these ordinary teams who weren’t clear about the truth. After all, the teams they had met were all teams were all those with only two or strong members as well as mostly ordinary members.

If it really was as Adam said, where team Devil and team China had only a few powerhouses, the Angel Alliance that had gathered quite a few teams would truly be strongest.

“Since everyone agrees with my suggestion, we’ll wait here.”

Adam turned his head again, his eyes twinkling constantly, then he muttered, “...Wait for the final moment to arrive.”

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