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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 9-3: The Unspeakable Secret(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 9-3: The Unspeakable Secret(III)

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“So… it’s not that I don’t want to say. It’s that I can’t!” Luo Yinglong looked at everyone with a gloomy expression.

He had been trying to find a way to describe the secret in his heart ever since he found team China. Alas, his intelligence just wasn’t enough, and he just couldn’t find a way to say it out. So, in the end he could only just start scolding.

“Anyways, just come with me to kill Adam! Everything will be fine and dandy as long as we kill that guy! Otherwise, we’ll all die together!” Luo Yinglong shouted to the rest.

Unfortunately, everyone, including Xuan, didn’t take him seriously. Ignoring what Xuan was thinking, the problem was that Zheng simply didn’t plan to deal with team Celestial personally. His entire mind was filled with his clone, the clone Zheng that was dubbed the apex of the realm.

“Dammit, why can’t you take action?! Song Tian met Xiang Yu in one of the movies. That weirdo was also terrifyingly strong. Both used the same weapon, and the two of them actually changed from enemies to friends after a battle. Song Tian gained the Seven Strikes of Purple Lightning. Supposedly there’s a eight and ninth strike as well, but I’ve never seen him use it. Even so, he’s ridiculous enough already. I may be able to beat him if I use my Evil Gods Formation, but I won’t have any power remaining to beat Adam then. That fellow has been hiding himself and hasn’t revealed anything, but I know he’s in the fourth stage with Light of the Soul. I don’t know whether he’s conquered the heart’s devil, but his strength can’t be underestimated. That fellow once before in White… cough, he knocked out a Adamantine Magic Doll there.”

“White?” Zheng turned around to Luo Yinglong who was flying behind him. He asked curiously, “White what? Is it a movie world?”

“Ahhhh. It should be counted as a movie. Anyways, Adam has always been holding back. He’s definitely not any weaker than Song Tian or me.” Luo Yinglong seemed to be fearful of something, as he rubbed his body and head, only replying after a long while.

Hearing this, Zheng nodded. He also looked at Xuan. Didn’t this strategist of team China have hidden depths himself? He had revealed the slightest bit in A Nightmare on Elm Street, and the growth in strength after had been ridiculous. Together with that Bell of the East Emperor that may or may not be usable, other Cultivation treasures and inventions of his, he even suspected this fellow may be able to challenge him. With this as a basis, Adam’s strength couldn’t be lower than the fourth stage no matter how weak it was.

“Yeah yeah! So, go with me to kill Adam!” When he saw Zheng nod his head, he immediately egged him on with great pleasure.

“No go. I need to conserve my strength to face my clone.” Zheng bluntly rejected him.

“Damn it, what exactly do you want me to say? If we don’t kill Adam, we may all die!” Luo Yinglong shouted.

“There’s no need for you to say anything else other than the truth!” Everyone said unanimously aside from Xuan.

“...Fuck!” Luo Yinglong was speechless, and thumped his head in vexation. Looking at him, it seemed he was taking it really hard.

At this moment, Xuan who had been silent suddenly opened his mouth, “I’m about to ask some questions. If you encounter anything you can’t tell me just tell me. If you can’t even say the words ‘can’t say’, then just keep your silence. Were you restricted by Adam? That’s why you can’t tell the truth?”

“No. It’s unrelated to Adam.” Luo Yinglong immediately said.

“Good, then onto the next question. Team Celestial found the legacy of either the ancient Saints or Cultivators in a movie world, right?” Xuan nodded as he continued to ask.

“Eh? You guessed it? Correct!” Luo Yinglong nodded joyously.

“Yes, what movie did you find it in?” Xuan was expressionless, giving a nod of his head as he asked.

“Narnia… Cough, cough, I can’t say anymore.” Luo Yinglong was immediately panicked, before shaking his head decisively after a long while.

“Alright, next question. Was the legacy left behind by the Saints or Cultivators?”

“Can’t say.”

“Did you obtain the complete legacy?”

When this question was asked, Luo Yinglong hesitated for a long while, frowning as he thought before murmuring, “No. Although we entered a very deep layer, we were only able to obtain one ultimate legacy and several more minor items that weren’t part of the legacy because of certain sudden circumstances. Although the ruins still remain, we can’t enter anymore. That’s all I can say.”

“What was that ultimate legacy?”

“Can’t say.”

“You want us to quickly kill Adam because of this ultimate legacy?” Xuan frowned slightly, asking again.

“Can’t say.”

“Did you all form the Angel Alliance before or after obtaining this legacy?”

“Can’t say.”

“One more question. Have you entered Eragon before? Do you know about the announcement within that will cause certain things to happen if said?” Xuan thought for a while before asking.

“Eragon? We’ve never experienced that movie. An announcement that will cause something to happen if said? What’s that referring to?” Luo Yinglong asked curiously.

Xuan let out a breath, pushing up his spectacles. “All are unspeakable secrets? Even if I press you for the details, you probably can’t say anything. Although there are some questions subject to confirmation, I roughly understand what you’re trying to get across.”

Luo Yinglong was immediately overjoyed. “You understand? As expected of team China’s strategist, the weirdo Xuan! Cough… take it that I didn’t just say that. How about it? Since you understand, go and kill Adam with me!”

“No.” Xuan said this word indifferently, before keeping his mouth shut, only silently flying forward.

“Why? Why!” Luo Yinglong was stunned for a very long time, before being unable to restrain his anger and flying to before Xuan and shouting angrily.

“Because we are team China.” Xuan gave Luo Yinglong a cold look, before saying calmly, “From the start of this battle, no, since Adam mingled with the majority of teams to form the Angel Alliance, the main character position of the final battle no longer had anything to do with him or the Angel Alliance. This is a battle between team Devil and team China. I have my own schemes and calculations. It doesn't matter what legacy Adam obtained, because I wasn't going to let him off from the start anyways. The only end to disrupting our battle with team Devil… will be extermination!”

When these words were said, it wasn’t just Luo Yinglong who was stunned. The rest of team China was as well. Zheng said dumbly to Xuan, “My god… did you unknowingly overcome your heart’s devil? You sounded so pleasant just now.”

Xuan laughed coldly at him. “You should have been the one saying this. This is the conviction behind you battling to this day, right? My schemes since the start of the final battle have relied on this. It’s all to let team China rise to the top of the realm and get that title of the apex. I think you know what it means for a kind versus king and soldier against soldier battle. Perhaps at the end of this final battle, we may be wiped out from this realm. Even if we do win, I’m afraid only you and a few others will be left. So, you should have been the one saying this.”

Zheng gave Xuan a deep look. He carefully thought through the arrangements and things Xuan had done along the way. Although he didn’t know how Xuan’s scheme was going, he knew this man’s resolve. It was like that first time he met this man. For the sake of the group’s survival and benefit, he could dispassionately view all life...

“I’ve always imprinted it deep on myself. From Resident Evil Apocalypse, the first time our team was wiped, when my clone angrily decapitated me and all my friends died… This has always been the reason I fought. After this final battle, team China will be the strongest. This is my promise to you. Whether you’re dead or alive then, this promise shall always be my conviction!”

Zheng sighed. He gave Luo Yinglong a look, before straight ahead. “Let's go, towards the clue of the Seventh Underground Laboratory and team Celestial… I trust Xuan. Since he said he’s made the arrangements, then he’s made them. I have only one job, to fight my clone! Luo Yinglong, I don't know why you wanted to look for us team China to help, but since you said you wanted to join us… If team China still has a future, then the first thing you have to remember before joining us is that you have to trust your comrades! Let’s go! We shouldn't make team Devil wait too long!”

“Alright. I’ll trust that weirdo Xuan this one time. I hope your trust this time doesn’t backfire on you. It’s just dying once anyways… Speaking of which, didn’t your squad have some pretty assassin girl with a big chest? She was in my divinations before. Did she lose us?” Luo Yinglong let out a breath as well, and he could only helplessly agree to Zheng. However, he still looked around, and asked curiously in the end.

“Apart from the wish of living on itself, another reason we want to live on is because we each have our own battles to face. This is fate, and our personal decisions. She’s off to face her own battle.” Zheng gave Luo Yinglong a look, muttering, “That’s the second thing to remember if you want to join team China.”


At the same time, there were great changes in team Devil’s base. All the members got up onto their Sky Sticks. Coincidentally, team China and team Devil possessed individual flying equipment that were practically the same. From certain aspects, the two teams were too similar.

“One hour thirty seven minutes until team China’s missile hits. One hour fifty two minutes until team Celestial’s plan completes. Although the initial situation is slightly messed up now, we still have an absolute initiative. Follow my orders to split into two squads. The first will go to team Celestial’s base. When the situation there changes, follow my instructions to start dealing a blow to the Angel Alliance members. The second squad will follow me… We’ll go to the entrance to the Hive first and sneak attack team China there!”

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