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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 11-1: Difficulty Increase and the Uncontrollable Super Virus(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 11-1: Difficulty Increase and the Uncontrollable Super Virus(I)

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Honglu was sitting there in silent contemplation. He kept playing with his hair or sighing, then looking into the distance listlessly. It was as if he had aged decades, but this little boy was obviously still over ten years old and was at odds with this aged and weighty gaze.

Honglu was himself forced to do this. He really wanted to start cursing about how he was forced. The code on Xuan’s paper was indeed cracked, and the content was in fact correct. Not only were logical sentences formed, but they also constituted the scheme Xuan wanted to hand over to them. But this scheme completely stunned Honglu.

Not discussing Xuan’s scheme for now, there was firstly, the translation of the code for Xuan’s arrangements. It pointed at a movie team China had experienced, which was indeed Starship Troopers. This wasn’t the main issue of the code. The code was left behind as Xuan wanted to conceal it from team Devil’s Xuan.

It was indeed hidden. As long as that omniscience wasn’t perfect and couldn’t know someone’s past or future, then this way of hiding it would be very great. The numbers could only be completely understood by those of team China who had experienced the movie or those who had listened to them describe in detail. This was the scheme Xuan had lay down before, or more accurately, the writing script Xuan had told them in advance as preparations to set up the scheme.

In Starship Troopers, team China had been saved and brought into space after a bloody battle, and a battle of wits had followed with team Africa. Xuan’s scheme had utterly defeated this team with a strategist. While entering space from Klendathu, Xuan had secretly told the teams this script to keep in contact with the team if they got captured. As long he said out these numbers and compared it to that script, then a sentence could be pieced together word by word. The paper’s numbers were to be dealt with like such.

“It does indeed constitute a scheme and this scheme does have Xuan written all over it. But… do we really have to do this?”

Honglu plucked off a hair in vexation. He scrutinised the hair dumbly, internally thinking about what Xuan wanted. The words Xuan had given weren’t complex. It only said Zero’s modified gun had another method of usage, which could display shocking power when paired with his Mystic Eyes. But, upon using it, Zero would likely die, especially after displaying his power. Whether or not to use it was up to Honglu’s discretion. The second thing was to get Honglu to think of a way to eliminate team Celestial and team Devil’s squad. With these overwhelming odds, team China was in a tough position. To obtain the objective of king versus king and soldier against soldier, it would be very difficult based on team China’s current situation. This was unless Honglu completed the goals Xuan gave him at a small cost.

“Was this why you started training me starting from a few movies ago?” Honglu looked at the ceiling listlessly. He could imagine Xuan’s arrangements in his mind. This whole final battle was a gamble on the victor of the king against king battle, and whether Zheng could win.

The words also simply described some information Xuan deduced. The most important was that team Devil would send a squad out to stand guard near team Celestial. As soon as team China members appeared and began to assault team Celestial, they would act as bystanders waiting to reap benefits. What Honglu had to do was completely eliminate the two other sides with the information and power he had on hand.

“How can it be done? Even if we can use the special effect of Zero’s modified gun, would they not know how to run? Zero’s life will be… How do I get them to openly fight each other too, or gather together? This difficulty isn’t any more easy than guessing your code. Damn, I never thought you thought so highly of me, Xuan! You actually entrusted such an important duty to me.”

Honglu didn’t know that most of team China could all guess that team China didn’t possess the advantage amongst the three factions. Especially the victory against team Devil, where they would gamble on the soldiers that would win. They hoped team China would win, and were betting on all their luck and schemes. For example, would their second strategist be able to truly display what a strategist needed to do, in the sole advantage team China had over team Devil and team Celestial… the field of strategists. In other words, their schemes and victory would likely affect the conclusion of this final battle.

“But… how do I reach this goal?” Honglu asked himself, and everyone looked at him speechlessly.

The missile team China fired soared towards Raccoon City. The four missiles fired all exploded in the north, south, east and west sectors of the city. The virus carried by the missiles wouldn’t be killed by the heat and shockwaves of this level. Instead, the genes of the virus rapidly altered and even absorbed a portion of the heat. They speedily multiplied and the virus propagated in all directions through the air and explosion shockwaves. The first to be hit were some zombies and zombie dogs. Creepers were infected too. The virus with fourth stage genes was terrifying. They altered their genes in the moment they took over these lifeforms


“Eh? A missile?” In a certain area within Raccoon City, a team was fighting with two large Creepers. The battle was very strange. There was a group of people fighting with one Creeper, while a coquettish woman was using a leather whip to strike repeatedly at the other creeper. Not mentioning her figure or appearance for now, just her using a flaming whip to hit the Creeper while giggling made everyone sweat. This was purely a woman who could apply S&M to the level of combat...

The coquettish beauty was currently giggling as she struck the Creeper. Her attacks carried a flame attribute to it, and every strike carried incredible force with it. It would send the giant Creeper flying off into the distance, and the flames kept scorching it. She was obviously just playing around and it seemed she could actually immediately end the battle if there was a need. Based on this strength, she couldn’t be any weaker than the third stage.

While battling, she had looked up and saw a missile streaking past through the sky at a speed visible to the eyes and falling towards the distance. For a time she had been stunned, and she muttered out those words. She had nearly been knocked down by the Creeper, and in her anger she used force to lash out with the whip to turn the Creeper’s head into a paste. It was only then that she stared into the distance.

A psyche force scan perfectly captured the scene of the missile falling in everyone’s mind. The missile’s explosion hadn’t been scary and had only been equivalent to an anti-tank missile. It was simply so weak that everyone was astonished. Who would be so bored to fire a missile with such low destructive power? There was nothing there anyways. Even if a team WAS there, that destructive power… may have been able to kill ordinary people, but it wasn’t too likely to kill a member of a team.

“Wait. Why are those zombies… not moving?” A black man behind the woman asked curiously.

However no one answered his question. They were all directing their attention there, trying to see if the zombies had just been scared silly. What other reason would they not move? Just as they looked in confusion, the zombies within their ‘vision’ exploded. Chunks of blood and gore splattered in all directions. However, every drop of blood and every chunk of gore was connected by a strand of blood. They actually began to wriggle in mid-air and transform, as if they all possessed a life of their own. The larger chunks of gore actually grew eyes and mouths.

One is to see, one is… to eat!

When these basic organs had grown, the blood and gore that filled the air began to mutually devour each other, until the final zombie had become a giant piece of meat. Its shape wasn’t fixed and each zombie was metamorphosing into something different. Some grew four new limbs, some grew countless teeth, some grew horns and some grew wings that were covered in sharp teeth...

The members of the team were all dumbfounded. Everyone watched dumbly. No one knew why these zombies were mutating, and into such a horrifying and ugly form at that. This no longer looked like the zombies and monsters of Resident Evil, but an image straight out of hell!

The woman’s reaction was the quickest. “Everyone, let’s run! Those monsters are strong! I can already feel their pressure from this far. That missile isn’t simple.. It must have released some virus. If we don’t run, not only will those monsters mutate, but we’ll die too! And it’ll be from becoming those disgusting monsters! I don’t want that!” The woman shouted, and turned tail towards the opposite direction. The people behind her were all stunned, before following their leader, hot on her heels. Everyone all drew out their strength. There were a few who were weaker and didn’t seem to have been strengthened much, and were thus running slower. They were rookies of the realm, and it was already not bad of their mental fortitude to be able to run after seeing that horrifying scene.

Regretfully… they were destined to die.

Because of the rainstorm, water filled Raccoon City and rain fell. The virus could not only spread through the air, but it was much faster when through liquids. What was more ridiculous was the ability to adjust their genes. These genes were eighty percent similar to that man wearing a golden mask team China had once met. This sort of Cultivation technology combined with the T-virus wasn’t anything inferior to the golden masked monster.

The virus didn’t just propagate. They continuously altered their genes and absorbed the microscopic life within the rainwater and accumulated water, using the minute energy and matter within to multiply themselves, Although they didn’t find a host body and undergo a sudden change, the virus was multiplying exponentially in number and spreading through the rain and accumulated water.

The already mutated monsters began to massacre one another. The energy and matter within their bodies attracted the instincts of the other viruses. Every virus host wished to devour all other hosts to strengthen themselves. With this infinite battle and devouring… a higher tier lifeform of these monsters would eventually be born!

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