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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 11-2: Difficulty Increase and the Uncontrollable Super Virus(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 11-2: Difficulty Increase and the Uncontrollable Super Virus(II)

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As the virus spread through the city, apart from the Angel Alliance and team Devil’s squad, the rest of the teams in the city were all heading towards the Umbrella Corporation building. The building’s location wasn’t a secret and was marked on all the maps in the city. As the Umbrella Corporation was on of the very largest companies in the world, practically everyone in the world had heard of it. Finding this landmark-like construction wasn’t of difficulty.

At one of the locations a missile exploded not far from the building, based on the insane rate of multiplication and corruption of the virus, it wouldn’t take more than two hours to reach the building. Of course, this was just for the virus. How about if the infected monsters made their way in this direction? Not only were they strong, but they were virus carriers as well...

“Damn! What kind of monster is this! Resident Evil Extinction didn’t have anything like this!” A black man roared.

He swung a giant totem pole in his hand, and it struck the monster in the head. With a bang, the three headed monster with only an eye and mouth on its head was smashed into the ground. It sunk half a metre into the ground. Of course, to this monster over two and a half metre in height, it just needed but a step to get out. However, the totem pole carried enormous force, and one of its heads directly blew apart.

This was a team near the Umbrella Corporation's building. They consisted of mostly blacks. It seemed that the geographical locale they were from was most likely Africa. The black man in the lead had muscles that had all swelled up, and had reached a height of 2.3 or 2.4m. Compared to the strange monster, apart from lacking horizontally, his stature was almost the same. With a giant metal totem pole in his hand, even a tap or brush would break bones or cause internal injuries, let alone an actual strike.

“This must be a plot change! It’s not like we’ve only experienced this sort of thing a few times! Were these powerful monsters really those weak zombies?” The rest of the team were behind the black man. A black woman behind him asked in astonishment and fear.

Many arrows were embedded in the monster’s body, and it was obvious how many arrows she had shot at it. However, every arrow had come to a halt as soon as it entered its body. It was forcibly blocked by those powerful muscles, and the monster’s body seemed to have some corrosive properties. The arrows’ tips slowly vanished. When the final arrow fell off, the wounds on the monster’s body began to wriggle and shut. It looked completely unharmed in the slightest.

The monster’s strength had surpassed their imaginations. It was much stronger than those Creepers, mutated or otherwise. Several members of the team used guns with greater firepower to spray out bullets, and a mixed blood used a high power laser to initiate attacks. All this did was blow off some pieces of the monster. The chunks began to wriggle and transform in mid-air, growing out many fine tentacles. The chunks would crawl along on the ground and merge back into the main body. After such a long fight, the monster had not only not been exterminated, but it had also changed continuously, becoming stronger and stronger.

“GO! We won’t tangle with this monster any longer. This is surely a plot change of Resident Evil Extinction. It’ll be hard for our team to handle this monster with our strength. We’ll bring it to the Umbrella Corporation’s building and let the other teams work with us to bring this monster down!”

The black man made a prompt decision. He immediately withdrew his totem pole and leapt backwards. As he shouted for his team members to flee together, for some reason, an ill premonition rose in his heart. It was as if he was in a situation of great danger. Who knew what other changes this monster would have that it would tingle his sixth sense such… It was as if a knife was pressed into his back, making goosebumps rise all over his body.

Too late.

A member behind him suddenly began to rave madly, continuously using his hands to tear at his flesh. Some blood vessels were actually torn open, but the blood that spurted out didn’t mix into the rainwater. Instead, it was like a thick silk-like paste, every drop of blood connected by a strand of blood. The man began to howl, tearing and digging out his flesh and internal organs, as if only that could free him from his pain. This terrifying scene made everyone involuntarily step away. Everyone looked on at him destroying himself with horror. Not one person dared step forward. The person’s tearing had reached deep inside, and with a scream, he ripped out his own heart.

That was when they all saw it clearly.

His heart had grown teeth and was chewing and gnawing on flesh and blood from some unknown place. With a bite, it tore off half his hand. The man could no longer scream.

As he fell, all he could do was let his heart continue to chew and swallow his hand and arm.

Not only that, but this sort of grotesque change began to follow on the rest of his body as well….

“WAAAAAHHHHH!” As the first person began to retch, the rest soon were as well as they ran. Their minds were a blank. All they desired was to escape from this horrifying place. After all, that man’s fate had been too terrifying to them. Even suicide or getting eaten by zombies would be better some. Any sort of death would be a mercy compared to becoming a monster. All they could do was run as hard as they could. A few managed to guess that that regarding mutated monster’s corruption… Who knew when he had infected a virus. Perhaps, they too...

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” All of a sudden, one of the fleeing people began to scream madly as well.

However, he didn't begin to tear at his flesh like the other person. He raised his gun and pointed at his head instead, pulling the trigger. His willpower was quite resolute. He had destroyed his own brain before he could experience that horrifying way of dying.

Then, his flesh began to melt like a candle, with even his bones and intestines doing so. He turned into a pile of rotten meat within seconds. Air bubbles seethed and churned through that pile of rotten meat. Then, it began to stand up from the ground...

Everyone couldn't avoid throwing up. They began to race madly towards the Umbrella Corporation's building, as if they could be safe as long as they got there. Then, another one of their number began to screech madly as well...

This team was the first to encounter the virus. Based on their level of the unlocked genetic constraint, the first to mutate were those who hadn't unlocked the constraint, followed by those who had a lower level. As long as they were infected by it, the only difference was how long it took to mutate, unless they managed to spontaneously unlock the fourth stage and eradicate the virus through alteration of their genes.

Not one other person… could possibly escape.



In the air far from this team, team Africa’s faces had all lost colour. Even Neos was trembling all over. This sort of scene of humans mutating was too terrifying, exceeding even the limits of their imagination.

In truth, they were of God’s Realm. What was God’s Realm? That was experiencing countless movie worlds. But even the most terrifying horror movie would be pleasing to the eye compared to these human mutations. It was in completely different dimensions, just like the difference between a romance movie and a horror movie.

“Quickly find team China! We no longer have a path of retreat left…” Neos inhaled a deep breath, and looked at that Umbrella Corporation’s building that was faintly visible in the distance. Their goal was already so close… Of course, that place may also be the place their life came to an end.

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