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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 11-3: Difficulty Increase and the Uncontrollable Super Virus(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 11-3: Difficulty Increase and the Uncontrollable Super Virus(III)

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Unlike the teams which had discovered abnormalities, team China didn't continue to fly towards the Umbrella Corporation’s building. Without a psyche force user by their side, not being discovered by other teams was good enough, let alone discovering abnormalities. In fact, they were actually still very far from the building. The closer they were, the higher the chances of running into a team. In the short term, they still hadn't been discovered by any team yet.

“I really have nothing but respect for you all. You actually didn’t bring a psyche force user into the city? Isn’t this just seeking death? And you want to challenge team Devil with so few people? Mad respect!”

Luo Yinglong had been showing his personality of a hothead on the way here. He had constantly jibber jabbered on, especially when he heard team China planned to challenge team Devil. While this was within his expectations, he couldn't help but have misgivings.

“Why are you so chatty? Were you chased out from team Celestial by Adam because you talked too much?”

“What a joke!” Luo Yinglong said loudly. “Look, a powerful Cultivator like me would rank as one of the very best combatants whichever team I join. I was incredibly popular in team Celestial, you know? If Adam didn't want to… cough, cough. Anyways, for a eminently brilliant, dashing, and practically peerless Cultivator like me to join your team China, it’s basically a super duper fortune for you! Hahaha…”

Everyone rolled their heads, ignoring this hothead. However, Xuan suddenly asked, “You want to join team China? How will you?”

“Haha, don’t know? You all musn’t have experienced this movie.” Luo Yinglong revealed an expression that he was bursting to tell them. “There’s a side quest in the horror movie Constantine. If you let the male main character really die in the climax and fulfil Lucifer’s wish, he’ll give you some infernal contracts. According to the original plot, they can let souls ascend to Heaven from Hell. The effect if we obtain it is to let someone transfer to another team unconditionally. It just needs an agreement from the other team’s members and the contract owner. I’ve already signed on it. As long as Zheng Zha signs it, I’ll be a member of team China when this movie ends. Hahaha…”

Constantine. Everyone had watched this movie, which should be termed a fantasy movie rather a horror movie. The movie spoke of a modern world with Lucifer and God. The main character was a psychic who had failed an attempt at suicide. As suicide violated the tenets of Christianity, he was barred from entering Heaven after death and was consigned to eternal damnation in Hell. He continuously helped the Church to regain the right to enter Heaven. In an adventure, he had shattered the conspiracy of the son of Lucifer and sacrificed himself for the sake of the female main character, thus earning the right to enter Heaven. However, Lucifer revived him for the sake of obtaining his soul. This was the movie's plot. If the plot was changed so that Lucifer could obtain his soul, perhaps there really would be some side quest somewhere.

Everyone was all sweating when they heard this. Of course, it couldn't be seen in this rainstorm.

Luo Yinglong didn't notice their expressions. He only laughed as he talked on and on. However, he suddenly quietened down, and began to look around, as if something had appeared in the vicinity.

“What? Did some psyche force user notice us?” Zheng had a strange expression as he asked curiously.

“No. Not a psyche force user. If we were scanned, we’ll be able to naturally sense it at our level.” Luo Yinglong shook his head without turning it, looking around. “It’s some other strange feeling, like I’m sensing some danger. Errr, did that pilot guy from before drive me crazy? Forget it. We’ll ignore it for now. Zheng, sign this.” Luo Yinglong took out a lambskin parchment and threw it over to Zheng who was nearby.

Zheng accepted the lambskin parchment. He opened it to see words he had never seen before. However, there was something wondrous about them. Just looking at them let him understand their meaning. It was as if the words were automatically inserted into his mind with meaning. It was the same as what Luo Yinglong said. The contractee would join the team at the end of the movie as long as the team’s leader signed his name in blood, and Luo Yinglong would become a member of team China.

“Sounds simple. How many of these do you all have?” Zheng hesitated, before biting his finger and using the blood that flowed out to write his name. A bloody light flashed and the lambskin parchment absorbed the blood. Nothing seemed to happen, unyil a dozen seconds later when the lambskin parchment burnt up despite being in the rain. It turned completely to ash, as if the rainwater was ineffective.

Luo Yinglong looked happy as he said, “That's good. I’m a member of team China now. Catch!” Luo Yinglong tossed out a antique jade bottle to Zheng.

Zheng caught it, and felt a cooling sensation in his hand. He heard Luo Yinglong say, “This is a lifebound bottle that has my time of birth engraved on it. If my body dies, my nascent soul will enter it. Remember, don’t let the bottle break after my nascent soul enters. Otherwise, I’ll really die. I’ve already revived once. The requirements for the second revival are too harsh. Unless absolutely necessary, don't let me die!”

“The second revival?”

“Which movie?”

“Can’t say.” Luo Yinglong gestured helplessly. “The movie shouldn't be hard to guess. Just think about the movies you’ve watched. You should be able to guess the place.”

“You also put some thought towards this eventuality. When you mentioned the second revival chance, did you already make the resolution to die in this final battle?”

“I don't need you to tell me.” Luo Yinglong retracted his hotheaded persona, instead seriously saying, “This final battle is scarier than anything else. Not just the battle that will explode soon, but I also made the resolution to die when I left team Celestial. If I hadn't been able to leave, I’ll have killed Song Tian even at the cost of my life. Since it's the final battle, I’ve long since come to an understanding. I wouldn't have rebelled against team Celestial either if Adam hadn't gone overboard. For some unknown reason, I’ve been having a bad premonition since before the final battle began. I feel like I'm going to die here. Who knows? I’ll do all I can, but it's all up to fate.”

Cheng Xiao laughed. “How about you give yourself a divination? Aren't you a Cultivator? Divining should tell you quite a bit.”

“Doctors can't self-treat.” Luo Yinglong rolled his eyes at Cheng Xiao. “This logic is simple. I can divine for others and some individual matters, or some of the future. But I can't divine for myself. At most I can divine fortune or misfortune. But I’ve already divined misfortune thrice already, so there's no point going on. After all, this final battle is surely misfortune. Could it be fortune in any case?”


They gradually approached the Umbrella Corporation's building as they discussed. The building looked very run down, with many floors even having traces of damage from explosions. However, it still looked like it had been preserved intact on a whole. It could be seen how much of a rush the building had been evacuated at that time going from the door still being left half-opened.

“Eh? What's that below?” Zheng’s eye were sharp, and he pointed at a faraway street as he shouted. As he operated the Sky Stick towards there, everyone else didn't hesitate and followed after. The closer they got, the more on guard everyone got, as the scene below was one that reeked of blood and horror.

They saw a black man screaming non-stop. He was swinging an enormous metal totem pole around. Three strange monsters were around him and constantly launching attacks. One of them seemed to be nothing more than a ball of rotting meat, without any distinguishing features. Everytime it attacked, the ball of rotten meat would rear up and transform into giant sharp teeth that snapped at him. It did look quite grotesque.

Another monster was covered in tentacles. The tentacles of meat were a vortex of teeth, and it overall looked like a pillar of meat that had multiple tentacles hanging on it that were continuously lashing out at the black man.

The remaining monster was even more horrifying. Undigested human parts remained on its body, including several limbs and two or three heads that bobbed up and down on it. The monster’s shape for still vaguely human, but a giant mouth that was gaping open split open its stomach. The teeth were incredibly sharp, and those rows of teeth looked able to bite a cow in half, let alone a human.

“The virus had already been launched?”

Although team China were all greatly shaken inside, they could all guess what had happened when they exchanged a look. Cheng Xiao especially had a deep impression. The monster before them was obviously an enlarged version of the mutated meat he had seen in Xuan's lab. Honglu had obviously launched the virus. Who knew why it was so fast?

“What the fuck is that?!”

Luo Yinglong’s reaction was the biggest. He immediately shouted, and took out his sword. He planned make a hand seal and save the black man, but he was unexpectedly stopped by Zheng at his side.

“He can't be saved. If you pity him, use your sword to kill him.”

“Why?” Luo Yinglong was dumbfounded. His eyes flashed, and he asked Zheng, “You all know what that monster is down there? No, what I should be asking is, you all created this monster?”

Xuan didn't wait for Zheng to reply, as he said, “Correct. I created a virus, using the T-virus, Zheng and Cultivation technology, as well as some rune technology. It's basically reached the fourth stage and can alter its genes by itself and evolve.

“Stop. Stop. Stop!” Luo Yinglong rubbed his head. “In one short sentence, it’s powerful and scary, right? Please don't be like Adam and like to explain your theories and technologies in detail. I’m a hothead. I neither understand nor do I want to listen. From what you’re saying, this virus is terrifying enough that you’ll die if you contract it, right? Hand it over. “

Xuan didn't say anything more, and took out a syringe from the dimensional bag. He threw it over to Luo Yinglong. He didn't act polite, and immediately kept it. He smiled, “I’ve unlocked the initial fourth stage. I should be able to resist a little longer than that black man below, correct?”

“Er, this virus only acts on lifeforms below the fourth stage. When you break through to the fourth stage and above, you’re immune to all viruses and toxins. You can optimise your genes and easily eliminate the viruses that enter your body. Even after the virus mutates, you can optimise your immunity.”

“Then, why exactly did you throw a vaccine to me…?” Luo Yinglong scolded. He didn't say more, making a hand gesture and controlling his flying sword. An azure light flashed past, and the head of the fighting black man below had already fallen to the ground. In truth, slight mutations had already appeared on his body. However, he had been a true man and soldiered on through the pain to fight. He wanted to smash that monster into a bloody pulp. However, he hadn't been able to kill it, and had instead begun to slowly mutate.

Before the head fell to the ground, multiple sturdy limbs extended from the face, as if it were some giant spider. Starting from the forehead, it split open through the centre and formed a giant mouth. It began to chomp on its body, frantically eating and eating...

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