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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 12-1: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 12-1: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(I)

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The rain continued to fall as before...

A stifling air that filled Raccoon City. It wasn't that the virus had a smell to it, but it was a deadly atmosphere that inspired terror in living things. That super virus slowly spread through the whole city. It wasn't just the virus’ corruption that posed a threat, but the mutated zombies as well. Any team below a certain level that had the misfortune of encountering them would die.

Team Africa was lucky. They just happened to be above the threshold of this ‘certain level’. They could still eliminate mutated zombies when they encountered them. Unfortunately, their power wasn't at the level where they could disregard the mutated zombies or the super virus. This power couldn't be faked. Reaching the fourth stage would grant immunity to the virus. If it wasn't reached, death would doubtlessly follow. There was no middle ground. There was no such thing as third stages being able to get off with just a serious case of illness.

When team Africa reached the Umbrella Corporation's building, team China was still a distance away. Due to some unknown interference, psyche force scans were weakened upon entering the building. It was limited to a ten metre range. Such a small range wouldn't let them scan the surroundings and secure the team’s safety, let alone contact team China. Overall, a psyche force user wasn't as useful as a melee combatant in this building.

“How troublesome. Psyche force scanning isn't usable in this building? God’s restrictions really are strange.” One of their members smiled bitterly.

Neos, however, was frowning. “It’s not that simple. Restrictions tell us that we’ve come to the right place. We do indeed need to come to this building to find clues for the Hive and Seventh Underground Laboratory. Similarly, if this is an important turning point for information, there must be a high difficulty here. Perhaps… this building may have monsters that can wipe our team.”

“Like that terrifying monster we saw outside the building?”

Upon mention of these terrifying monsters, everyone felt as if a knife was stabbing into heart, repeatedly twisting and tearing it apart. This feeling was no longer fear, but a sort of despair.

There was especially the scene of being mutated alive that was captured when psyche force scanned a human being infected by the virus. Everyone secretly made the decision to suicide as soon as they were infected. Although God’s Realm was the realm of horror movies, even non-scientific horror movies of ghosts and monsters were to be honest, no longer that scary with the gradually increase in strength of the teams and experiencing so much in so little time.

But the terror that was outside the building was different. That virus could mutate the body while it was still alive, and wouldn't wait for you to die before it began the mutation. The pain was impossible to imagine. However, the pain in the spectators’ hearts was even greater than the mutatee. They all recalled the words the veterans then had told them when they first entered the realm.

“If you’re despairing or lack the courage to live on, then kill yourself. That’s better than dying by those monsters or ghosts.”

This was actually similar to the words Jie had said to Zheng and the rest before. It was directed towards those who despaired deeply at the horror movies. To ordinary people who hadn’t grown, God’s Realm was a place that was akin to hell. Now… these veterans who had already matured were once again experiencing that emotion from the very beginning. However, this feeling wasn’t as sweet as a first love, but instead the terror of the first ever nightmare you remember having.

Neos rubbed his forehead gently. There was a visible crack there that slowly began to open, as if an eye was appearing on his forehead.

“Let’s go. The senses of my Three Eyed Race are more practical than psyche force here. I’ll replace the psyche force user for now. It’ll be good if the danger in this building doesn’t appear.” Neos sighed as he turned to walked through the building’s emergency passageway.

(Team China. The information will definitely be passed onto you if I die. This isn’t just a matter for God’s Realm any longer, but the real world as well. If you fail, the world will end. How ironic. I’ll actually have such a heroic death. God must be going blind.)

Neos thought internally as he walked. The more he thought about it the more ironic he found it. By the end of it, he was laughing out loud. Before the laugh ended, a gloomy voice resounded out from above. “You’re laughing so happily. Did you see hell?”

“Correct. I saw hell. Anyone who blocks my path will sink in that hell, like you two.”

In the emergency passageway, two or three floors from team Africa, two man were standing there coldly smiling. One of them was wearing long black robes that even covered his face. The other man was covered in muscles, and was carrying a peculiarly styled gun. The two were standing in the passageway, one in front and one behind. One look was enough to tell they didn’t bear any kind intentions.

“I’m curious. How did you all team Celestial know we’ll be here? Or to be more accurate, how did you all know we entered the ruins after you all? You’re stopping and hunting us down now. Don't tell me… You didn't only obtain the Tree of Life in the ruins? Was there something else?” Neos laughed as he walked towards the two.

“And who exactly told you we were from team Celestial?” The two upstairs exchanged a smile, before the black robed man proceeded to laugh coldly as he asked with a gloomy voice.

When the words flowed out, Neos was lost in thought. Then, he was immediately enlightened. “Yes, you’re not from team Celestial… Team Celestial wouldn’t deploy anyone. They would surely die if they encounter team China or team Devil. Chasing me down would also end up verifying what I want to tell team China and make those two teams have no alternative but to fight team Celestial. So… team Devil?”

The two froze slightly. Then, they began to chuckle. “You really do have some capabilities. No wonder Xuan said you’ll definitely give the information to team China. It won’t do keeping you around… So, die!” He raised the gun and began to fire downwards.

The gun was strangely shaped. The barrel had a long container filled with liquid attached to it, giving it the appearance of a child’s water gun. However, there naturally wasn’t any way a member of team Devil would be carrying a water gun. The liquid was originally deep blue, only to turn deep red upon the man pulling the trigger. At the same time, light appeared at the muzzle like a laser.

Neos and the rest were only able to retreat several steps in time as a ball of light fell from above, Although the gap between the floors prevented the shot from landing directly on their heads, the ball of light still exploded upon contact with the ground. The enormous force was like an small high-powered explosive.

A faint layer of light appeared on a majority of team Africa. A few of the newbies who lacked this light were immediately blown to bits in the explosion. The power of the explosion was doubtless in this narrow passageway. All of the veterans had defensive equipment, and so were able to block this round of explosions. Neos roared as he retreated, while the rest all scattered back to the lower floors through the emergency passageway.

“That weapon is only exchangeable with rank CC rewards!” Someone shouted as soon as they left the emergency passageway.

The most important thing for veterans after obtaining points and ranked rewards was to exchange enhancements or abilities that suited them, high tech weapons included within. Using the limited points and ranked rewards to build the most suitable and powerful combat power that also made it easier to survive was the most important thing for them. Thus, most veterans were very familiar with all the low grade weapons and enhancements God offered.

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