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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 12-2: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 12-2: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(II)

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The fission gun was a rank CC tier of sci-fi weaponry. The power could be adjusted based on the usage, and it had unlimited ammo. At its most powerful, it was equal to a middle-sized high-powered explosive, while at its weakest it wasn't weaker than a small-sized high-powered explosive. It was just that its range was rather limited, with a maximum of five hundred metres. It paled in comparison to other rank C sci-fi weaponry. It was only slightly more impressive in group battles.

Thus, all the teams had treated it as something that looked impressive but wasn't very practical. Almost no one exchanged it, other than newbies with poor strength who hurriedly exchanged an item as soon as they got ranked rewards, or powerful veterans who exchanged it to test it out when they had too many points and ranked rewards. However, a member of team Devil exchanging it should be the latter.

“Understood. If I want to safely meet team China, I have to dispose of these two. It doesn't matter if they're from team Devil!”

Much went through Neos’ head as he retreated out of the emergency passageway, including how team Devil knew they were here and why they would send people to attack them. These thoughts all flitted through his mind...

The Three Eyed Race enhancement didn't increase intelligence, because intelligence wasn't something with an actual numerical value to begin with. That so-called IQ being a certain number was just some points derived by answering some questions. It was very far from actual intelligence. For example, some people looked to be quite the dullard. However, they were geniuses in certain fields, such as music or math. Could the people be considered to have the intelligence of an idiot?

Thus, intelligence couldn't be converted into a numerical value, at least with human’s current level of science. The Three Eyed Race enhancement Neos exchanged wasn't like how in games hundreds or thousands of points could be added to the intelligence stat and let him reach the level of Xuan. What was increased was just his reaction speed, which gave him the ability to process things at three times the rate of normal people, while giving him elementary telekinesis.

A mere few seconds of thought roughly enlightened him to what team Devil was planning. If team Devil wished to stop team Africa from meeting team China, team Devil’s Xuan must be scheming to have both team Celestial and team China lose to each other and suffer. With such a degree of danger… team Devil really was playing with fire.

“Detestable. Doesn't he know that once that chain reaction begins, no living thing under the fourth stage can resist it? What confidence would those above the fourth stage have to kill the Adam then either? Dammit… I just hope team China’s Xuan won't think the same and try to use team Celestial as a chip to weaken team Devil…”

When Neos reached this conclusion, not even ten seconds had passed. He didn't pause, using psyche force to tell everyone, “Retreat! Richard, use the other passageway to go up! We'll create the opportunity for you. When you're close, kill one at any cost necessary! I’ll reinforce you with telekinesis. Aya! Prepare the man eater bees. We need to at least trap them two floors above.”

A series of orders were issued. As a team with a strategist, their weapons were quickly mobilised. Having worked together countless times before, they weren't completely unable to resist even if the opponents were a level higher than them. It was only that as everyone ran towards the other passageway, Neos pondered over the possible choice team China may make… or, the scheme Xuan may possibly have.

“If team China's Xuan has the same plan to use team Celestial as a chip to weaken team Devil… Could both teams playing into someone's hands? What if while they’re doing this, Adam takes the opportunity to finish his plan? Perhaps… the final victor will be Adam?”

“Correct… This is a risky play, as the well as the only move that may grant survival. Life is like a game of chess. If every choice will lead to death, why not risk it all on one final gamble?”


The current Adam was very leisurely. They were currently at the outskirts of Raccoon City. The virus would still need some time before it spread here due to the city’s enormity. Let alone sensing it, the psyche force users hadn't even scanned any abnormalities yet. All the members of the Angel Alliance, whether veterans or ordinary members, were all relaxedly waiting at a supermarket due to Adam's orders. Some had even taken out computers and used the batteries they brought along to play some games. It was like the Angel Alliance was here on holiday, not here to battle.

Adam had a mahogany table before him, with an ongoing game of Go on it, played by Song Tian and him. Unexpectedly, Song Tian was a Go expert. His tactics were swift and fierce, just like his sword attacks. Although his backline was slightly fragile, the sharpness of his vanguard left Adam only able to defend. The two were currently on a campaign of killing the other and it was already the moment to decide victory.

“What you mean is that you want to take advantage of when team China and team Devil are trying to scheme against us to complete that plan?” Although every move of his was swift and fierce, his eyes were as calm as water. Song Tian spoke indifferently as he watched the Go game.

“Roughly that, but that's not all. Accurately speaking, I’ve been using an overt scheme from the start. I will complete the plan, no matter how they know or how Luo Yinglong lets them know. It's simple to stop me. Just kill you and me, and the many veterans behind us. No matter team Devil or team China, they'll have serious losses then. We aren't an ordinary team after all, but team Celestial, one of the three strongest.” Adam smiled gently.

“Oho?” Song Tian lifted his head and gave Adam a look. His expression suddenly turned from as placid as water to as sharp as a sword. Although it was only for a moment, those behind Adam involuntarily turned away. They had felt as if a sword had been thrusting towards them at that moment.

“There’s something wrong with your scheme. What if the two teams ally against you? Aren’t you worried?” Song Tian lowered his head again to watch the game while he asked.

“I’m worried. How wouldn’t I be?” Adam continued to smile as he spoke. “Team China and team Devil definitely allied together since the start. Accurately speaking, they should have done it in the last movie. Do you still remember? Team China strangely let Miyata Kuraki and the rest capture one of their members. I always couldn’t understand it. But now I do slightly. That was team China hiding the traces of team Devil contacting them. If I had known earlier that team Devil had some sort of omniscience, I wouldn’t have made such a risky move. Alas, we’re already at this stage and I have no choice other than to double down on it. Even if the two teams attack me, we just have to choose one of them to focus all our efforts on. The end conclusion will still be one team having heavy losses while the other is untouched. I think they know I’ll make this decision, so they won’t dare to attack me carelessly.”

Song Tian didn't think of it much as he shrugged his shoulders, not saying anything else. He seemed to be engrossed in his Go, and seemed to be facing a huge problem.

“It’s like your decision to be made now. If you charge forward, but your backline isn't good enough, you may likely be surrounded and killed by me. If you don’t charge forward, you’ll let me sweep across the field and obtain the final victory. They're facing the same problem as well.”

Adam smiled gently as he looked outside the supermarket in a trance. After a long time, he said, “This is the first time they’ll have to take me as a true opponent, and not condescendingly speak of ‘a mortal’s wisdom’. Show it to me, Xuans. How will you break out of this deadlock I’ve made?”

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