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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 12-3: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 12-3: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(III)

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Neos didn’t know he had already partially guessed the scheme of the three strongest teams in the final battle. He was currently dedicating all his attention to the commands in the battle against the two from team Devil.

Overall, these two weren’t too overpowered. After all, while team Devil’s members were reputed as the ones with the greatest potential of the realm, there would still be differences between them. The potential of these two definitely couldn’t compare to Zheng. Also, with the principle of not having those in the teams having overlapping talents, some of those with greater potential didn’t join the team. So, Neos wasn’t very worried about these two’s attacks. What truly concerned him was the approaching mutated monsters outside the building.

(Two people. One full of muscles and carrying a sci-fi weapon. I can’t just take him as just someone who can only use that though. His melee combat should be good. The other’s figure isn’t clear, but he’s wearing long robes that aren’t conducive to melee battle. He should be a long distance combatant. There’s even a large probability he’s a mage or something similar. There’s two of them… One of them should be proficient in group battles.)

He processed it as he walked. Team Africa’s speed wasn’t slow, and they were already at the second floor by progressing through the other passageway. The quantity of man eater bees Aya summoned was limited, so she didn’t dare go overboard in attacking the two. She only used disturbance tactics to pester the two while managing to keep them on the second floor with great difficulty. When team Africa reached the second floor, a ball of light abruptly came over, and powerful shockwaves was suddenly already striking. Fortunately, they were still a distance away and it only messed up their formation without anyone injured or killed.

“Orlando! Smoke!” Neos used psyche force to tell a man by his side. The man was wearing long robes as well, but they were ash grey in colour. A hand of his began to continuously take out spices, while the other made strange gestures. His lips began to mutter an incantation, and an ashy cloud sprang out, restricting vision to three meters out.

Neos’ directions were no longer necessary at this point. Richard and another man wearing half-body armour exchanged a look, before Richard took out a giant axe nearly two metres long and the other man took out a heavy chain. The two began to pound on the wall at the same time, clear booms ringing out.

However, Richard was the only one breaking the wall down. This wall wasn’t even a load-bearing wall, but just a wall for separating working spaces in an office building. Although that man with half-body armour couldn’t compare to Richard, every strike of that heavy chain that carried enormous force was only able to dent the wall. It was obvious that the objects in this building were enhanced manifolds, giving those who relied on the terrain to battle some worries.

Richard’s pair didn't stop. Richard charged forward as soon as his axe breached it while the armoured man followed hot on his heels. They just charged forward madly, knocking over many unknown things in the process. Everyone all heard the chaos and began to make their individual preparations. When Neos hadn't said anything yet, a pair of man and woman were already carrying guns as they advanced into the other passageway.

“Don’t fire randomly or you’ll hurt our own people. Just act as cover for them. Snow, contract your psyche force scan into a linear shape and just lock onto the two. That should increase the scope of your scan by two times. Aya, prepare to use witchcraft to attack that black robed man anytime. Everyone else, go up to the third floor with me.”

Neos stroked the eye-shaped crack on his forehead, before issuing instructions to the rest. As his words fell, he was already running towards the emergency passageway.

Everyone else was all shocked. They had all thought Neos would focus all their efforts on killing the two enemies. Who expected that he would give up on the attacks on them, and instead run away first? Perhaps he wasn't actually running away, but his current actions did seem to be no different from that.

“Lea, leader… Those two are from team Devil. Can just those few people handle it? You doing this seems…” A youth was following right behind Neos, muttering as he ran.

“It seems despicable? True, they are members of team Devil and no one knows how strong they are, or if they have any special skills. But we don't have a path of retreat. Do you all not know? We're undoubtedly going to die. Those mutated monsters outside, as well as that unknown infection. Perhaps certain parts of our body is slowly starting to mutate. So, this building is already a hopeless situation for us. If we want to survive or possibly revive in the future, our sole hope is telling team China everything!”

“Let's make a gamble, that the heavens haven't abandoned us, that my intelligence is enough, and on team China’s character… Perhaps, a miracle will occur!”


At this moment, team Africa has split into two, with one fighting team Devil, while the other headed upstairs with Neos. At the same time, team China was a dozen minutes or so from the building while team Devil was approaching the Hive. Ten hours were left for team Celestial before the infected areas reached them.

At this moment… Yingkong was gently smiling at someone familiar.

“It’s been a while, my dear brother.” The one she was smiling at was a distant man, with several kilometers between them. They were on a street, surrounded by various high rise buildings.

“Indeed. It really has been a long time… You seem to have become much stronger, my little apple. Have you restored the real you?”

The man slowly walking over was indeed Zhao Zhuikong. He carried that slight smile as always. It was only that his smile was slightly frightening, as his eyes were filled with icy coldness, containing nothing but killing intent.

Following behind were several men and women who were trembling in fear. They all bore wounds, and had obviously been beaten very badly. The one who did this could naturally only be Zhao Zhuikong.

“Oh. Do allow me to introduce my ‘comrades’ to you. I met them coincidentally, and they oh so nicely brought me to see you. My little apple would have had to wait lonelily for me if not for their psyche force user.”

As he walked, Zhao Zhuikong suddenly tapped his head in sudden realization. WIth a gentle smile, turning around to look at them as he spoke. As the words fell, one of their heads vanished. They all hadn’t seemed to recover from their shock as the body just stood there. They only began to scream in panic and flee when a fountain of blood appeared on the corpse’s neck. They hadn’t even covered a few steps before their heads all vanished as well, appearing in Zhao Zhuikong’s hand. He hadn’t made any visible movements or actions as the heads simply piled up on his hand. It was just as mystical as a magic trick.

“Okay! My adorable little apple, now no one can disturb us! Let me see the growth of that once upon a time peerless genius… What stage have you grown to now?” The man laughed gently as he took out a dark red dagger. The dagger was purely dark red, like some sort of dark red gem. The delicate dagger looked quite beautiful.

Yingkong shook her head. “As I thought. Brother, you’ve already strayed so far. That isn’t right. This ending isn’t the ending I wanted…”

“Shut. Up! All you need to do is patiently wait there for me to harvest you! What need is there for so much crap?” The gentle smile on his face gradually vanished. He advanced continuously with a cold expression. Although he wasn’t too fast, the distance between the two gradually shrunk.

“Did you ever know? I’ve never blamed you. Even now, I’ve never blamed you, brother…”

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