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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 12-6: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(VI)

Volume 23 Chapter 12-6: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(VI)

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The melee combatant laughed ferociously, and slammed Richard into the wall with a jerk of his hands. He proceeded to use his right shoulder to press down heavily on Richard. An enormous force that was manifolds greater than a tank’s not only flattened Richard into a meat paste, but even created a crater in the wall approximately three square metres in area.

Neos was at the distant end of the passageway. The wounds he had suffered before weren’t light, and even if he took advantage of the chaos to flee, he couldn’t go far. The two from team Devil’s power had far exceeded his expectations, especially in these circumstances where it was a head-on fight without schemes or arrangements put in place. That was the worst possible conclusion for him. Also, he no longer had the desire to battle, and was instead thinking constantly about a way to leave behind the information. So, he just sat there on his knees. If Richard lost, he would definitely die. He might still have some hope if Richard won, but looking at it now, he was definitely going to die.

(Haaaaah. So this is where my journey ends? But I still haven’t found a way to leave behind the information. Is that all there is to my intelligence? Is it so far from Xuan?)

Neos looked at the distance with a bitter smile. The melee combatant wasn’t anxious. He brushed off the gore on him, before slowly walking towards Neos. The meat paste had already been ignited by the high temperature caused by short circuited wires. Unexpectedly, this building that had been quiet for so long still had electricity...

“Wait wait. Electricity?”

Neos used his trident to prop himself up, smiling slightly towards the slowly approaching melee combatant. “Did you know? The so-called telekinesis is just another form of psyche force, or alternatively, it could be called the most basic form of Light of the Soul. Although it doesn’t have the form of Light of the Soul, it still does have some of its rudimentary elements. Thus, it can appear in countless forms just like Light of the Soul. In other words, it can change into other forms of energy in certain circumstances."

“Oh? So?” The man smiled coldly in a disinterested manner. He was only ten steps away. Although he was walking slowly, it was only due to the perverse interest of a hunter toying with its prey. He could murder Neos within seconds.

“My trident is a medium for controlling psyche force, and can transform it into other forms of energy… including electronic signals. That’s a form of energy too… Right, apart from telekinesis, my Three Eyes Race enhancement has another additional attribute. It accelerates the thinking process, to a maximum of ten times an ordinary person. It’s just that it’s greatly damaging to the brain.” Neos smiled slightly as he used one hand to hold the trident tightly.

The trident kept emitting a red radiance, but he didn’t attack the melee combatant. He instead turned towards the wall behind and stabbed into it. There was a flurry of sparks, and the trident had already pierced into the wire network below.

“Chu Xuan! This is the information I’m leaving for you. It’s up to your luck whether or not you can obtain it. I definitely won’t lose to anyone in intelligence.! Even if I fall slightly behind others, my heart will never give up! Xuan, if we can have a battle of schemes again in the future, I won’t lose to you!”

The red light flashed intermittently as if there were some rules behind it. The melee combatant didn’t know what he was doing. However, his thought process was very very simple.

Since Neos had made a move, he no longer needed to hold back.

A fist shot out and completely disintegrated Neos starting from the center of his back. The enormous fist impact even turned the rest of his body into a bloody gore, while the trident was buried even deeper into the wall until it could no longer be seen.

“Idiot. What were you whispering? I told you long ago! I only have power and speed, and nothing else special. However, specialising in this had instead made me stronger. I don’t know what you just did, but weren’t you still get killed in one punch by me? Haha, what an idiot…”

The melee combatant roared with laughter, brushing the gore off his hand. A voice sounded out from behind him before he could turn around. “Why does that sound so familiar? It’s like… I’ve said that before?”

The melee combatant’s entire body and froze and he didn’t dare turn around. That voice was very familiar to him. It was a voice he regularly heard in his team, that of his team leader Zheng Zha. How would dare not be familiar? But, his Zheng should be standing guard over the Seventh Underground Laboratory now. He wouldn’t say such words either. Which meant… the identity of the man behind him was obvious.

The second strongest in God’s Realm, the original Zheng Zha!

He simply hadn’t noticed anyone behind! If it wasn’t something wrong with his senses, that meant the comer was way too strong, already magnitudes greater than him. Also, a horrifying pressure had assaulted his back when Zheng had spoken, as if a giant mountain was crushing him beneath it. Although his body was filled with energy now, he couldn't move a muscle. He had only ever felt such a sensation in front of clone Zheng before...

“You’re team China’s Zheng?”

The man had nerves of steel, and bit down on his tongue. The pain allowed him to recover from the pressure and turn his head around. He saw a person behind him that was exactly the same as clone Zheng, minus the position of the scar. He only didn’t look as cold and terrifying as clone Zheng.

“I’ve always wanted to meet you. My leader always talks about you. Fated enemy? You don’t look like much.” The melee combatant sneered at Zheng.

“Your leader? Which team are you?” Zheng was stunned for a while. He frowned at the gore behind the man before asking.

The melee combatant was stunned. He hadn’t actually thought carefully over when Zheng had arrived, so he said directly, “I’m from team Devil. I’m here to stop team Africa from meeting with you all…”

Zheng was stunned. After a long while, he smiled brutally, “Team Devil, are you? Then that gore behind you should be the corpse of a member of team Africa? Who does it belong to?”

“Dammit, why do I have to tell you so much? I haven't liked you much since long ago. You don't even look very strong. Beat me, and I’ll..."

His words hadn't even finished when Zheng flashed to in front of him and sent what looked like an utterly ordinary punch at him. He didn't even have the time to react as the punch struck his right shoulder. A clear and crisp sound rang out as the punch shockingly carried unfathomable power when it shattered his resilient muscles, and he lost his right shoulder and half of his lung area.

“I really don’t have the time to joke with you. Who did you just kill? What did he say. TELL ME!” Zheng looked at the man with a face filled with killing intent. He extended a hand and grabbed his neck, easily hoisting the man up like he was a little chick.

The melee combatant was shocked and horrified. He was very confident towards his power. It was above average even in team Devil, the strongest team in the realm. The battle before had even strengthened his muscles greatly. Who expected that he wouldn't even be able to stand up to one punch from Zheng?

“It was team Africa’s leader. He kept muttering about strange things. Right, it was something about leaving information for Xuan. Dammit, why is that man again…”

Zheng almost burst out laughing. It seemed even team Devil was troubled much by that fellow. He really was a terrifying existence…

Still, team Africa.

There was that strategist who liked to eat chocolate, who kept wanting to challenge Xuan. But just like every time in the past, he would be utterly defeated. Did he die as well?

“Information, is it?”

Zheng gave the gore on the walls a look as he sighed. He then proceeded to land a punch at where the man’s heart was. Both this punch and the previous were using Instant Destruction. It looked simple, but the force was incredible and it immediately split the man at the waist, turning even his heart into mush.

“Heng and Imhotep, there’s another person from team Devil below. I want him alive, as I want to ask him team Devil's current position.” Zheng turned around, as the rest of team China began to stream in through the window. Xuan had already been standing in the passageway since some unknown time, looking at the place Neos passed on with a frown.

“Information, is it?” Xuan suddenly extended a hand and placed it on the trident in the wall. A streak of electricity brushed past his fingers. Although he lacked a sense of pain, the electricity still gave him a jolt and those fingers involuntarily trembled.

“Electricity? If there's electricity…” Xuan suddenly turned to Zheng. “I want to go and find the information left behind. I’ll leave this to you. You can obtain some useful information from that team Devil member. When I return, we can began to plan how to deal with team Devil.”

“Wait wait wait. You’re doing it again, not saying anything. Say it, what’s the information? Where is it?” Zheng was dumbfounded as he hurriedly grabbed ahold of Xuan as he anxiously asked him.

“If there’s electricity, a computer network exists as well. Although I don’t know what Neos meant, based on this battle, the only preserved information could be electric information… I’ll find a computer and verify my conjecture.”

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