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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 13-2: The Human Instrumentality Project(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 13-2: The Human Instrumentality Project(II)

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Zhang Xiaoxue was dumbfounded as she looked at the Godseal Board. She looked for a long while before carefully looking at the side where clone Xuan was sitting quietly eating an apple. He looked very relaxed. However, this clone Xuan would definitely be actually plotting something upon seeing the original Xuan clear calculations and extraordinary logical reasoning.

“How amazing. He could get such a deduction from so little information, Xuan.” Zhang Xiaoxue muttered.

“Of course. He is me… He wouldn’t be qualified to stage the scheme for the final battle with me if not. He wouldn’t be me otherwise either, and beating an enemy like that is meaningless.” Xuan said without even raising his head.

“But is it fine? The truth about Adam has been reasoned out by him. In other words, they may not come to us but instead merge with their other squad and fight Adam together. Your scheme then…” Zhang Xiaoxue sighed. No one knew whether she was sighing over these two Xuans’ intelligence or sighing about their battle.

“It no longer matters. Although the Godseal Board can’t crack the order for team China’s squad, I can guess what my original roughly wants to do. We have no secrets between us to a certain extent. What we need to do and what we’ve been doing is like a game of Go or chess. We have to set up schemes and arrangements that the other side won’t notice. Deviations will be produced by the difference in our pieces’ power and our different experiences. These differences will determine the victorious one between us.”

Xuan silently took a bite of his apple, before saying, “He’s calculating and scheming how to kill my pieces. Aren’t I also making the final preparations to achieve a king versus king and soldiers against soldiers battle?”

“The end of schemes is nothing but the beginning of the battle. This final battle is much longer than you all imagine…”


“...This final battle is much longer than you all imagine. It won't suddenly end even if we kill Adam. This final battle that began with wit needs to end with force.” Xuan made the deduction that Adam had tricked them. Luo Yinglong began to clamour to kill Adam again without waiting for Xuan to finish. It seemed he detested Adam quite a bit. However, Xuan responded thus.

Zheng patted Luo Yinglong before asking, “I more or less get what you mean. God’s restriction still existed, but what they weren't able to say wasn't covered its restrictions. They thought so all along because of Adam's deceit. How did he trick them? Even if he used a spell, words, a text or other methods, Luo Yinglong and the rest are still high class veterans. Even disregarding their strength, Neos wasn't stupid. How could he be tricked for so long?”

“It does seem so from certain perspectives. But what if it was a perfectly done hoodwink? If so, even I would be tricked if I didn’t have any information or prompts. All the so-called brains, whether my clone and I, Adam, Neos or Honglu, share one commonality. We maximise the value of information. We glean large amounts of useful information from the most worthless of information, using it to make judgements and schemes. But if we don’t have information, we’re no different from ordinary people. Of course, if it was my clone or I, who possessed an omniscience like team Devil has and without the dangerous spacetime reversal side effect they have, we’ll be gods…”

Xuan looked around at everyone after saying this. “That’s why the best sort of lie is one founded on information. When information is guided or hidden, even I would make wrong judgements, so Adam’s lie must be based on information. When I saw the information Neos left behind, God’s voice suddenly spoke in my head, not permitting me to say any information about ruins or the world it’s in. That’s why I said that it’s not that I don’t want to say, it’s that I can’t.”

Everyone except Luo Yinglong was stunned. He shrugged his shoulders, saying, “Correct. I received this notification in my head too. That’s why I didn’t dare reveal anything. Do you think I would have just listened to anything Adam said and trusted him? I’m not a hothead!”

(You obviously are one…)

Everyone thought this inwardly, while Zheng asked Xuan, “Can you explain why? If God’s voice rang out in your head, why is this Adam’s trick? That’s not logical.”

“That’s why I said there's only a fifty or sixty percent chance. If I didn't guess wrongly, Adam must have exchanged a causality type weapon like me. It’s very effective, but with equally huge restrictions. Although I don't dare be too certain, I believe his causality type weapon belongs to the domain of truth and lies. Its full name should be the Lie that Guides to the Truth.”


Xuan looked at Zhang Xiaoxue besides him. “This is Adam’s rank S causality type weapon according to the Godseal Board. It's the same as all the causality type weapons we know of in that it is very effective, but with equally huge restrictions. And it's an incomplete skill.”

“It's the same as all the causality type weapons we know of as well as the ones that can be exchanged from God. They all adhere to one point, which is to twist causality. It’ll first determine the effect, then produce the cause that’ll lead to this effect. I call this the conceptual phenomenon. My original and mine’s Lambda Drive, the Godseal Board and the Lie that Guides to the Truth are all the same. If the Lambda Drive uses determination and faith to generate energy, the Godseal Board uses causality points to change the universe, the Lie that Guides to the Truth uses oaths and willpower to change the human heart. The important parts are different and their power is different. But in the misinformation domain, the Lie that Guides to the Truth isn’t inferior to the Godseal Board when it’s utilised to the fullest.”

Xuan pushed up his spectacles. “It's just that the restrictions are huge. He cannot go to sleep in his life. This is the oath he made for the first time he used it up till the latest time he used it. The medicines you exchange from God can accomplish this. His lies will be hidden as long as the oath is upheld. As long it's information to do with lying, he can completely hoodwink someone even if they're in a different plane. So anyone who knows the truth about that matter can’t say the three words…”


“...Those are my conjectures. The lies made everyone scared to say anything. The truth is simple. It’s the Chronicles of...”

“There!” Luo Yinglong suddenly pulled Xuan over, shouting, “Dammit, you’re the smartest in team China. I keep hearing about your greatness in team Celestial, be it you or your clone. No team doesn't know about you as long as they’ve reached a certain level. You actually wanted to kill yourself as soon I joined team China? I kept hearing you talk about how you wanted to make us the strongest team! My joining added greatly to the team’s power, but it’ll become nothing if you die! It’s like how team Celestial will be a group of barbarians without Adam. What is team China without you?”

Xuan shook his head. “I have my own arrangements. Based on God’s wiping logic, those two words would have been enough for a wipe. Any thoughts about leaking it would have gotten me wiped as well. I tested these details out long ago. So… the chance now rises to seventy to eighty percent.”

“It’s the Chronicles of Narnia where the second revival chance exists…”

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