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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 13-3: The Human Instrumentality Project(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 13-3: The Human Instrumentality Project(III)

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Luo Yinglong immediately cried out in panic when Xuan said these words. He began to rub his body in panic. After a long while, he began to roar in joyous laughter. After a few laughs he recovered then began to scold Adam for being a trickster. He seemed like he had forgotten everyone’s presence around him.

“Let me warn you before I explain… Adam is dangerous. Verily so. You all must have the determination to die if you all fight him.”

“Why? How powerful is he? I don’t know even now.” Luo Yinglong tilted his head when he heard that.

“I’ll continue about the Chronicles of Narnia first.”

Zheng hurriedly held back Luo Yinglong who was angrily charging forward. He smiled bitterly, saying, “Everything needs to be said carefully. Tell us Adam’s strength and abilities while you’re at it after you’re done.”

“The Western Fantasy genre Chronicles of Narnia did indeed have the matter of a dead person resurrecting in its original plot. Although it was a lion, the second revival chance indeed exists within. It doesn’t conflict with the first revival according to Neos either. This is the first important piece of information left behind. The second is the information Neos obtained after entering the white race’s ruins.”

“The white race’s ruins? The Saints' or the Cultivators'?” Zheng hurriedly asked.

“Unfortunately, the white race only has one set of ruins unlike what we guessed before. Their Saints and Cultivators have already joined together. To be exact, as the two factions of the yellow race were too strong, for both the white race and black race, their Saints and Cultivators decided to join together. Adam obtained the ultimate weapon the white race’s Saints and Cultivators joined together to make. It was the ultimate incarnation of the white race’s philosophy… a supreme existence.”

“A supreme existence?” Everyone was full of curiosity outside of Luo Yinglong. Zheng asked, “Does that mean creating God?”

“That depends on how you view a lifeform like God. If your concept of it refers to something with great power that far surpasses human imagination, the so-called God isn’t dissimilar from a superhuman. But if you're thinking of a omnipotent, omniscient, unfathomable and indescribable supreme existence, that’s the highest philosophy of the white race. Perhaps the white race’s Saints didn’t just feel powerless before the box creators, but the factions of the yellow race as well. They thus joined together create this ultimate weapon of the white race, the Human Instrumentality Project that was left behind in the ruins.” Xuan nodded his head, before shaking it.

“The Human Instrumentality Project? From the anime film Neon Genesis Evangelion? Is this a joke?” Cheng Xiao immediately made a din.

“Yes. This surprised me as well. Our real world doesn't just keep filming various movies, but the white race’s ultimate weapon appeared in an anime film as well. At this point, my previous conjecture that God controlled some people to film movies to warn humanity has been destroyed. Perhaps, the one controlling the real world to film these movies and anime movies may even be… the box creators. Anyways, I need to carefully consider that a while longer. Let’s talk about the Human Instrumentality Project. Based on the considerations of the white race, they believed a single lifeform would be incapable of resisting the box creator."

"Whether it be being mentally weak or the innate limitations of lifeforms itself, breaking free of this artificial universe would require power far transcending the lifeforms of this dimension. With this as their philosophy, they secretly managed to build this ultimate weapon while concealing it from the yellow race’s Saints and Cultivators, as well as the black race. Thus, they had already betrayed humanity to a certain extent and the yellow race. After creating it, they didn’t use it to destroy the other three organisations, since it was mainly to eliminate the two factions of the yellow race. They thus shelved it for future inheritors of the white race for them to create the supreme existence."

“That thing is the Tree of Life diagram, and the plan for it is the Human Instrumentality Project.”

Xuan sighed as this point. “I did have some vague thoughts about this before, just that it wasn't as complete as this. Every lifeform has its own individual Light of the Soul. That's something those who’ve reached the fourth stage have confirmed, right, Zheng?”

Zheng had only felt his head swelling up before, with a notion that he was being swindled. He could only nod when Xuan asked him this. “You’re right. Although only fourth stagers can sense and use it, we can sense that all lifeforms have this ability too. They may not have tapped into it yet, but it’s still deep inside the depths of their consciousness. That's indisputable.”

“Yes. Can Light of the Soul fuse together in certain circumstances?” Xuan nodded.

Zheng didn't hesitate to nod. “Correct. For example, Light of the Soul may be absorbed by the stronger party when you enter the deepest layer of the consciousness, what you termed the anima.”

“And that's the Human Instrumentality Project. They created the Tree of Life diagram with the intention of fusing all life. To be accurate, they intend to use human Light of the Soul as the main body while using all non-human Light of the Soul as nourishment and energy to create a supreme existence formed of pure Light of the Soul, energy, intelligence, experience and consciousness. This process is called the Human Instrumentality Project.”

“Impossible!” Zheng immediately shouted. “All those in the mid fourth stage have overcome the heart's devil. Whether they did it through enlightenment or force, their psyche has strengthened to the extent where it can’t be moved or influenced, only destroyed. How could it be absorbed by something else? It's like if two magnets were mutually attracting each other! No matter how strong one magnet is, it doesn't matter if the other is fixed inside the Earth. Anyways, it's not possible...:” Zheng suddenly halted his words. A possibility had come to mind.

“It’s not possible that the force is greater than the Earth, right? That's what I was about to say. Using a literal understanding of the name, it’ll be a chain reaction that surpasses the world of physics. It’ll be likelier to be absorbed first the closer you are to the centre. Even if the aggregation is weak at the beginning, its scope of absorption will increase as its devouring power increases. The absorbed lifeforms will likely see the heart's devil in the deepest recesses of their hearts, whether their greatest love, hatred, fear or powerlessness. They'll be absorbed by that aggregation if they can't successfully overcome their heart’s devil. As the aggregation continuously gets stronger by absorbing weak lifeforms, induction through force may occur as well. Just as the heart's devil can be overcome with force… Do you think a fourth stager or even fifth stager can contend with all life in the world, germs and bacteria even included within? This is the ultimate weapon of the white race after all with the goal of creating a supreme existence. You can't resist it as long as you're still a lifeform. And that’s the Human Instrumentality Project. This aggregation will contain all of humanity’s consciousness, experience, knowledge, thinking process, even martial mastery and scientific theories… This sort of existence is no longer within the scope of human imagination. It’s a true God, a supreme existence.”

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