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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 13-4: The Human Instrumentality Project(IV)

Volume 23 Chapter 13-4: The Human Instrumentality Project(IV)

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Luo Yinglong was sighing at this point. “Now do you understand why I wanted to escape from team Celestial and kill Adam? I don't want to become one of many. I am Luo Yinglong, an individual. Adam who has the diagram can definitely become the main consciousness of the aggregation, while that fellow Song Tian has his head filled with his sword dao. Life and death isn't even part of his considerations. So he approves of abandoning his individuality and integrating into that aggregation. He hopes to achieve that supreme sword dao after fusing with the supreme existence. I only knew after hearing what you said that his aspiration might actually be achievable.”

“It’s not ‘might’. It will be. It's not just sword dao. The consciousness, experience and intelligence will all completely transcend the limits of humanity. This aggregation will likely be formed from several billion lifeforms.”

Xuan smiled coldly. “I finally understand why my clone would make that series of actions before, and abandon his so-called chess pieces. As long the scheme can be achieved and the majority win, nothing else matters.”

No one else understood what Xuan was saying, with only Zheng having seemed to have thought of something. However, he didn't have the mood to care about such side matters now, immediately asking, “Then what should we do? Can the Human Instrumentality Project be stopped? Or is it unstoppable once it begins?”

“It can be stopped, but it can’t be at the same time. The method to stop it is simple. Kill Adam, the bearer of the Tree of Life diagram. That's the most simple and direct method. Unfortunately, while team Celestial, no, the Angel Alliance isn't incredibly powerful, they're still deserving of the position of the three strongest in the realm. If we fight head-on, it’ll end up a pyrrhic victory if we don't use schemes or plans to weaken them. It’ll be as team Devil wished and they’ll stay at the side as spectators. I can roughly understand Adam's thinking. A condemned person fears nothing. He’s not going to scheme or plan anything. He just needs to wait for the Human Instrumentality Project’s preparations to finish, then become the final and sole victor. I know he’s waiting for me and my clone’s move.”

“Is there no other way than killing Adam?” Zheng roughly got it, but didn't give up as he asked.

“Yes. That's why I said it can’t be stopped. This Human Instrumentality Project is completely a chain reaction. It can't stop as soon as it starts, similar to a fission reaction, unless Adam is killed. It does have a flaw though, of time. The Tree of Life diagram is a force that links Light of the Soul, not absorb it. What is truly in charge of absorbing and integrating it is Adam’s own Light of the Soul. In other words, although he possesses the advantage of controlling the Tree of Life and can absorb the surrounding weak lifeforms’ Light of the Soul to strengthen himself, he will instead become one of the many if the absorbed Light of the Soul is stronger than him. The strongest lifeform will become the main consciousness instead. Understand? Adam definitely will not, nor will he dare to begin to use it on fourth stagers from the start, especially you and your clone.”

Xuan pointed at Zheng, saying, “Let's make an analogy. The Tree of Life diagram is a field of forces, or maybe a domain or absolute space. This space will increase or expand based on the user’s Light of the Soul. So, what will Adam do first? He’ll absorb the Light of the Soul of weak lifeforms. That's the entire purpose of him creating the Angel Alliance. They're nothing but nourishment for his power up. Right, Song Tian is the most important cornerstone of this project. As long as his Light of the Soul can be absorbed, this fourth stager as a foundation coupled with those dozens of people and the viruses on those zombies on the way should allow him to absorb you and your clone. The Tree of Life needs some time to form itself in this plane as well.”

Zheng sighed heavily, “So we only need kill Adam? Still, his power is unclear and he still has a fourth stager by his side. Killing him without casualties on our side within a short time is indeed hard. We can't let him start the project either, as the others may disappear, but he’ll become stronger. All lifeforms will be absorbed? If so… Dammit, you released the virus in the city and created so many powerful monsters. Won't Adam instantaneously become incredibly powerful once he absorbs them?”

“You idiot.” Xuan rubbed his temples, and smiled coldly at Zheng. “What stage of lifeform would the Light of the Soul in your arm be equvilant to?”

“The Light of the Soul in my arm? What joke is that? Light of the Soul is a power that exists in the depths of the consciousness. Why would my arm have it?” Zheng said confused.

“Exactly. Do you think those meat would have Light of the Soul? It’s just a host the virus is using for eating and to protect itself. If you must quantify their Light of the Soul, those zombies only have the Light of the Soul of within the virus. It’s not even comparable to an ordinary person. If we really do transform all those around Adam into those monsters, he won't be able to get to the level where he can threaten us in the short run.”

Xuan looked at everyone. “I do admit. The Project can create a supreme existence. The power after completion really may reach that sixth stage we theorized about before, or the so-called Golden Immortal of the Great Firmament. It really is the ultimate creation of the West. I don't know whether it can break out of the restrictions of this box. What makes me more curious is how powerful will our East’s ultimate weapon be if theirs is so powerful? Is it really just some sort of omniscience? That’s too…”

“Hey! Are you crazy?” Luo Yinglong suddenly jumped up and shouted, “You know his plan now, so why aren't you contacting team Devil to attack them? What does this final battle matter? That fellow is insane! He doesn't just want to absorb the power from the various planes of this realm, but he wants to go back to the real world and make everyone there his nourishment too! That’s why I’m I’m disregarding death to kill him! Are you all crazy? You don't have the slightest reaction, and Xuan. You’re discussing Adam's Human Instrumentality Project so casually! Are you not afraid of him completing it?”

“It no longer matters.”

Xuan gazed at the gloomy sky in the distance, muttering, “With all the schemes laid, I never planned to let Adam complete any plan he may have had since the start, whether it was the Human Instrumentality Project or anything else.”

“The scheme has been laid and the pieces have been set up. I don't know how this will end. Man proposes, God disposes. I’ve done everything I can. I am still just a human in the end after all…”

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