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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 14-1: Split up! Battle!(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 14-1: Split up! Battle!(I)

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“That’s why I said we’re all chess pieces, the most important ones in this final battle.” Honglu looked at everyone. They currently weren't too far from Raccoon City. However, Honglu had made them land here for some unknown reason instead of heading into the city.

They all listened quietly. They were all comrades who had experienced multiple life and death battles together and were all familiar towards one another’s temperament and abilities. While Honglu was a child, he was still team China’s second strategist and a figure at the peak of intelligence in the realm. He wouldn’t do anything useless in this critical juncture.

“I mentioned Xuan's scheme just now. While I can't tell you all the finer details, every person is a chess piece in this final battle, including Zheng and Xuan. If some of us die in what follows, I hope that you can maintain your dignity in the face of death. That's because we’re going to create a legend, the legend of the greatest team of God’s Realm! I hope no one will spoil the team's dignity due to fear of death.” Honglu specially directed a look at the two rookies.

“A… legend?” Everyone didn’t understand. They knew the key point of the final battle. Wasn't it nothing more than a battle of kings and soldier against soldier, then defeating team Devil to become the pinnacle of this realm? But, was this something to be described using the word ‘legend’?

“I know you all are curious. Still, think about it. One squad of team China eradicating team Celestial and a squad of team Devil as well, while the remaining members will also likely also determine the conclusion of this final battle. Isn’t this sort of thing sung of in legends?” Honglu chucked, saying as he played with his hair, “Lan, begin the scan and confirm team Celestial’s location. I’ll make the arrangements for the battle after. Comrades, people will likely die here. And it's a large chance at that. I just hope that… forget it. Take care, everyone. My plan is…”


“Adam, I have a bad feeling for some reason.” Miyata Kuraki maintained his silence for a long while, before finally being unable to resist saying this to Adam. They were still at the fringes of the city.

The Angel Alliance had stayed there for quite a while, but no one had gotten impatient yet. This was the final battle after all, so there wasn't anything about wanting to gain points or ranked rewards. There was no need to consider the distant future. All they needed to do was keep their eyes on surviving in the present.

Adam's fame had long since resounded through the realm, and he hadn't sent anyone out as cannon fodder since the final battle began, which was what made the majority of people relax and peacefully wait here.

Of course, teams that could survive to the final battle naturally wouldn’t be all filled with mediocre people. Some of the intelligent ones had suspicions. However, with Adam’s reputation, none of them were thick skinned enough to tell Adam their own schemes and stratagems. That's why it had dragged on till now, with only Miyata Kuraki unable to resist talking to Adam.

“Yes, it's about time. I really would be afraid if no abnormalities appear soon.” Adam seemed to be both smiling and not smiling at the same time as he looked at Miyata Kuraki. “What bad feeling do you have? Does it have to do your technique?”

“Hmm? Yes, my technique specialises in the spirit, using it to execute sword arts. Thus, my sixth sense is very sensitive towards danger. I already had someone in my team scan the surroundings, but no abnormalities were discovered. So, I don't know what danger is approaching. Do you know, Adam?” Miyata Kuraki nodded.

“I can approximately guess. But it’s hard for me to explain.” Adam smiled gently. “It’s just the Xuans despatching squads out to attack us. Of course, it could be team China and team Devil fighting, one of them fighting with us, or we could team up with another team to attack the other. This is difficult to say. But, what’s definite is that we’ll start battling soon.”

Adam talked as if it were a minor matter, but everyone around was shocked. Before Miyata Kuraki could say anything, a buff man at the side was already saying, “Hey! Adam! Why didn't you say it if a battle were about to begin? We need to make preparations, and the opponents are team China and team Devil. We have a lot of people, but the consequences if we’re sneak attacked…”

Adam laughed as he gestured. “Know why I chose this place? We’re in the only building around. There's nothing but roads, grasslands and plains for hundred of meters around. Understand? I already planned it out when I chose this place. There are quite a few psyche force users amongst you all too. How can anyone get here unnoticed with our scans and without any cover around? The situation won’t change abruptly. If I said this to you all early on, you won't just be worried and afraid, but you’ll be on edge the whole time as well. You’ll have lost much battle strength before anyone even sneak attacks you. Isn't the current situation good?”

Everyone exchanged a look. Adam's words. They hadn’t lost their drive after waiting for so long. They really could wait at ease for an exhausted enemy if an enemy came invading after they had conserved strength and stored up energy for so long. For a moment, everyone believed Adam's words outside of a small minority.

“No need to worry too much. Even if the attackers comprise of team China and team Devil, it won't include their main combat force. Their main combat force is already confronting each other, or have already started fighting. The ones attacking us will just be a squad, which will be far from comparable to us. Our location is also somewhere easy to defend but hard to attack. With the scan and the snipers amongst you, I’m only afraid of them not coming.” Adam smiled gently as he continued to speak to the rest.

The last sliver of doubt finally vanished from them. They all began to celebrate their entry to the Angel Alliance, the team with Adam as the strategist...

(Is this fine? Adam may indeed be smart, but team China and team Devil have Chu Xuan. Adam… seems to be hiding something as well.)

Miyata Kuraki wanted to say something, but when he saw the excitement around him, he could only quietly sigh and look at the distance outside the building...

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