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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 14-2: Split up! Battle!(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 14-2: Split up! Battle!(II)

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“This isn’t a good place to sneak attack.” Seven people were sitting in a circle in an abandoned field far from the Angel Alliance. They were the members of team Devil, with some comparatively stronger and weaker among them. Still, as survivors of team Devil that used the law of the jungle as its criterion, they were much stronger than members of other teams.

There was a psyche force user among them. Unlike other teams, team Devil had a total of two psyche force users for some reason. One of them had reached the level of being the seventh strongest in the team. Although he couldn't compare to the monsters like clone Zheng, clone Xuan and clone Zhao Zhuikong, he had still reach the pinnacle of the rest of team Devil.

He had a rank AA metal manipulation enhancement in conjunction with his psyche force. Although the level of power a skill or enhancement displayed differed based on an individual’s use, he was quite talented. In the entire realm, he would be a first-rate powerhouse.

He was the captain of this squad and was acting as the main combat force for this battle. He ambitiously wanted to wipe out the Angel Alliance, but he wasn't overweeningly arrogant enough to want to solo the entire enemy and kill them all. Team Celestial’s reputation preceded them, and they were still one of the three strongest teams in the realm. Adam’s intellect was second only to Xuan. With team Celestial hunkering down and not moving, they could only helplessly stay there and look for an opportunity.

“Fuck, do these bastards not have the dignity of the strong? They’re still team Celestial that enjoys equal fame to our team Devil! They’re actually timidly defending a fortified position. I…”

A black youth sneered. His figure was tall, reaching nearly two metres. However, his manner of dress was odd. His black hair was tied into dreadlocks and they were all positioned behind his head. His nose, ears and even eyelids were covered in studs. Overall, he looked like a hippy.

“Shut up.” A blonde youth laughed coldly as he cut him off. It was the leader of this squad. Hee was also the longest veteran who had been around even before clone Zheng and was the sole foreigner that had survived clone Zheng’s vengeance and had participated in the first battle between team China and team Devil, Tom.

His name sounded very ordinary. But to be able to survive clone Zheng’s deep hatred of foreigners and the law of the jungle in team Devil, it meant he wasn't subpar when it came to either intelligence or strength. He would had long since died in a movie. The key reason was because he was a foreigner who admired Chinese culture.

He had been the only one to express objection during clone Zheng’s tragic arrival, and had given clone Zheng some material help afterwards. This was what clone Zheng survive that initial phase when he was weak and grow. That was why he had been able to avoid clone Zheng’s later crazed vengeance.

Tom gave the black youth a sidelong glance, smiling coldly. “Newbie, you’ve only been around for two movies before joining our team Devil. Does our team Devil just blather on and on? Shut your mouth. Just listening to you makes me want to puke. Do you even comprehend what ‘dignity of the strong’ even means? If it’s just rushing forward to hack at each other with a weapon in hand, any small time thug off the street like you would be the strong then. Retard.”

The black youth chuckled. Although his eyes contained some incomprehension and wrath, he didn't say anything out. He obviously either held a deep dread towards Tom, or had suffered under him before. But it wasn't completely unexpected. There were high tensions between blacks and whites in America. Nothing may come out of it in the ordinary real world, but that didn't mean nothing would happen in this realm, a world of extremes. Of course, it was displayed in its most naked and undisguised form, where fists spoke the loudest. It seemed the one with the biggest fist here was Tom.

Tom scolded for a few more sentences, before saying, “The mission Xuan gave us is to entrench ourselves here until team China appears. We’ll go all out in battle until Adam is killed if team China doesn't appear within eight hours. This isn't the first time I’m leading a squad to complete a mission, but this is the most arduous task I’ve ever faced. I don't want anyone dragging me down. Remember we’re facing team Celestial and a whole batch of teams. Their total strength is greater than ours! Remember! Our mission is a sneak attack! Not to send ourselves to our deaths!”

Everyone quietly listened to his words. After a long while, a muscular Chinese man said, “Tom, how much do you say we have for this battle against team Celestial and team China? Xuan, can he… win against himself? Team China has another him after all..."

"Not only Chu Xuan, but they have another Zheng Zha.”

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