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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 15-1: Meeting again(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 15-1: Meeting again(I)

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“Honestly? King versus king and soldiers against soldiers wasn't my original intention.” Clone Xuan finally turned to the people before him when Zheng flew out of their sight. He pushed up his spectacles, saying, “My original intention was the full team using its superior power to battle team China. When the gap in strength reaches a certain level, all schemes are just a joke. This intention later transformed to king versus king and soldiers against soldiers.”

Xuan gestured to the people behind him. Heng and the rest didn’t hesitate, rushing out of the warehouse as well. The four members of team Devil had already displayed their power. They were undoubtedly the main combat force of team Devil. It was slightly off from Xuan’s expectations. Gando wasn't there, but Hao Tian was...

“Oh? When did it become that?” Xuan asked his clone after finishing his gestures.

“It started after obtaining the Godseal Board!” Clone Xuan said directly without hiding anything.

“The Godseal Board?” Xuan nodded. “That mysterious item from the Investiture of the Gods is the source of your omniscience? What abilities does it have? Is it like in the Investiture of the Gods, or a certain manga, where that person will die if you write their name in? A causality type weapon?”

Clone Xuan shook his head. “It is indeed a causality type weapon. As we both know, twisting causality is the most notable characteristic of such weapons. The Godseal Board is the ultimate causality type weapon that is designed to twist anything and everything, whether time, space, energy, or even the universe’s causality. Just as Adam's Human Instrumentality Project is the ultimate creation of Western Saints and Cultivators, this Godseal Board is the one from Eastern Saints and Cultivators. What you spoke about regarding an instant death upon a name’s entry is but one trivial usage of it.”

“The Godseal Board consists of two parts. The power source and the main part which uses the power source to twist causality. Human interaction, doing anything as long as it affects the surroundings or influencing someone to change can all generate causality points. As we both know, ‘time’ can heal everything. It's the simple banana peel theory. Even if you can turn back time to a hundred years before, you won't be able to accomplish your mission if it’s wanting to kill someone who will decide history or changing history itself. You may fall to your death by slipping on a banana peel. And the Godseal Board just happens to twist causality. Anything you do can generate causality points as long as it effects great change or affects the causality of someone else. You could kill someone in one punch or beat him up until he’s paralysed in half his body, forcing his relatives to take care of him for the rest of life. You could raise a street urchin and give him a high class education. This all works. You could even drop a nuke on a city…”

“Unfortunately, we can’t gain causality points this way. That’s the second part about it, the usage of the power source. You can activate the Godseal Board as soon as you have the causality points, and it can complete ANY task you set it, not just one or a majority of it. But the causality points consumed will be determined by the universe’s entropy value. As we know, the universe was formed from a starting point exploding, and its entropy has been increasing since. Cause has led to effect, and this effect is then the beginning of countless new causes. The entire universe tends towards chaos from order. The Godseal Board… twists and reverses this all! For the writing someone’s name in and making them die that you spoke of, that person will die in a completely natural and logical way based on what we know from the Investiture of the Gods. This means that the universe will reject the weapon and its user after the Godseal Board reverses entropy. God already showed the consequences of this. Extremely ill luck, and even death in extreme cases. That was the Final Destination series. The more causality points we obtain the greater the rejection, which is why we still don't have enough causality points to write your names in or even create a fourth stager.”

Xuan nodded hearing this. “Then long distance surveillance or simple omniscience won’t have too much obstructions. That’s because we aren't in a movie world prior to its start, so we don't have causality to speak of there. So, you all didn’t have to suffer the rejection of the universe. So, you’ve surely been closely monitoring us since you got the Godseal Board. You made the decision of king versus king and soldiers against soldier after getting our comprehensive power levels, right? So why are you saying all this to me now? Just to tell me the uses of the Godseal Board?”

“The Jade Disc of Creation!” Clone Xuan’s eyes suddenly turned passionate. “As the ultimate causality type weapon, the Godseal Board exists to challenge the box creators, or even escape the box! It’s not just to be a weapon for teams. But an unusable weapon is meaningless. That's why it’s incomplete. Apart from the mysterious Godseal Board, there's also the equally enigmatic Jade Disc of Creation. We only know that it’s a xiantian divine weapon from legends that can see through this universe and reach the Great Dao. That’s just our Eastern mythology. The profound and abstruse sounding things like Great Dao should perhaps… be called the existence of the box. This Jade Disc of Creation should be the important thing for breaking apart the box if so, while creation is another form of saying ‘causality’. In other words, our Saints and Cultivators have long since left the key to the ultimate causality type weapon and its activation in our legends. The Godseal Board needs the Jade Disc of Creation to activate to achieve perfection and ignore the universe's rejection… I want, the Jade Disc of Creation you have!”

“Sure.” Xuan didn't hesitate to take out the Jade Disc of Creation that he had never been able to analyse from his dimensional bag. He tossed it over to his clone, saying, “This exchange is reasonable. Give us team China a fair battle while you obtain the Jade Disc of Creation. But you’ll have to completely crush us if you want to use it. Otherwise, the complete Godseal Board will become ours instead!”

Clone Xuan received it, passing it to Zhang Xiaoxue besides him. “Although I’m giving you all a fair battle, some things still exceeded my expectations which resulted in this battle that could go either way. As such, I’ve already lost to variables…”

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