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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 15-3: Meeting again(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 15-3: Meeting again(III)

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As the the fourth ranked in team Devil in power no one dared take Zhao Zhuikong lightly, including clone Zheng. The main reason he was ranked behind Luo Gando who had obtained an Eva was because he no longer randomly started battles with people since obtaining some information several movies ago. No one dared fight him either.

“The fusion of two…” Zhao Zhuikong gave a gentle smile to the girl in front of him, saying slightly, “Our psyches, or perhaps to say our Light of the Soul, has a fatal defect and is incomplete. It should be because the way we were raised was fundamentally wrong. Light of the Soul is a holistic thing that includes everything from the body to the soul. It’s the best indicator of a lifeform’s evolution. Those lifeforms created with the goal of unlocking the genetic constraint just for the sake of Light of the Soul and great power can fundamentally considered to be deformed. That's us.”

Zhao Zhuikong examined his dark red dagger, laughing self-mockingly, “It seems we used the same method, which is to patch up our Light of the Soul. Our incompleteness granted us power far beyond our level of the genetic constraint at that time. However, it also gave us great hidden dangers for our longevity, psyche and even Light of the Soul. At a certain time, we’ll…” Zhao Zhuikong’s eyes closed slightly. When they opened again, his face was wreathed with a tender smile.

“So. Do you know why I haven't killed you all this time, my little apple? Because we are both flawed in our Light of the Soul. We still won't be whole even if we use another us to patch up the flaws. Whether power, tenaciousness of our soul and will or the toughness of our bodies, us who were nurtured to be perfectly evolved bodies belong to the category of failures. Ahhhh, I was constantly preserving you while you were unripe, my little apple. It's finally time to eat up now that you’ve matured. It’s a supreme grade big breasts baby face…”

When he spoke to this point, a bulge actually formed on his lower half. It looked rather big, but the man did indeed have some perverse tendencies to do such a thing at such an important juncture. It was a little too…

“Ah, brother, you really were consumed by your heart's devil.” Unlike Zhao Zhuikong who was peacefully standing there on the street without moving, Yingkong had hidden herself in one of the collapsed buildings nearby. Her voice echoed out from all directions, the location of its source ever changing. It made her location undiscoverable.

“Heart’s devil? Nope, this is perhaps the true me. Only one of us can survive, my little apple. Will you eat me? Or will I eat you? We’ll become complete then. That Zheng, Xuan, Cultivator, that Eva fellow, will all be weaklings unable to be at the same level as us then. Are you not excited? Are you not getting wet? My adorable little apple…” As the words fell, Zhao Zhuikong seemed to turn into a mirage as he closed in on the spot Yingkong’s voice had last called out from at a speed difficult to catch with the eyes. A bloody red light blade swished past as that short dark red dagger actually extended into a bloody red light blade spanning several meters. With a boom, the buildings within a hundred meters of the light blade collapsed. The reinforced concrete all turned to dust. It was no longer a simple swipe of a dagger, but a power of the Light of the Soul. This was Zhao Zhuikong’s Light of the Soul.

“Compared to your miracle-like Light of the Soul that absorbs all energy, mine does seem rather ordinary and unremarkable. It’s just telekinesis. That's why, I feel so inferior in little apple’s presence.”

Zhao Zhuikong smiled gently as another bloody red light blade streaked past and the buildings within a hundred meters in another direction of his collapsed. The reinforced concrete turned into sand as before. The man merely stood there leisurely, with openings seemingly all over him. However, Yingkong who was hiding in the ruined buildings didn't dare attack.

(Too strong. The power of an ability depends on the user and how it’s used. Big brother is really strong to a terrifying extent even if it’s the most ordinary form of Light of the Soul.)

Zhao Zhuikong’s speed was abnormally fast. It was speed Yingkong couldn't even begin to imagine. Thus, she had instead gone into hiding despite having always preferred melee fighting. She wanted to lure Zhao Zhuikong who liked to make sneak assassinations into attacking her.

Of course, she wouldn't necessarily be unable to counter it if it was just a matter of speed, having gone through the baptism of Zheng’s Destruction. However, Zhao Zhuikong didn't merely have speed. His Light of the Soul was in the form of telekinesis, and he had managed to employ it in an inexplicable manner as vibrations. When he used it on the area around his body, it was like there were countless walls of lasers around him. Apart from Zheng’s Destruction’s extreme speed and force which could break through this barrier, others would all feel helpless before it.

At their level, even for fourth stagers, the truly strong wasn't just the absolute might in substance, but the control over the power and its application. In terms of these two, Zhao Zhuikong was a first rate powerhouse.

(It really is forcing it. My method of merging together to temporarily form my current complete consciousness can't match up to his method of devouring the other to form a complete personality and body. I also haven't fought in too long. The long period of sleep has made my power drop thirty percent from my peak, while his power has been continuously increasing.)

The two confronted each other in this way for a while. For some reason, they didn't enter battle, only chatting, with intermittent attacks. The two had a strange restraint. Yingkong didn't understand the situation, but her subconsciousness told her that victory or defeat wouldn't be determined anytime soon...

At this moment, an incredibly incandescent light abruptly flashed in the distance. It was like another small sun appeared below the horizon. It wasn't the light from an explosion, but instead a light that didn't carry heat. However, geological tremors followed from a distance after, as if there was a small scale earthquake. However, the tremors weren't too strong. As the light gradually faded, the tremors slowly regained their calm as well.

Just as the light regained its calm, towering black flames rose in another completely different direction towards the sky. It was like a quarter of the sky had been swallowed up, until an enormous force cut apart those flames. An even more violent pressure travelled over from that direction. For some reason, Yingkong felt like a mountain was pressing down. Despite it being several kilometers away, the pressure was still without peer.

“It’s finally begun?” Zhao Zhuikong paused his madness, his eyes looking over slightly emotionlessly. When the pressure weakened, he began to laugh madly once again. Ripple-like fluctuations visible to the eye appeared in the surrounding ten meters around him. He was fully employing his Light of the Soul.

(It’s finally begun?)

With a strange understanding, Yingkong walked out of the ruins silently, carrying Excalibur as her eyes locked onto Zhao Zhuikong.

“Let’s begin, brother. This final battle… and our own final battle as well!”

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