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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 15-4: Meeting again(IV)

Volume 23 Chapter 15-4: Meeting again(IV)

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Returning to the scene before the black flames burst out, Zheng had just obtained the location on the map that clone Xuan had given him and immediately rode the Sky Stick towards the Seventh Underground Laboratory. His clone was standing guard at the valley entrance there. There was the battlefield for their final confrontation, as well the most important battle that determined who would take home the victory for the final battle.

(I can finally return it to you! The pain, humiliation and warning you’ve given me in Resident Evil Apocalypse, other me.)

Myriad emotions overwhelmed Zheng. He felt as if there was flame surging out of his chest as the past flashed past his eyes. The entry and beginning in Resident Evil. Every single battle on the edge of death with his comrades. Their sacrifices and deaths as well, Jie’s cigarette and Lan’s Revival Cross. That sense of powerlessness in Resident Evil Apocalypse, where he could only watch his comrades die before his eyes as he himself was powerlessly defeated. That despair and powerlessness that was embedded deep in his soul. He was finally about to face the strongest in the realm, the other him who stood at the apex, who existed on hatred and tragedy.

As the valley got nearer and nearer, Zheng was already slowly leaving the edge of the city. Suddenly, three people, two men and one woman, flew up from his left and right. The woman was using psyche force to scan and lock onto him, while the remaining two men were each on one side charging towards him on an individual flying equipment. Their aura wasn't weak, but although he couldn't determine their strength for a moment, they were likely at the peak third stage or even the fourth stage. They were first-rate experts and were definitely the main combat force of a team!

“Team Devil? No wonder clone Xuan was so easily caught by me and those six in the city didn't have a psyche force user among them. So, that person was deployed here by clone Xuan to block me?” Zheng’s mind flashed and he immediately understood the origin of these three.

Apart from team Celestial, there was no other option for those who could have people conveniently here to block him and with this level of power. Clone Xuan’s goal was obvious. He wanted to use these three disposable pieces to weaken him. Was this the set up for the king versus king and soldiers in clone Xuan’s heart?

“Idiot. Does he not understand people, or is there another scheme at play?” Zheng scolded internally. He no longer cared what schemes and conspiracies there were. In this important moment right before the decisive battle, all that was left in his body was fighting spirit. Three obstacles appearing wouldn't be able to halt his advance...

“SCRAM!” Zheng roared as he took out Tiger’s Soul. His eyes turned clear. It wasn't the blankness of unlocking the genetic constraint, nor the strong agitation or calmness in battle. It was a difficult to describe clarity, as if the whole world was captured within those eyes. His body began to emit an indescribable pressure. He directly squeezed past the gap between the two as they tried to surround him, thereafter ignoring the three as he piloted the Sky Stick into the distance.

The two men were actually in a stupor, unmoving in the sky. The girl only anxiously shouted when Zheng was several kilometers away, “Have you two gone dumb? Chase him down and attack him! Xuan gave us the mission of whittling down his power! Xuan will definitely…”

The two men didn't chase down and attack Zheng, but instead felt intense shudders throughout their body. One of them muttered, “Terrifying. It feels as if I died once. We’ll be killed in an instant if we attack. What a joke about him being at Zhao Zhuikong’s level. This power… is already at leader’s!”.

Zheng couldn't hear the whispers of the three behind him. To be honest, this end result of easily barging past the three didn't shock him.

That was because these three weren't of team China, or clone Xuan didn't understand people. He could only mechanically calculate out these three ambushing and depleting his power. These three weren't actually weak. If he had to actually face the three in battle, he would definitely weaken some. Unfortunately, their unity was the same as in Resident Evil Apocalypse. Team Devil was nothing but a team based on the law of the jungle that was united through force...

But was it really that simple? It was still Xuan after all. Even if the clone didn't pursue feelings and senses as the original did, could the greatest strategist of God's Realm truly have a scheme that was just that? There was definitely a true attack coming.

Zheng carried these doubts as he allowed his pressure to burst forth in the direction of the valley. In the same instant, a similarly shocking pressure was unleashed from that direction as well. Solitary, tyrannical, powerful...

At the same time, at a small hill at the valley’s entrance, a wave of seemingly infinite black flames soared to the heavens, reaching several thousand meters up as if it wanted to swallow up the entire sky. The small hill was completely enveloped in these flames. If Zheng continued to pilot the Sky Stick forward, he would slam into this protective screen of black flames.

“I’m here… my fated enemy!” Zheng roared. The Qi and Blood Energy in his body began to flow as the genetic constraint began to unlock continuously. He had already entered the Dragon Transformation within a few short breaths, while he used Destruction to move his body. He was slashing down with Tiger’s Soul as he poured Refined Qi into it, and the enormous force actually vertically parted the black flames. Zheng rushed into the black flames without turning back.

The small hill had already been cooked into a glassy like state. The black flames were quite marvellous, able to burn material objects but not its user. When the flames retreated, it even brought away the heat on the surface of the hill along with it. Zheng only felt a coolness when he landed, while that endless flame that filled the skies had already vanished without a trace. It was as if the previous flames that had rushed into the sky had been an illusion.

On the peak of that small hill, clone Zheng held a broadsword that was wreathed in black flames. He looked just as before, with a scar across his face, eyes filled with killing intent and a pair of black wings. Those seemingly alive black flames encircled him.

“You’re here? I’ve awaited you for too long, my original…”

“Yes. I’m here. I’m finally here at long last, my clone!”

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