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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 16-1: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 16-1: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(I)

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Honglu knew that he, or rather the squad he lead, was the variable for this final battle.

The decisive factor would be Zheng and his clone’s confrontation. Whoever first obtained victory between the two would make their team the final victor.

A slightly less important decisive factor would be Xuan's squad. If they managed to determine victory before Zheng and clone Zheng, they would be able to influence not just the two Zhengs’ battle, but the final battle battle’s conclusion.

Of course, there was an exception to everything. In this case, it was variables.

Although this final battle’s result would be determined by a few top class powerhouses, Honglu’s squad might be able to create an unimaginable impact and perhaps even change the final battle’s conclusion as long as Honglu could perfectly grasps the hidden threads for the scheme Xuan gave him!

(Of course, the most important thing to seize is the present and completely decimate the Angel Alliance and team Devil’s squad.) Honglu kneaded his slightly aching forehead, continuing to look at that distant building. It was where the Angel Alliance had gathered. Lan couldn't gather the slightest bit of information inside with the interference of multiple psyche force users. In that case, Zero wasn't able to snipe inside.

Their group wasn't able to get any nearer. Ignoring everything else, the many snipers in the Angel Alliance would be enough to kill them all. With both sides using psyche force screens, the only way to snipe was to use eyesight. Both sides had the same starting point, whether the Angel Alliance wanted to attack the invaders or Honglu wanted to use Zero’s super long distance sniping.

“Still. We have a special advantage. This standoff will be meaningless in a few minutes.” Honglu said to the rest.

Although they couldn't use psyche force scanning to observe the other party, the screened area still existed. A brief scan would clearly reveal the members of the other side’s position, even if it was just the general location. That made the other side unable to move, unless there was a huge change in the situation. This huge change was exactly what Honglu was waiting for.


Several minutes later, an indistinct black dot appeared in the horizon. It didn't seem to exist at first sight, and only those with extremely good eyesight could catch it. However, the black dot became clearer as time passed, revealing an intercontinental ballistic missile flying over. The Angel Alliance’s psyche force users naturally scanned it, and everyone immediately became panicked. They all looked at Adam in unison, who was gently smiling with his eyes shut.

“They want to force us out with a nuke? That’s a little too naive, is it not?” Adam thought inwardly. He didn't believe the ones in charge of team China were so naive. Even if they actually were, Xuan would definitely have some way to taking advantage of this naivety to lay down a hidden scheme. He was sure there was something wrong with this missile, but he didn't know what it was for now. Or was there something else he had overlooked?

(Only two things can pose a danger to me. One is directly killing me, the second is an elimination of a majority of the Angel Alliance. Neither is possible with a nuke. Did I overthink it then? Is team China’s squad leader an idiot? Or is there a threat hidden somewhere I didn't notice? But, what is it?) Adam's mind was moving at fast speed, coming up with dozens of possibilities in seconds.

However, his movements weren't slow as he rose to his feet and said, “What are you all so stunned by? Those with super long distance attacks, immediately intercept the missile. Song Tian, you’ll need to land the final blow if it gets into the danger range and still hasn't been destroyed.”

“I request your aid, psyche force users. There's a weapon that can instantaneously kill any of team China or team Devil that attacks. It’s a large scale weapon that isn't restricted by God, but it needs large amounts of energy and people to participate. I hope everyone can give me a helping hand. Right, the weapon’s name is… the Complete Spear or Osiris, or, the Spear of Longinus. It’s a divine weapon that can pierce through the soul and energy!”

Everyone, apart from the few conspirators other than Adam, didn't know that the Human Instrumentality Project had begun. This was a project that could change the realm, or even break out of the box to reach the creator’s level. It had finally begun silently and soundlessly in this building, while the ones from team China and team Devil’s squads who were hidden were unaware that if it succeeded, they would surely die. Everyone in this world was included in that!


Changing the topic from Adam’s starting Human Instrumentality Project, Honglu and the rest suddenly took out small bottles as the missile flew close by. They all broke it open and drank the liquid inside. At this moment, several giant fireballs and several shining projectiles shot out from the building. Their target was the nearing missile.

“Useless. If it was just a nuke, unless it was a direct hit, the shockwaves wouldn't be able to break through rank D and above protection, when it’s from several kilometers in the air and from such a huge distance. With the standard of team Celestial, no, the Angel Alliance, large scale conventional human weapons can no longer pose a threat. Firing over a dozen super higher yield hydrogen bombs at all regions may do the trick though. Still, my goal isn't a nuke. How could they flee?”

Honglu watched the attacks near the missile. Finally, a fireball struck the missile, and the missile blew apart without any power. There were no traces of any explosive warheads on the missile outside of its own fuel, let alone a nuke. Not even a highly explosive warhead was present. The remaining fireballs and shining objects collided, and the explosion became more violent. Still, no warhead explosion occurred even till the moment the entire missile turned to ashes. The missile didn't have a nuclear warhead then.

What was the point of firing it then? For fun?

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