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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 16-2: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 16-2: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(II)

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“That’s not right! Something is inside that missile!”

Adam was currently inscribing a magic formation that wasn't too complex on the ground. The Spear of Osiris from The Mummy was displayed within it. It wasn’t a limited item in God’s Realm, with even Zheng having one. Anyone who went through the movie would have a certain chance of obtaining the weapon. However, no one would expect it was the spear that could pierce through the soul and body, the Spear of Longinus. [1]

“Correct. There are many copies of it. Every one is real… while fake at the same time. The spear is just a key. The Saints and Alchemists were afraid of their ruins being forgotten, or the item not being recoverable after the ruins were found. That’s why so many were made. Perhaps, the spear that pierced Christ in history was one that circulated from the realm. This is why the spear isn’t the actually unique thing.”

This was Adam’s original words. At this point, Adam frankly didn’t care if they could discern his intentions. They couldn't stop him even if they guessed it. The Human Instrumentality Project needed enough time to adapt to the surroundings and those it would absorb. This was its greatest flaw. Compared to that, obtaining the Spear of Osiris or the user needing to be the fourth stage in strength wasn’t as important.

At the same time, this Human Instrumentality Project was something definitely terrifying as the ultimate creation of the white race. It was unstoppable after it began, apart from the initial beginning where enough ‘nutrients’ needed to be absorbed. It would be like the chain reaction between atoms in nuclear fission for the rest of the time. All lifeforms would become a part of this singular ‘Human’, from as small as germs and viruses, to as great as fourth stagers or even fifth stagers. Even having Light of the Soul far stronger than the one undergoing the Human Instrumentality Project wouldn't stop it. It would only swap out the one undergoing it.

This was the greatest weakness of Adam himself. He couldn't directly use the Human Instrumentality Project on the strongest like Zheng and his clone, or else he would become someone else’s nutrients and disappear. That was why he had to carefully first absorb the Light of the Soul from large quantities of weaker lifeforms. He could only face the apex of the realm after strengthening himself to a great magnitude. Song Tian and the Angel Alliance were the best prey for him. When the merge began, the absorption of these people would be amazingly easy as long as he let the Tree of Life familiarise itself with these people’s Light of the Soul and allowed it to slowly erode their Light of the Soul. Even if Song Tian was slightly stronger than him, it wouldn't affect him being the dominant one. That was why it was necessary to slowly wait in the early stages, for that final victory and Instrumentality!

Adam continuously searched for clues from the scan as he fiddled with the magic formation. The missile’s explosion was too strange. It was definite that there was no warhead. If this warheadless missile was just to draw out the Angel Alliance’s latent power, wouldn't one with a warhead be easier? One missile was useless as well. If they fired over a hundred of them, some with warheads and some without, that would be much more threatening. In other words, something was definitely hidden within that missile.

(There’s a sixty percent chance this missile has something hidden. There's another forty percent this is all just to confuse me, the so-called stratagem of the empty city. They’ll make me think there's something inside, while they quickly leave here to fight a decisive battle with the other side. No, there's a fifty percent chance of this. So, it’s fifty-fifty in the end?)

Adam rubbed his temples that had swelled up slightly. He muttered to Song Tian who was besides him, “Should I thank Xuan? The two Xuans didn't personally come to deal with me, but deployed their teams’ members to die and increase my power. I really do have to thank him. But this does make me feel slightly regretful. As someone who’s always considered him as my opponent, it seems he doesn't treat me as an opponent who can equal him even at the very end. It’s always about maximising benefits with him. He cares not one whit about the beauty in a battle of wits or a collision of schemes. He doesn't have an aesthetic bone in his body. I’ll be delighted to research how he escapes danger and reverses defeat into victory if he falls into my hands. If I landed in his hands, he’ll absolutely take out his gun and immediately shoot me dead. That, or he’ll remove my brain for study before destroying my body.”

Song Tian looked indifferently at Adam who was chattering away. He suddenly interrupted, “Why are you suddenly saying all this? Do you have a bad premonition?:

Adam was stunned, before he gave a bitter smile. “Call it a bad premonition or a sigh for the end of being a normal human. I’m about to stand on the same level as Chu Xuan. No, it’s one far, far surpassing where he stands now. After Instrumentality, I’ll become a god, and he’ll no longer be able to call me a ‘mortal’s wisdom’. I really am weak. I keep remembering this past failure right at this important moment before my metamorphosis.”

Song Tian didn't say anything as he silently listened to Adam. When Adam was done, he said, “Walk down this path resolutely since it’s the one you’ve chosen. In this, you are not Chu Xuan’s equal. He does not hesitate the slightest in his heart, nor does he carry any burdens. Each and every action points to his intent. He only purely seeks a maximisation of benefits. Perhaps, you’ll understand his realm when you have his thinking and memories.”

“Perhaps. Everyone, we’ll stay here! But prepare for battle. We can annihilate these invaders as soon as this weapon is activated!” Adam took out the Spear of Osiris as he spoke. He pinched the tiny spear, and it extended into its true form as a long spear in an instant.

He then inserted it into the centre of the formation, the spearhead pointing upwards. When this was done, he gave a smile to the various psyche force users around. “Do help. Infuse your psyche force into this alchemical formation. Those with higher mental capacities, do help as well. Stand in those thirteen circles around.”

The psyche force users all exchanged a look, before walking over one by one. When Sora Aoi walked past, Miyata Kuraki grabbed her hand. “Be careful. I don't know why, but I have a bad premonition. Something is about to happen.”

Sora Aoi nodded seriously. She was aware that Miyata Kuraki’s technique was quite unique. It was one of the few that allowed the user to experience Light of the Soul before the fourth stage. The user would rate as the strongest among those at the same level of genetic constraint and technique, if that regrettable imperfection of self harm was ignored. This technique was quite sensitive towards unknown danger, or in other words, had a strong sixth sense.

“You be careful too.” Sora Aoi said gently. She gave Miyata Kuraki a few silent looks before walking to the formation’s giant circle.

Miyata Kuraki was also one of those with a better mental capacity, and stood there as well. His bad premonition intensified as soon as he stepped into it. He couldn't resist asking, “Adam, is this formation dangerous? Why do I…”

“A bad premonition, is it?” Adam looked up at Miyata Kuraki, before looking at the rest. Anyone with a better mental capacity would have a particularly strong sixth sense. They could for the most part have some mental warning in the face of mortal danger. This was especially so for these psyche force users who had even stronger premonitions.

Adam smiled. “Of course it’s dangerous! Any weapon or skill with great power would have this danger or limitation. I think you all should understand this? That’s why I need thirteen people to share this danger with me. As the eye of the formation, I bear the greatest danger. Don’t worry, everyone.”

Everyone all relaxed. Although some had doubts, they could only stand there without making a noise due to the stress from team China and team Devil outside. They watched as Adam entered the formation and placed both his hands on the Spear of Osiris...

[1] The Spear of Longinus is not only the mythological one, but also an item also used in Neon Genesis Evangelion in the Human Instrumentality Project.

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