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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 16-3: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 16-3: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(III)

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“Hah? You’re that fellow who wanted to join the Zu Mountain Sect, but didn't succeed as your potential was too low? I seem to recall something about that.”

Yinglong looked at the man stepping on a sword, his face filled with surprise. It wasn't faked, as he had indeed heard from his master about someone also from another world who had seeked apprenticeship just like him. Unfortunately, his lineage hadn't been pure amd he had been from another race. His master had thus used the matter of potential to fob him off. Otherwise, the realm might have had another true Cultivator appear.

The other man really did have the appearance of having sword-like brows and star-like eyes. That together with his manner of dress made him seem like a Cultivator even more than Yinglong. He was immediately enraged upon hearing that, “Shut up! My capabilities and aptitude are tens of thousands of times yours. On what grounds was I rejected, while you were accepted? It must have been you Chinese and your narrow minded thinking making trouble. You all fobbed me off because I’m a mixed blood? Damn you!”

“Hohoho,” Yinglong wasn't polite and directly nodded his head in confirmation. “That’s exactly it. If you want an explanation, why not you go back to your homeland and ask them to disseminate their top technologies to the world for no compensation? Remember, it’s for no compensation! I’ll return to my master if so and ask him to accept one more. But do you think it's possible? I don't need to say too much about how the Dao shouldn't be lightly transmitted, right? What a laughable reason. Narrow mindedness? Then, are all those who file for patents like this then?”

The man on the sword’s face was flushed from anger. He roared, “Your skill with your mouth proves nothing! If you have the skills to back it up, we’ll use our fists to determine who’s the real deal! Hehe, doesn't it happen often with you Chinese? The things you invent can’t be the best, while it’s instead brought to the greatest of heights in our hands. I want to see how strong you, the one and only Cultivator, actually is! Are you actually a hundred times stronger than me who self cultivated?”

Yinglong laughed coldly continuously. With a wave of his hand, the azure sword he was stepping on actually magically produced another sword that he held in his hand. He drew a pattern in the air with his new sword as he spoke, “I already said come at me from at the start. The faster we fight the faster I can be on my way. Dammit. All the strongest of team China only think about fighting with team Devil. They just ignore Adam. Your team Devil’s Xuan is a madman as well. Don’t they know the danger Adam poses now? Noooo, they know, they just don't care! I still have to do it myself in the end. I’ll deal with you quickly. I need to be off!”

The man on a sword’s face was completely green by now. He howled, “Then come!” A new sword was produced by the azure sword beneath his feet as well, which he grasped too.

“Ehhhhhhhh, not bad! You actually managed to learn the Illusory Sword Art by yourself. You… don't seem to be in the Nascent Soul stage, though?” Yinglong laughed coldly. However, as he looked on, surprise gradually showed on his face.

The sword in the man on a sword’s hand was different from Yinglong’s. To be accurate, it seemed to be illusory, while Yinglong’s seemed to be more real. Not only that, but the man’s sword was formed from countless electrical runes densely packed together. However, the density of Refined Qi paled in comparison to Yinglong’s, which was what gave it that illusory look.

This technique of transforming Refined Qi into an illusory sword was an immortal sword art. It was one of the best techniques for showing the user’s power. The weakest Cultivators usually couldn't even have an illusory phantom appear, while the strongest could affect the area for kilometers around with a simple wave of the sword. The illusory sword Yinglong could form from his dense Refined Qi was incomparably mighty with him being highly accomplished within his Nascent Soul stage. Even so, he had never come across converting Refined Qi into electrical runes first before joining those together into a sword. Was this sword not formed from pure Refined Qi? The purer, the stronger.

“The purer, the stronger?” The man on a sword roared with laughter. He seemed quite refreshed upon seeing Yinglong’s faint bewilderment. “That’s what my Cultivation manual said. The purer the Refined Qi, the mightier. Bullshit! You Chinese are always so inflexible, never daring to change what you’ve invented! In their hands, outsiders have frequently managed to explore its potential far better. It was like that with the compass, it was like that with gunpowder. Now, it’s even so for Cultivation! Haha!”

Yinglong’s face gradually turned colder. An invisible pressure enveloped the surroundings with a flick of his sword, before he said, “Is it the rune technology Xuan modified for you? Although my Cultivation techniques are from the orthodox school, they have the large regrettable imperfection of lacking a portion of the most important rune technology. This portion is with team China’s Xuan. I didn't expect clone Xuan to have it to. Come. You’ve piqued my interest now! Let's see if the genuine and complete Cultivation techniques really do have the power to destroy the heavens and earth. I’m waiting expectantly.”

The man on a sword had actually used a trick. His immortal sword arts had indeed been modified by clone Xuan. However, it hadn't been through rune technology, but using high technology exchanged from God as the main foundation. Although it was still technology, it lacked the word ‘rune’ in it, giving it a completely different connotation. There was a large gap whether in power or duration.

The man on a sword was well aware of this fact. The super virus in the city would soon spread here as well. He had neither reached the fourth stage, nor had he reached the Nascent Soul stage that no disease could infect. A long battle was to his disadvantage, so he immediately threw his electrical rune sword into the sky without another word. It instantly broke apart, and the electrical runes that filled the sky spread in all directions in a seemingly chaotic manner.

However, its path of flight had a unique trajectory. The electrical runes formed into a net of Refined Qi over a kilometer in diameter within seconds. Thirteen strange electrical lifeforms were stationed at the periphery of the net. However, the net looked rather indistinct due to the relative weakness of the man on a sword.

“Ohhhhh, you can deploy the Thirteen Bloodfiends Formation despite not being at the Nascent Soul stage? I did underestimate you before.” Yinglong was still slightly scornful in his heart, although he had heard before that Cultivation techniques were but one small inconsequential part of the Cultivation system and there were still rune technologies such as weapon refining, pill refining, rune formations, etc. Those were the true incarnation of Cultivation as compared to the techniques that could only raise personal strength.

However, Yinglong didn't expect that this formation with rune technology added would be a lower grade Thirteen Bloodfiends Formation. It was weaker than the Eight Trigrams Formation, the Four Cardinals Formation and even the Taiji Formation, not to mention the Cauldron of the Eight Trigrams or Twelve Evil Gods Formation that needed treasures to set up. To him, breaking this formation wouldn't even need his technique of borrowing from the force of heaven and earth.

Just as Yinglong raised his sword aloft to prepare to attack, the man on a sword suddenly spat out blood. He used his teeth to bite his tongue, while he stomped down continuously with his hair dishevelled. This fellow actually planned to risk his life from the very start of the fight. This posture gave Yinglong a fright, and he didn't dare act careless as he threw out a flag. The palm-sized flag expanded to a size of a dozen meters before protecting him within.

(Unfortunately, this flag isn’t comparable to those eight flags, the Cauldron of the Eight Trigrams. Speaking of which, it seems to still be with Zheng?)

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