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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 16-4: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(IV)

Volume 23 Chapter 16-4: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(IV)

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At this moment, there was the crackling of electricity from the flag protecting him as streams of electricity streaked past repeatedly. In the formation these electrical runes made up, a violent current visible to the eyes could be seen. This Thirteen Bloodfiends Formation was completely different from the one Yinglong knew of. Pure Refined Qi had been converted to electricity. Instead of summoning thirteen bloodfiends with different appearances to attack as it should do, electricity appeared instead… However, how strong it was exactly wasn't known.

The man on a sword ignored Yinglong’s flag. His feet moved in the Eight Trigrams Steps style as his hands executed some hand seals continuously. A faint azure light shone around his body as the thirteen bloodfiends suddenly took shape. One that looked like a giant bat flapped its wings, giving a giant screech as it pounced on Yinglong. Electricity arced on the body of the bloodfiend that had become matter, the colours of blood red and shining white continuously intersecting, adding on to its imposing manner.

Yinglong had a giant flag protecting him outside. He didn't dodge it as he had the intention of testing out this true Cultivation technique that had been perfected through rune technology. He took the bloodfiend’s pounce head-on. A bloody light and electrical light exploded upon collision. In the end, it was the bat that shattered into electrical runes, while the flag wasn't even scorched. It seemed this Thirteen Bloodfiends Formation hadn't become matchless after the inclusion of rune technology.

Some confidence immediately brewed in Yinglong’s heart. As he was about to mock the man on a sword, the twelve bloodfiends that hadn't dissipated yet pounced all at once. He didn't have the leisure to talk too much. At the same time, the man on a sword left the heart of the formation. He directed his attention elsewhere as he took out over a dozen dark-gold metal pieces and flung them up into the sky.

Yinglong was currently butchering those bloodfiends, sword in hand. Although the flag prevented any injuries, he still had to consume quite some Refined Qi to kill them. He couldn't possibly just slam into them every time, right? So, he was tied up by the bloodfiends for a while. He couldn't tell what the man on a sword was doing although he could see it.

“Borrowing the force of heaven and earth, Heaven-Dao Becomes Lightning…” The man urgently chanted. The azure light on him had already dimmed much, and his Refined Qi was obviously running on fumes. His other killer move other than the Thirteen Bloodfiends Formation should be the metal pieces he threw out before.

In that moment, Yinglong had already slaughtered the thirteen bloodfiends. He didn't hold back, destroying the formation with a wave of the flag. When he was about to whirl the flag towards the man on a sword, the man spat out blood again. The already dim azure light brightened again, while an incomparably acute golden radiance shone in the sky. It was as if a dozen suns had been added in an instant.

“Luo Yinglong. I ask you, do you dare receive my eighteen Purple-gold Celestial Lightning?” The man asked with some slight feebleness.

“Screw you. Do you think I’m some kinda moron? I’m just going to let you hit me like some main character from a novel?” Yinglong gave the man a sidelong glance, raising his hand as he flung the azure sword out. It slashed towards the man’s head like an azure lightning bolt. However, it was still a sword in the end and not an actual lightning bolt. A purple-gold lightning bolt descended from the sky before the sword could cut the man. It turned the sword formed from Refined Qi into nothingness as it slammed into the sword with a boom.

Eighteen sparkling golden machines appeared in the sky at this moment. They were satellite shaped, and were positioned in a strange formation. They constantly shifted their positions. There were even traces of electrical runes on their bodies. They were obviously built from those electrical runes made from Refined Qi.

“What the… that’s not rune technology! That’s mechanical technology! You…” Yinglong stared dumbly at the sky, taking a long time before he shouted.

However, without waiting for him, the man abruptly swung his hand down. The eighteen satellites began to draw in the lightning within the cloud layer, converting it into the purple-gold lightning as it sent the lightning crashing down. Eighteen thick bolts merged together in mid-air, and an enormous pillar of lightning crashed into Yinglong’s protective flag, knocking him deep underground in the blink of an eye.

This process is what is known as karmic retribution. He knocked Gando down first, and someone knocked him down this time...

The man began to pant as he recalled what clone Xuan had said to him once before. “You don’t have complete Cultivation techniques, nor do you even have a teacher. Your Cultivation is more like a skill than an actual set of techniques. In other words, you will never surpass Luo Yinglong in Cultivation. There’s only one way left. You have to take those pure Cultivation techniques, and view it purely as a tool. For example, you could just look at Refined Qi as an energy source, and it’ll be a incredibly powerful source of energy. If you use your mind or consciousness as the controlling equipment, it’ll be like an artificial intelligence countless times more advanced than any computer. I’ll create some Cultivation battle gear for you. It’ll be similar to those magic treasures, but it’ll be using scientific methods to work. Refined Qi will be the energy source while your mind and consciousness will be directing it. Draw in a large amount of natural power to attack the enemy, then… using yourself as a conductor, give the enemy a fatal blow!”

The man raised his head towards the sky. There was an imperceptible sigh as he said, “Lil sis, you should get the medicine I left for you soon. If Chu Xuan does it, your illness can… Live. Live! Live blissfully in the real world, my lil sis…”

“LUO! YING! LOOOOOOONG! I may not have your orthodox Cultivation techniques, but I won't ever lose to you! A life for a life!” The man pointed at the sky again. The eighteen satellites began to draw in electricity once again. However, the direction of the lightning was instead the man. It all occurred in a moment. Endless azure light poured out from the underground hole Yinglong had been smashed into as the lightning struck the man. He didn't dodge it as he used his body to endure the strikes. The incomparably mighty lightning was absorbed into the man’s body like flowing water. At the same time, the man was using his sword to rush into that underground hole...

“My mission has been accomplished, Chu Xuan! Fulfil your promise!”

There was a loud rumble as if a nuclear missile had gone off in the hold as the area for kilometers around was swallowed up...

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