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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 16-5: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(V)

Volume 23 Chapter 16-5: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(V)

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As an explosion abruptly rang out in the distance, Imhotep transformed back from stand and stood atop a large building to look at the distance. He didn’t know what sort of battle was going on there. Lightning continuously bombarded the ground, looking very abnormal horrifying.

“That person from before should have fled in this direction, right? Why isn’t there the slightest presence left?” Imhotep returned his attention back from the explosion. The person he had been chasing had come to the road here. Although he didn’t know how strong he was, how could anyone who stayed at clone Xuan’s side at this juncture be weak? So, he had chased just this person, ignoring the rest. His spells were large scale attacks anyways, and he couldn’t display his full power if his teammates were around anyways. He would be able to freely turn into sand or cast spells if he was fighting alone.

(I don’t know how Anck-Su-Namun is. Her strength is too weak in this realm. I’m not with her either now… I better quickly finish off this fellow and hurry over to help them.) Imhotep considered repeatedly in his heart.

At this moment, an invisible pressure suddenly descended from the sky. The roof he was standing on was immediately pulverised for an area of several meters. He was crushed into sand and dust along with the concrete. It didn’t end there, as the pressure increased in intensity, and the scope expanded. At this moment, a small whirlwind appeared at the spot where Imhotep had been crushed, and it carried away sand and dust which gradually formed into the face in the sky.

“Imhotep, was it?” A Chinese youth was standing on the nearby street, obviously the old member of team China, Hao Tian. He gave a bitter smile, “Do you know why I lured you so far away? That’s where two Xuans are fighting! I’ve perused your information. The undead magician from The Mummy, was it? You may not die if you’re there, but me? Definitely gonna die.”

Imhotep felt slightly awkward in his heart. It really was so when he thought about it. One Xuan was enough to drive a person crazy. Two Xuans fighting… It was best to run as far as possible. Although he could transform into sand, who knew if that weirdo Xuan wouldn’t some special move, like a handheld Magic Cannon?

“Alright. Let’s cut down on the talking. Let me quickly kill you. I’m in a rush.” The enormous face of sand said. It drew in all the sand and dust from the roof into its mouth as if it had inhaled. Within a few seconds, it spat it all back out in the form of a sandstorm, a dense cloud that covered the sky and blotted out the sun.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, it’s like a movie!” Hao Tian seemed to have the natural disposition of always being relaxed. He had been relaxed right up to when Xuan killed him in team China. He simply chuckled upon seeing the sandstorm, rushing towards the wall of the building besides him. He somehow managed to race up the wall as if he had no weight, defying gravity. He was also incredibly fast. He had already shot up to over ten floors up by the time the sandstorm reached him. It didn’t take long before he had reached the roof.

“So, so troublesome. I had a choice but I just couldn’t make a good one. I just had to choose the guy who can shapeshift as he wants. Pure physical attacks are meaningless and the effect of psyche force attacks are halved. Only energy or Light of the Soul may have some effect. How depressing! I managed to get a Light of the Soul of the fourth stage so difficultly, but I ended up meeting this guy. Looks like I won’t even have the strength left to run after winning.”

Hao Tian gave another bitter smile as the sandstorm reformed into a face again. Imhotep bellowed, “Fleeing? Where could you flee to? Let me kill you quickly!”

“Of course to somewhere the Xuans’ fight won’t spread to! I also have to escape the area of those two abnormal Zhengs’ fight… Errrrrrrr, why am I talking you so much to you? Ok! Imhotep, I’ve come to bargain. Let me run, and I’ll tell you where the Zhengs are fighting! Deal?” Hao Tian said helplessly as he looked at the sand face that was flying towards him.

“Stop joking…” Before the words could finish, Hao Tian raised a hand, and an incandescent golden light struck out. The sand face immediately disintegrated as if it had been struck by a hammer. It had floated to dozens of meters away by the time it reformed.

“How depressing. I had always thought my Light of the Soul would be something economical and energy saving, or even the most convenient telekinesis. I didn’t expect it to be an advanced product of telekinesis. It’s powerful, but so energy intensive! I can’t use it fully until I’m the mid fourth stage. It’s Holy Light, and I suspect many of those termed ‘angels’ possessed it.”

Hao Tian waved his hands forcefully, and golden radiance gushed out from his body. It covered him within like a barrier, and he began to float up slowly and stand in mid-air nonchalantly.

Hao Tian raised his hand, and a golden ball floated up from his hand. He casually tossed it out, before giving it a violent kick towards the sand face. The golden ball shot towards the face with incredible speed. In the instant they came into contact, the ball exploded, the golden light shining for kilometers around. It was so piercing that anyone looking on would be forced to shut their eyes. Enraged bellows could be faintly heard from the sand face. When the light weakened in intensity, not a trace of the face could be seen.

“Imhotep, I know you’re fine! I’ve seen your sort of lifeform quite a few times in team Devil. It’s nothing more than one type of battle weapon the ancient Saints modified. It’s even only mid tier. It’s just your will and Light of the Soul being eternal, and your physical body and external matter not constraining you much. That attack just now didn’t harm your Light of the Soul, so stop hiding! Come out and face me openly! I’m in a rush!” Hao Tian shouted without even thinking about it.

In a corner of the surrounding ruins, Imhotep’s face had turned green. He was very gloomy inside. He had been loudly demanding for battle before, but somehow sometime, the tables had turned and he was the one hiding now.

That golden light before had actually harmed him quite a bit. In that instant, he had felt like even his soul was being attacked. If he hadn’t made the prompt decision to abandon his sandform and borrow the form change to escape here, he would have suffered heavy injuries.

“It’s time to risk it then. It’s the final battle anyways, so I’ll stake my life!”

As soon as he entered the realm, Imhotep could be considered as a powerfully unique person. He was the main character of a movie after all, something that people from the real world naturally couldn’t compare to. He had also gone through so many battles in team China. Although he had given most of his points and ranked rewards to Anck-Su-Namun, he had still managed to find techniques suitable for himself. Although he hadn’t been learning it for long, he had no choice but to stake his life on it and try it now. “The Suna Suna no Mi…”

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