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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 16-6: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(VI)

Volume 23 Chapter 16-6: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(VI)

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Just as Imhotep used all his power to risk his life in battle, Cheng Xiao was jumping in joy on his side. He was fighting a pretty young girl in traditional Chinese clothes. Although she was on the delicate side, it made people more fond of her. She was obviously a budding beauty who had just left her loli years and hadn’t become a young woman yet.

“Fight with me! Why are you running so fast?” The girl was moving from rooftop to rooftop of the tall buildings. She was very light-footed, easily covering a hundred meters with each jump. Cheng Xiao’s expression was turning green. He completely ignored the girl as he continuously raced down the street.

“Hey! I’m talking to you! You’re not mute, are you?” The girl finally couldn’t endure it. She leapt to Cheng Xiao’s front, finally blocking him. She asked him with a displeased and peculiar tone. That expression of hers was enough to tempt any man.

Cheng Xiao’s face was cold. He looked at the pretty young girl and said, “Once upon a time, I, Cheng Xiao, swore that I would never hit a girl...”

“You don’t hit girls? Hehe. Good, good. So, just stand there and let me kill you!” The girl giggled upon hearing it. She raised her hand as if she was about to attack.

“No…” Cheng Xiao hurriedly shook his head. “I will never hit a girl or anything non-male… DAMN! I won’t engage in hand-to-hand with a ladyboy! You just had to become a ladyboy of all things!”

The girl’s entire body suddenly shook. Tears filled her eyes, and she lowered her head as if she had suffered a grievance. “But… but… I have the heart of a girl inside, although my… my body is… You can’t humiliate me this way. How did you find out?” Ignoring everything else, this girl’s external appearance was one beautiful enough that it was rarely found even among ten thousand people. Together with her alluring actions and expression, she was definitely a stunner although she looked young… apart from his gender.

Cheng Xiao coldly harrumphed, pointing at the girl… or rather, the fourteen or fifteen years old boy. “Who am I? I’m Cheng Xiao! From eight to eighty! One look! One listen! That’s all I need to determine their gender! What do you think a pervert is then? It’s only like this then you can be called a pervert!”

The young girl was trembling all over, standing there dumbly just like a computer that crashed. After a long while, she crouched down as if she had been beaten, continuously muttering to herself, “Impossible… impossible…”

“Wahaha! Understand? A pervert’s dignity doesn’t allow me to fight with a ladyboy! So, scram!” Cheng Xiao roared with laughter, running away again.

The girl was silent for a while before she shouted in a tender voice, “You damned pervert! Who are you calling a ladyboy? I said, I have the heart of a girl! Anyways, won’t no one know as long as I just kill you? Hehe…” The girl began to laugh, chasing after Cheng Xiao with a relaxed expression. When she was a kilometer from him, she raised a hand. An invisible wind blade slashed at Cheng Xiao. The over ten meter long blade cleaved through a row of buildings in its path, its power not reducing in the slightest. Just as it was about to hit, the man suddenly flipped his body over and escaped, twisting in mid-air with a strange posture. When he was standing again, the wind blade had already passed his previous position.

“Ho. Looks like you’re not just any ordinary pervert. That’s why as I said, team China is no matter what the people who can rival us. You’re not weak.” The girl giggled. She even played with her hair as she spoke. Any man who wasn’t in the know would have been beguiled upon seeing it. It really was a outstanding ladyboy.

Cheng Xiao looked at the girl, or accurately, the cross dresser. When he had met her, his heart had been moved, especially upon seeing the silk stockings and beautiful legs under that short skirt of hers. It wasn’t enough to call it a physiological reaction. But when he had found out she was a cross dresser, he had very nearly become permanently impotent. There was no choice but to flee without even fighting in order to escape that eternal blemish of having had a physiological reaction. And in his heart, he could no longer bear to fight this ladyboy. It wasn’t the fondness for the fairer sex, but just a subconscious desire to not damage something beautiful.

“Hehe, are you staring at my legs again? Right, I’m wearing garters and some sexy underwear… want to see?” The ladyboy saw that Cheng Xiao was staring at her, and she pursed her lips in a smile, before using her hand to lift the edges of her skirt slightly. The slender and well proportioned legs really were rarely seen beautiful legs.

“Damn cross dresser… Beating you half to death isn’t counted as fighting hand-to-hand with a ladyboy, right?” Cheng Xiao bellowed in rage. He walked towards her, his genetic constraint unlocking continuously at the same time. All his attention was focused on the girl before him.

Her lips pursed into a smile once more, and she began to float off the ground with a wave of her hands. Small whirlwinds which pulled her up were visible around her, while her short skirt was blown by the winds. As expected, there really was a sexy underwear of translucent gauze under the skirt, along with black garters on her waist. This scene would have made Cheng Xiao’s eyes pop out… if not for her gender.

Cheng Xiao was instead enraged upon seeing this, roaring, “Don’t you dare humiliate the sacrosanct sexy underwear and garters in my heart! Just you wait, you ladyboy!”

She no longer said another word. She was seven or eight meters off the ground. She waved a single hand towards Cheng Xiao who was accelerating towards her. A wind blade not weaker than the one before attacked, reaching Cheng Xiao in an instant. Unexpectedly, he jumped up once again, twisting strangely as he stuck to the blade. It was just like how the waterfowl his technique was named after brushed against water as the wind blade passed him and struck the distance by the time he had stabilised his footing.

“Wow! Amazing! How did big brother do it?” Her eyes lit up as she asked Cheng Xiao with veneration.

“I’m the ancestor of playing with wind! My Nanto Suicho Ken… Why am I telling you this? Scram, or let me send you flying! Make your choice!” Cheng Xiao chuckled twice before waking up to reality and shouting.

The cross dresser curled her lips, muttering, “How boring. I wanted to tease big brother a little. I haven’t met someone so interesting in so long. But it seems I have to hurry up. This place will probably become that weirdo Xuan’s battlefield soon. If I’m still here then…”

“Weirdo Xuan...”

Cheng Xiao understood what she meant. He had hurriedly escaped just now partly because he didn’t want to fight with this stunning crossdresser, but mostly because he wanted to escape the scope of Xuan’s fight. There were two Xuans there! A handheld Magic Cannon, a simplified planetary bomb, world destroying pistols or something might appear. He wasn’t called Doraemon for nothing. When one Xuan met another, it wasn’t a simple addition of one plus one equals two, but more like one hundred to the power of one hundred. Anyways, he had to run away as best as he could.

“Big bro, I’m going to go all out, kay? Right, my enhancement is the Kaze Kaze no Mi. I’m quite strong when it’s together with the energy stone bracelets Xuan made for me.”

“You want to go all out? Exactly as I wanted! Let’s finish this fast!” Cheng Xiao exhaled a breath, as he took out the gauntlets Xuan had made for him. He slowly put them on. The Nanto Suicho Ken wasn’t considered a very strong technique, but any technique's power was determined by the user’s strength and application. He had no reason to lose this battle! He couldn’t lose either...

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