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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 17-2: Incomplete Instrumentality(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 17-2: Incomplete Instrumentality(II)

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(What did that mean? What were those words? A message from the Saints? No, the tone didn't seem so. It was about creating the world and its history. Could it be! A message from the box creator? Why did he leave such a message? Did someone, no, Adam, obtain the box creator’s inheritance?) Honglu’s heart began to beat madly upon hearing this information.

The greatest misgivings he had until now when it came to scheming himself was whether Adam had obtained the Saint or Cultivator’s inheritance.

In the power ranking of God's Realm, the weakest was an individual, such as an ordinary person or a slightly stronger soldier. Then, it would be those who had God’s skills or enhancements. Slightly stronger would be those who had unlocked the genetic constraint as well. The strongest would be those who not only had exchanged skills and enhancements, but a high level of the genetic constraint as well as skills and enhancements they had comprehended themselves, like Zheng and his clone.

In general, this was how they were in comparison. However, there were exceptions, due to the Saints and Cultivators who created this realm. They had left their unique ruins, with their creations and techniques within. These were much higher level and powerful than the exchangeable items of God. It wasn’t just limited to the rune technologies Xuan had, but the most important was the imparting of the ancient knowledge systems rather than the products of that knowledge.

Similarly, as the box creator, it was an existence that far surpassed imagination. Such an enormous and complicated universe had all been created by that lifeform. All this could no longer be estimated using human imagination. If Adam really had obtained some inheritance of the box creator, it would be far superior to the inheritance of the Saints and Cultivators even if it wasn't some important technology or technique. That was because the two sides didn't stand on the same level, like the difference between ants and humans. Humans could create an artificial ant nest, and the ants wouldn't be able to fathom the humans’ thoughts and actions. This was the huge disparity in level.

Panic and uneasiness filled Honglu’s heart. His scheme was built on Adam’s highest limit being obtaining the inheritance of the Saints or Cultivators. If that limit was exceeded, such as Adam having Zheng’s level of power, his schemes would become meaningless, let alone if Adam had obtained an inheritance from the box creator.

(I hope my guess is wrong. The box creator has no reason to leave any inheritance in this world. So… we’ll leave it to fate.) Honglu sighed, before looking carefully at that giant formation of light that looked as if it had substance.


Following the abrupt appearance and disappearance of those words, a sort of music rang out in everybody’s mind. Rather than music, it was more of a melodious series of sounds. It wasn't possible to use words to express it after listening carefully to it. It was a sound that was produced from the depths of the soul and carried pain, violence and grief...

The threads of light behind Adam had entangled seven or eight psyche force users by now. Light of the Soul was without exception gushing out from all of them, travelling along the threads to Adam. Within a few seconds, the shouts of the first person to be entangled began to soften, before fading away completely. The man had turned into foam, no longer existing on this world. All that marked his existence once upon a time was that liquid foam.

(Is that amniotic fluid? A return to the very beginning of life, and all life becomes one…)

Song Tian looked on cooly at all this. He didn't fear death. What he feared was the fragility of life and the despair of lacking the power to control one’s fate. Compared to dying of old age and illness, wasn’t it better to die under the powerful? However, his desire wasn’t death in battle itself, but the pinnacle of sword dao. He could be said to be a first rate powerhouse in God’s Realm, with less than ten people able to rival him. However, he still wanted to surpass all these people. He wouldn't abandon the chance Adam had offered him, even if he needed to exchange his life for it.

(What sort of state would that be? To transcend humanity's imagination and reach the realm of god, whether in power or mind. Adam… also said that willpower and Light of the Soul is the foundation of this lifeform. If mine exceeds Adam and the rest, perhaps I could…)

Song Tian exhaled. He didn't dodge it, instead running straight into those threads. He allowed them to entangle him. He unleashed his Light of the Soul, shining in tandem with the threads.

At this moment, everyone around recovered from their shock. They immediately dodged in all directions. While dodging, some were touched or entangled with those mutatees covered in tentacles. They were immediately bound by those teeth and tentacles that abruptly appeared. The teeth and tentacles didn't stop at biting them, but even bit at the mutatee’s own body. The entire situation was utterly chaotic, and over a dozen people lost their lives in a short while.

Miyata Kuraki was among the closest to Adam. However, he wasn't a psyche force user but a bona fide melee combatant. He was already fleeing as the threads approached him. When the people tangled up began to turn to liquid foam in a short few seconds, he immediately jumped towards Sora Aoi. His katana was already unsheathed before he even reached.

Unfortunately, as the Light of the Souls flowed to Adam, the rate at which the people tangled up changed accelerated. The weakest changed the fastest. When Miyata Kuraki was two or three meters away, Sora Aoi’s figure had already turned indistinct. She tried her best to turn her head towards Miyata Kuraki. A gentle expression was on her face, melancholic yet tranquil. It was as if she was bidding farewell, as if she could no longer be with him.

Her lips seemed to faintly form the word, “Go…”


Miyata Kuraki’s entire body trembled as he attempted to embrace the girl. However, all he got was an armful of liquid foam as the girl vanished within his arms.

At this moment, the threads of light that had bound the girl attempted to wrap around him.

“My eyes aren’t blind yet, and my heart can still see it… The one who schemed against us and tried to kill us was YOU! ADDDDDAAAAAAMMMMMMMM!”

Miyata Kuraki didn’t avoid it as he stared at Adam with bloodshot eyes. He pointed his katana at Adam, saying, “The blade cuts the flesh and the heart rends the soul. The final and ultimate thing to cut is one’s own body. Today, I’ll stake my body on this, and cut up my body along with you!”

“Mind’s Eye… Silent Eye, Apocalypse!”

Miyata Kuraki’s katana shot out. The skin and flesh on his body all broke down, and the countless shed flesh and blood all turned into eyes of blood in the air. It looked ferocious and horrifying. A few seconds after the katana’s full power was unleashed, he too, transformed into foam.

The eyes of blood began to mutiply after they appeared. The entire warehouse was enveloped within the area the eyes were transforming in. It all took seven or eight seconds. Three seconds after Miyata Kuraki had turned to foam, the eyes of blood had become so densely packed they numbered over ten thousand. Then, the eyes of blood and the space around it began shatter like glass, the warehouse along with it. All of the eyes vanished with a clear sound, while the entire warehouse was completely undamaged, as if what had happened was an illusion.

It wasn't an illusion. When Adam had sucked in several people’s Light of the Soul, a radiance had surged out of his body. When the eyes of blood had burst apart, the radiance had dimmed down. All those around in the area where the eyes had burst apart were all left with lifeless expressions without exception.

Adam’s mouth twitched faintly, as if he wanted to say something. However, no words came out. When he had finished absorbing Song Tian’s Light of the Soul, he no longer spared a glance to those in the warehouse and broke through the top of the warehouse to the skies. He entered the centre of the giant formation of light. Countless threads of light gathered at his back, truly forming ten wings of light now.

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