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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 17-3: Incomplete Instrumentality(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 17-3: Incomplete Instrumentality(III)

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All those hidden in the surroundings, whether from team China or team Devil, all noticed Adam's appearance at the same time through their psyche force users. The psyche force screen had vanished and they noticed the people in the warehouse as well.

The situation inside was rather strange. They had all seemed to receive some huge fright, all fleeing out of the warehouse without a care for their life. As they ran, some would begin to mutate, either sprouting tentacles all over their body or being eaten by the teeth that grew within their bodies. Some would suddenly have abnormalities in their expression as if they had seen something strange. Their bodies would then turn into foamy liquid.

“That's a strange manner of infection. Shouldn't they be becoming slabs of meat or mutating? When did it start turning them into foam? This doesn't look that disgusting…”

The people of team China and team Devil had this thought. Most of their attention was focused on Adam now. They didn't know what skill or new weapon Adam was using. This formation looked rather impressive, and for a time no one dared take any actions recklessly. They only stared stupidly at Adam and waited for something to happen, as the situation seemed very weird.

The people in the warehouse had already rushed to the exit. When the first person lifted his leg to charge out, he unsheathed a broadsword at the same time, waving it about as he shouted continuously. A small boy appeared before him all of a sudden, and the man was stunned as he knocked into the boy and they rolled several meters away.

“Little bro? Is it little bro? Why are you here?”

The man didn't rise, instead hugging the boy. His mouth kept on rambling, while the boy didn't seem to have any pain from injuring himself in a collision. He instead giggled as he hugged the man, two tiny hands reaching into the man’s body.

“Big bro… come with me…”

There was a soft sound, then the man turned into a pile of foam that fell to the ground as he vanished along with the little boy. Several people rushed out from the warehouse at this time, and they screamed madly upon seeing the man dissolve into foam. They all scattered in all directions. However, several people appeared out of thin air next to them before they could go far. Strangely, no matter how panicked or terrified they were before, they would all come to a stop and be shocked, overjoyed, terrified or all sorts of other expressions. They obviously knew the people who had appeared. For some reason, their vigilance had fallen to the lowest possible, and they didn't know to avoid it when these people approached them. Contact would reward them with a transformation into foam. The entire situation was unspeakably bizzare.

No matter how stupid they were, those of team China and team Devil knew this foam wasn't caused by any virus infection. It was Adam making trouble and some kind of large scale weapon of his. It looked like a magic type of skill.

“Zero, try to snipe him. Lan, use the scan. Tengyi, do the trajectory calculations. I don't believe he can attack us at this distance!” Honglu was half kneeling on the ground. He was examining Adam carefully through the scan, speaking as he thought.

Team Devil was issuing their orders at the same time as him. They didn't have any sniper, their only long distance combat force being a yellow skinned woman who looked like she was in her thirties. She had a bewitching figure and an attractive appearance. However, her looks were slightly unbalanced, giving her prettiness a sense of fakeness.

She was carrying a long, black wooden staff which let out electrical sparks. The squad leader Tom hurriedly said, “Careful. We're too close to him. If that strange manner of attack is capable of super long distance, we may be attacked. We’ll immediately retreat ten kilometers after the first attack.”

The woman gave a nod, before pointing the staff at the sky. The other five hurriedly ran into the distance. Only Tom remained nearby standing on a floating metal disc. Following a chant of an abstruse and difficult to understand language, a hexagram appeared by her side, along with dark clouds in the sky. Crackling, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and landed on the staff, while the woman remained unharmed. With Tom’s psyche force scan to lock on, she abruptly waved her staff and a two meter thick blue lightning bolt slammed into Adam.

How fast was lightning? It was damage delivered at the speed of light, and the distant Adam had been struck as soon as the woman raised her staff. With Adam as the centre, lightning burst out in all directions, reaching the level of the miniature nukes in team China’s possession.

The woman was exhausted after. Tom raised his hand, and an injection was pricking the woman's arm. When it was done pricking her, her vigor seemed to improve a lot. However, she was then stunned. The lightning hadn't harmed Adam in the least! An enormous purple broadsword has appeared besides him, even its thickness being over several meters. It swam to and fro in Adam's surroundings, like an invisible hand was guiding it. That explosion of lightning had been completely blocked by this broadsword.

(Is that Adam's Light of the Soul? No, he can’t possibly casually create matter regardless of how powerful his Light of the Soul is. No, to be accurate, he’s creating life! Those people who suddenly appeared before had had the most important traits of a human, Light of the Soul and psyche force, according to the scan. That was a true living organism!)

Honglu ferociously plucked off a hair of his. He tried his utmost to calm himself down. In terms of thought patterns, he definitely wouldn't lose too much to Xuan. In his perspective, what he lacked was Xuan’s inhuman calmness.

Yes, he had to calm down!

(Then, let’s analyse this from the beginning. We’ve confirmed Adam has the power to summon or create life. Those people obviously aren't created from nothing. They were very familiar with those that became foam, or were people close to them in their memories. There are two important takeaways from this. One, Adam can easily access their memories. Two, Adam can create the people in their memories. This no longer belongs to the domain of humanity. Did he reach the fifth stage?)

Honglu has a number of answers in his heart, but he didn't know which were correct. He could only make a rough approximation of Adam's strength. Using that giant broadsword to block the lightning had especially indicated his ability to create matter. Juntian’s exchanged skill was slightly similar to this, except that he couldn't create anything so large and nothing that could block that powerful blue lightning.

“It’s a law of this world. It can also be called Dao. You can also say I’ve become the main character. No, I’ve become stronger than that. I’ve become the author…” Adam's voice suddenly rang out besides Honglu’s ear, making the boy quiver in fright!

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