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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 17-4: Incomplete Instrumentality(IV)

Volume 23 Chapter 17-4: Incomplete Instrumentality(IV)

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Honglu hurriedly looked left and right. Fortunately, no one he was familiar with appeared in his surroundings. He would immediately become foam if he touched someone from his memories. Everything would end then. He didn’t know how Adam managed to read his thoughts.

“It’s godhood. Not a tool like God, but a truly omnipotent and omniscient existence. I have far, far surpassed you all…”

Adam’s voice travelled over once more. Honglu’s mind stirred. He had originally been wondering whether his scheme was still effective, but Adam had read his thoughts two consecutive times. He no longer dared to think anything about the scheme, hiding it deep within his heart, instead only considering Adam's words.

(Fine. We'll consider you a supreme existence. Something must have happened in that warehouse just now that let Adam obtain so much power that within such a short time. It’s not a power he could have obtained instantaneously, or else he wouldn’t have hidden in the warehouse or gathered the Angel Alliance. What would be the point of gathering them together to kill them? He’s not that bored. Wait. Gathering them then killing them and obtaining a large amount of power in a short time. Did he absorb their power?)

Honglu pinched the hair on his head. He suddenly felt like something was wrong, and he felt a feeling of discomfort in his body. However, he couldn’t find anything on closer inspection, so it seemed it was a misconception.

(Based on this train of thought, he should have absorbed several psyche force users, people with higher mental capacities than us ordinary people, melee combatants, long range combatants and magic skills and techniques. That broadsword before should be Song Tian’s martial technique. If so, Adam’s power has already far exceeded our imagination even if he hasn’t reached the fifth stage. He’s at least on Zheng’s level. Or, if it’s becoming the supreme existence he spoke of, he’s not complete yet then. At least, he hasn’t seen through the future and the human heart…)

“The future and the human heart? An interesting little kid. Still, how far are you from Chu Xuan?”

(My gap from Xuan? It’s so far that words can’t even begin to describe it. That so-called supreme… It’ll be pretty nice if I could stand there too…)


Honglu felt pain in his face. Wangxia who had been besides him had suddenly lifted him up and ran away, and there was a Xuan who had suddenly appeared in the spot Honglu was just in. He had been a meter away from Honglu. Wangxia had rescued him at that moment, or else he would have turned into foam upon contact with Xuan.

When the two had fled ten meters away, that Xuan vanished. It was like he had never existed. However, all the people of the squad were so shocked that their hearts chilled. Honglu had been speaking to himself just now as if he was possessed, then that Xuan had appeared out of thin air. Honglu hadn’t even tried to avoid it, and he had only been hit awake by Wangxia when he had been about to be touched. His expression seemed like he hadn’t even noticed the Xuan.

“Yes. This power isn’t complete! There’s a maximum range! Let’s quickly retreat! Zero, shoot him!” Honglu's body gave a start. He immediately got off Wangxia’s shoulder as he started shouting.

In that instant, he had interacted with Adam’s world, or rather, the world of that aggregation lifeform. It had been a world composed of countless life, from humans, rats, bugs, germs to viruses. They had fused together faster the closer they were to Adam. It really was a supreme existence. The more powerful he was, the greater its pull...

“But we still have a chance! I overestimated his power, or at least his current amount! He’s still just a person! He still has all the emotions of one! Without killing us or gathering enough power, how would he have the guts to face Zheng, Xuan and the rest? So, we still have a chance!”

(Yes, Xuan’s plan worked. The virus didn’t just force team Devil to deploy a squad, but it prevented Adam from absorbing the complete number of people. The Light of the Soul of a virus is like a grain of sand to a human’s sea. This is the final chance, and our final battle. My scheme…)

Honglu lifted his head towards the sky. It was dark already, and various stars were about to appear up there. The universe was infinitely big. He, and even that ultimate existence were but momentary specks in it. Transcending what? Reaching what? That’s nothing more than a bigger speck. As long as this infinite continued on, the battle would never end.

“Yes. I saw him as well. Was that the box creator? Is this the box?”

“No wonder…”

“We would end up like this…”

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