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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 18-1: Honglu's Resolve(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 18-1: Honglu's Resolve(I)

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“Is there a way to send over everything I know to Xuan?” Honglu thought through various methods. Indeed, there were ways, but they would all be destroyed in the upcoming extreme battle. His plan involved risking their lives to advance courageously. The enemy would die, he would die too, and those who survived would...

“There’s no choice. Those who can survive won’t be able to tell what I know wholly to Xuan. No, even if they were able to perfectly understand all I know, they’ll die before meeting Xuan. Those who should have originally survived will die too, as he is watching us…”

Honglu was currently being carried on Wangxia’s shoulder, as the group speedily ran away. They had originally been planning to use the Sky Sticks, but for some reason, it kept flying towards Adam instead. It could be said that apart from their bodies, the machinery and everything within this area was under Adam's control. In truth, it was easy for him to kill everyone. It was just that his intentions weren't just to kill them.

“Wangxia, time remaining?” Honglu suddenly asked.

“Three minutes eleven seconds.” Wangxia’s head was lifted as he looked at the sky, his head not turning when he replied.

“Is that so? That’s enough. The scheme before needs to be altered some. Just us few aren't enough to draw his, or its attention. What he wants to do the most now is absorb all of our Light of the Soul. Right, there are some people in the warehouse with powerful Light of the Soul. They're not dead yet, so that can hopefully buy some time. Alright. Next, we’ll go to team Devil. Before the time reaches, let’s have a fight with them!”


The seven, no, four of team Devil...

Team Devil had suffered Adam's attack after the lightning strike as well. Unfortunately for them, they had been even closer to Adam than team China. Thus, they had suffered a much fiercer attack than Honglu. Three had died immediately. The woman who fired the lightning bolt, a black youth, a short Chinese boy and Tom were the four survivors. They were currently anxiously running away.

“What happened?! Why did some strange people suddenly appear? Contact with them immediately turned them into foam! Magic? Or something else? A curse?” The bewitching woman kept asking.

In fact, she had been the first to be attacked. Luckily, Tom had been besides her and saved her in time. The two had stepped on the metal disc to fly off after, but the disc had unexpectedly ignored Tom’s instructions and flew to Adam instead. The two had been frightened into switching to fleeing on foot.

“It can't be some technique or magic. I think it's those rune technologies Xuan has always wanted. Dammit, how is this battle to be fought if he can actually just supersede my control of metal!” Tom continuously shouted curses, looking very flustered.

The bewitching woman no longer said anything. She seemed to have been scared stupid. The two hadn’t ran for long before the two in front of them were standing there with their faces pale. Three piles of foam, the other three who had died, were near them.

“What are you so stunned for? Go!” Tom anxiously shouted, but he immediately noticed abnormalities. The four were facing the warehouse, although they had been running away with their backs towards Adam before. How had they instead ran closer and closer? This was obviously all Adam’s mischief, and they had been taken in by his tricks at some unknown time.

“What’s going on?” Tom’s heart was filled with anxiety as he couldn't think of the reasons why for a time. He wasn't a brain after all, even if he had exceptional power and a quick wit. His mind was blank at this critical juncture, unable to think of why this was all happening.

“Damn, will I have to use that move?” Fury filled him as Tom decided to use his special killing move that he had been enhancing for very long, but had never used before. Its consumption was too great, and he would no longer have the power to protect himself for over ten days after. Just a few zombies would be enough to kill the powerless him, let alone in team Devil with its law of the jungle. If any of his teammates were nursing a grudge against him, he really would die full of regrets.

(Right, why should I save them? Let them decide their fate themselves. They’ll become stronger if they survive. If they can’t, well, they might as well just die. If I escape alone, I can find a safe corner to hide in and recover in two or three days. By that time, Zheng should have killed his original, and we can go together to the laboratory then.)

Tom made his decision. As he was about to use his skill, he suddenly felt something off in his scan. A screened area was heading towards him, while the direction was where team China had arrived at just now. In other words, team China was heading towards them now.

“Fuck! WHAT NOW! They still want to fight us now? Are those of team China not even comparable to animals? They’re still bored enough to make trouble for us even though there’s a strong enemy! Damn, what bastards!”

Just as Tom had been intending to force himself to calm down, team China had suddenly appeared. Now, he was left with no choice. He couldn't flee or win now. It wasn't just about if he could escape from team China’s attack if he used his secret killing move. The main thing was that if he hadn’t escaped after using his move… death would be the best option. The vaccine would lose effectiveness in a few hours. He would then be turned into a monster… or, the monsters his internals transformed into would eat him up.

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