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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 18-2: Honglu's Resolve(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 18-2: Honglu's Resolve(II)

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(NO! I can’t die like this! I’ve experienced so many waves and storms in team Devil! I don't want this. I still want to be able to go to China after the final battle… right. We’re team Devil! We’re far stronger than team China. Yes, we’ll do it like that. We’ll exterminate the squad from team China, then I’ll leisurely escape.)

It was said that in times of extreme terror, either despair or rage would appear. Tom’s head had obviously been muddled in his anger, his anger giving birth to the courage to do anything. Since he was enraged, he might as well exterminate that squad, and it was one of the missions clone Xuan gave him anyways. In this crossroad of life and death, he had thrown away his rationality, any sort of calm he had learnt from Xuan and any thoughts of being a brain! There was only the desire for survival left!

“Risk it all! Team China is coming to kill us! With that monster Adam using some kind of spell as well, we have no path of retreat left. We’ll exterminate that squad before fleeing together!” Tom shouted to the rest, while tearing off his clothes and revealing a muscular frame. Curiously, some rune diagrams gradually appeared on his skin, which looked like birthmarks rather than tattoos.

“Tom, you’re not going to use that, aren't you? Wait, won’t we be dead if you use in such a small area?” The black youth besides him shouted as an abnormally fearful expression appeared on his face.

“It’s fine. The training before as well as the things I requested Xuan to make will stop this move from going berserk. It’ll increase the time it lasts greatly although the output will fall. You don’t need to worry about it hurting you. Instead, your power and physical strength will receive a great boost in my Domain. I can fully mobilise the metal elements in your body. For a short time, it’ll be as if you took stimulants.” Tom let out a breath.

His special move was the rank AA Domain. It was a technique rather than an enhancement to be accurate, as he already had a body enhancement that gave him control over metal. After all, another enhancement would have likely caused a mutation. In team Devil, you would definitely not lack points and ranked rewards as long you were strong enough and could survive. Further strengthening was a necessity after accumulating large quantities of savings. He had strengthened Domain, a unique metal Domain of his that happened to complement his metal manipulation. The increase in power didn't just stop at a hundred fold. It was a pity that his body wasn't too strong. He hadn't reached the mid fourth stage, and he had unlocked the initial fourth stage with great difficulty. He could normally only use this move for thirty seconds. It usually ended up killing all life within a small area, be they friend or foe. His body would then end up in a state of extreme burden for a very long period. He would lose his combat power, which was the reason he had never used this move once before.

(But, we’re in desperate straits already. So… risk it all!)


“Two minutes twelve seconds left…” Team China was less than five hundred meters from team Devil after this short minute. Everyone was participating in the battle against team Devil apart from Zero, Wangxia, Tengyi and Juntian. Kampa, Honglu, Lan, Anck-Su-Namun, Liu Yu and Yanwei, were the main combat force of this battle regardless of their power, age or gender.

“Listen well. There's an over eighty percent probability of dying this time round. In other words, unless your luck is good to the extreme, you’re definitely going to die. In short, we’re bait to entice the members of team Devil to stay behind, as well as Adam to come here and remain here. Prepare yourselves mentally.”

Honglu spoke to the rest as he walked. At this point, he did feel he was wording things rather bleakly, so he added, “We do have one chance to live. The opportunity isn’t in our hands though. Although we’ve revived once already, as long as he wants to continue watching us, we’ll definitely be able to revive again. It can be being created from nothing, transmigration rebirth, but we should still have an opportunity for revival.”

“Honglu, who is this ‘he’ you keep talking about?” Lan asked curiously. Not just her, but everyone was very curious. However, the boy would shake his head no matter how he was asked.

“I can’t say. Still, you may be the exception. If Zheng is the main character, you who are very close to him may not die.” Honglu whispered softly, before saying in his mind, “Lan, don’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you. The ‘he’ refers to the box creator.”

“The box creator?” Lan called out in surprise. She hurriedly covered her mouth, staring at Honglu.

Honglu laughed coldly. “We hypothesized before that our world may be a box, the way God’s Realm is to our real world, or the various dimensions and infinite worlds. This is a box. It may be a game, a computer program, a television show, a movie, or even a novel. ‘He’ is…”

Unfortunately, the four of team Devil appeared as Honglu spoke to this point. He could only sigh, “A pity. He’s not giving me the chance to reveal all this. Looks like I’m going to die too. I won’t be able to convey this information to Xuan or Zheng even if I survive this scheme. Hah, perhaps even my scheme was taken into account by him. How else could he kill me so easily? Damn it!”

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