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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 18-3: Honglu's Resolve(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 18-3: Honglu's Resolve(III)

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Honglu didn't have any time left to grumble. The two sides could see one another now, separated by just two hundred meters. Team Devil was located within grass tall enough to hide a person within, while team China was walking from the buildings towards the grass, making team China seemingly have a terrain disadvantage. However, the mental states of the two sides were different. Those of team Devil only wanted to flee, and they definitely possessed cowardice since they had been forced into battle. Team China was prepared on the other hand. They were originally risking their life to act as bait, so whether they died or not was no longer a problem. So, why not just drum up their courage and have a good fight?

Still, not all six were unanimous in this thinking. Anck-Su-Namun was immediately panicked upon realising she was bait. She kept looking around, seemingly in search of some shelter. She only let go of this thinking once Lan told her something, remaining here with her mind set at rest.

“Anck-Su-Namun, don’t you still have one more revival chance? I know you’re afraid of death. So am I. However, the final battle is different from past battles. Perhaps, the final winning team will be entirely revived? Even if they're not, as long as we win the final battle, the survivors will definitely revive you and your husband Imhotep. But if we fail, the final battle will be lost and we shall be team wiped. There won't be a sliver of chance for revival then.”

Anck-Su-Namun thus firmed her resolve, becoming even less afraid of death than her teammates. She still had a revival chance left after all...

The other who feared death was Liu Yu. He was a child after all, similar to the eleven and twelve year olds of the real world and nothing like the genius Honglu was. When he had first arrived in the realm, he had a mix of fear, curiosity and a trace of expectations. However, terror, despair and the like now appeared in the face of death. It was only when they were about to come into contact with team Devil and fight did he seem to make some decision and set his mind at rest.

As the two sides came into contact, the four of team Devil immediately hid in the grass. Kampa immediately lifted up a giant gun, the barrel whirling as it spun. Countless red hot bullets that were visible to the eye bombarded his front, the firearm now capable of spewing in excess of thirty thousand bullets every second after Xuan used Gauss technology to give it a makeover. It used super electromagnetism for acceleration and the kinetic energy of the bullets was shocking. It had a range of over ten thousand meters, but using Gauss technology, its accuracy was of course influenced by the Earth’s magnetic field. The deviation was greater the further the bullet was fired.

Within a hundred meters like now, these bullets were capable of penetrating even tanks. This burst of gunfire would be enough to take the lives of the four if they didn’t have protective measures. Of course, team China didn’t have any thoughts of celebrating. The enemy was team Devil after all, which was titled the strongest team of the realm. Even if it was just a number of them, they wouldn't be that weak. A simple burst of gunfire like this was nothing more than playing around to them.

As expected, the dense hail of bullets all neatly came to a standstill as it approached the grass, making it look like a wall of bullets had formed. Kampa continued to roar as he continued his barrage while the other five all moved in separate directions. Apart from Honglu who was loudly reciting an incantation, Liu Yu was pinching his Egyptian God card while focusing his mind and the rest were making their preparations secretly, not attacking yet.

Tom was already using his Domain. All metal within a thousand meters of him was under his control again. However, as Adam approached, the metal in that direction was getting harder and harder to control. He was thus unable to gather much metal in a short time. Fortunately, team China was rather understanding and gifted him with large quantities of metal, which was an unexpected surprise. He immediately took control of the metal. He waited for a few dozen seconds, not launching an attack on team China yet.

“Four minutes… my Domain can last four more minutes…”

“Two minutes… we need to hold on for two more minutes…”

Both sides were burning with impatience. One side wanted to tie down the enemy while the other wanted to flee as soon as possible. In comparison, that mental state was not too suitable. As team China speedily advanced, Tom had already manipulated the bullets into a metal plate. Hundreds of sharp protrusions suddenly jutted out from the plate, and hundreds of metal needles the plate had transformed into were already shooting towards Kampa before they could react.

There was a ripping sound as Kampa was pierced through by the needles. However, Kampa disappeared, turning out to just be an illusion. Kampa had already moved away before the needles came, letting the hundreds of needles stab into empty air.

“Not bad. I didn't think their psyche force user would have learnt even Illusions of the Mind. This is a skill you need to comprehend yourself. Even I haven't.” Tom’s heart jumped, and he laughed coldly as spoke. He looked rather unperturbed, but he was actually rather discouraged inside.

The other psyche force user of team Devil and him weren't able to use it, mostly due to some emotional knots in their hearts, alternatively called heart’s devil. It was the same standard as the heart's devil faced when breaking through to the mid fourth stage. Illusion of the Mind used illusions to confuse others, but it was possible for the user to be taken in as well since it was an illusion after all if they had a heart’s devil. Thus, he knew of this skill, but was unable to comprehend or use it. He could only use the supercomputer in clone Xuan’s basement to speculate that the skill’s power was terrifying!

(Not good. I didn't expect team China’s psyche force user to be this extraordinary. It is team China after all… I can see she’s not that familiar with it, or she didn't even think of using it on an enemy. That's why she's just using it for defence and confusion. We still have a chance to escape!)

A skill’s power was determined by its application and its user. The Illusions of the Mind was powerful and could be considered to be an area of effect skill that could kill off the enemy quickly. Anyone who had a heart's devil and hadn't overcome it yet would be influenced by it at a magnitude equal to the size of their heart's devil. No one here was immune to this skill outside of Adam. In other words, team China was currently unmatched!

Tom had no choice left. He bit on his tongue, using the pain to temporarily ward off any illusions while he manipulated the needles to merge together again. Within two or three seconds, they had formed flying sawtooth wheels seconds that scattered in all directions. He had the ultimate control within his domain, and other object controlling abilities like telekinesis wouldn't be able to control his metal. Here, he was the master of all things metal!

(Dammit! We'll see how your illusions save anyone if I cut up everywhere!)

Unexpectedly, the over hundred flying wheels were blown away by a strong gust of wind before they could go far. A giant black dragon had suddenly appeared at some unknown point in time. The vast majority of the flying wheels were sent flying by the wind pressure caused by a flap of its wings, the remaining wheels unable to break that tenacious dragon skin. Instead, it resulted in the black dragon roaring to the sky due to the pain before it sprayed dragonfire at team Devil.

“Dodge!” Tom shouted as he instantaneously merged the wheels together into a metal wall to interpose itself between him and the dragonfire which managed to fend off the flames despite not appearing too solid. Tom wasn't an idiot. He knew they would lose sooner or later if they continued to passively take beatings like this. His time was limited, and he didn’t need to stick around here with these people. Thus...

Tom raised a single hand, and a person hiding not far behind him suddenly trembled violently. A metal needle had already thrust through his chest, which immediately transformed into a hook and dragged the body towards team China. At the same time, a clump of metal split itself off from the defending wall, which shaped itself into a conical sawtooth. It glided above the ground as it used the undergrowth as cover, before viciously stabbing at the black dragon, spinning as it burrowed inside the dragon’s body...

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