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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 19-1: Imperfect Scheme and... Adam is Eaten!(I)

Volume 23 Chapter 19-1: Imperfect Scheme and... Adam is Eaten!(I)

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Fighting was a man’s everything, at least for him...

Kampa was born in a wartorn country in Eastern Europe. He followed refugees and ended up destitutely traveling to Russia. In the past, he had used his superhuman physique to be a pickpocket, hired muscle, then a soldier, or more accurately, a soldier under a warlord. Then, he became a mercenary. Or rather, he finally became a mercenary, as that was the endpoint of his life as an ordinary person.

He had never known kinship or friendship in his life before. Those who gave and received his friendship all died too fast. Thus, these feelings between war buddies were what he valued even more than his life.

For a man who had a lived a life like that, he had obtained the feelings most worth cherishing in his mercenary troops. The feelings between war buddies, the trust to entrust your back to each other without fear of dying. That was his all. Money? Authority? Pretty women? That was just to spice up life. The truly important thing was to live on, live on together with his war buddies. It was because he possessed nothing outside of these things he cherished. It was his life, his everything.

But his belief and world were shattered in war. His war buddies all died. So why was he still alive? Despair? Disappointment? Or was there no more feelings in his heart as his world had been crushed to smithereens?

He entered the realm. Because all those in the realm were just like him? Continue to fight… Fighting was a man’s everything, at least for him...

Another death, and another revival… Those in the team were his new war buddies. He felt warmth again, as well as the courage to fight back to back with them. Perhaps, this would be his new world, where he would fight in till death. However… what of his old war buddies? He couldn't stop missing them...

“So, do you want to revive them?”

“Revive them? It’s impossible. They’re not of the realm. They can only be copied at most, not revived.”

“No, I can. I’ve surpassed the notions of mortals. As the supreme existence, I can create legends just like the box creator. As I said, I’m like the author in this world. I CAN revive them. The question remains. Do you want to?”

“I want to! I want to revive them! I want to fight side by side with them just one more time! My family! I want to revive them!”

“Then… hand over your heart and body to me, you who have that which you cannot let go of in your heart, Kampa…”

Kampa’s eye abruptly shot open. Honglu’s corpse looked incredibly fragile in his claws. The boy’s face carried a stunned expression. However, his face strangely smoothened out slowly, as if in a smile.

However, the rope on his wrist came apart automatically, flying out into the sky… He had died.

“No! NO! I…” Kampa hugged Honglu in terror. The boy’s heart had been turned into paste, and not a sliver of chance that he still lived existed. The people around turned to look at him in horror. Kampa only felt the desire to die at this moment. He had killed his own war buddy, a comrade who had fought side by side with him! He had killed him personally!

The sky abruptly darkened as a missile flew overhead. It exploded although Adam was still a distance away, but its power exceeded everyone’s imagination. A mushroom cloud that reached the skies rose up, before collapsing and being swallowed inwards, like a hydrogen bomb had gone off…


“Listen well, this is my scheme… We’re facing two different troops, one, the various teams of the Angel Alliance and two, a squad from team Devil. Basically, we have no chance of annihilating them completely, and yet that’s the mission Xuan gave us. So, let’s turn the impossible into the possible. Zero, your Mystic Eyes still has another use according to the information Xuan gave me.”

Zero didn’t evade the question and directly said, “Correct. This is information deduced using the supercomputer in Xuan's basement. However, it can only be used once, and I’ll die after that.”

“Yes. Use it this time then. Correspondingly, I think I’ll die just like you.” Honglu plucked off a strand of hair as he gave a bitter smile. “There’s no way around it. I’m not Xuan and I can’t come up with some superhuman scheme. I’m just a mortal and the opponent is Adam who may be superior to me. So I can only exchange a life for a life, using a small price to eradicate them. That’s the only way I can think of. Wangxia, your Bomb Dominator can create hydrogen bombs, right?”

“Yes, but I need…” Wangxia was stunned, before replying.

“The component materials? You can’t directly create it as a hydrogen bomb is just too powerful. Just like with miniature nukes, you can increase the power as long as you have materials. Is that it?” Honglu breathed out.


“So, it’ll be up to you, Juntian. Your job is to create enough heavy hydrogen. I know this is difficult, so Tengyi, you’ll be helping to use your super brainpower to analyse the complicated data in a short time. This data is the heavy hydrogen Juntian needs. Use Lan’s Soul Link to connect yourselves. Tengyi will calculate while Juntian creates it.”

Honglu gave a bitter laugh, “This was originally the special weapon Xuan was keeping in reserve for clone Zheng. However, I don't know what happened with Adam that led Xuan to tell me this secret. So we're bringing it forward to use against the Angel Alliance and team Devil’s squad. That’s my scheme. The super weapon, the Mystic Eye’s greatest application, the Instant Black Hole!”

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