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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 20-2: The Main Battlefield... and Each's Fight(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 20-2: The Main Battlefield... and Each's Fight(II)

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Two people, one fleeing one chasing. It didn't take long for Cheng Xiao to enter the buildings area. A giant tornado over a hundred meters in diameter was following hot on his heels, already several hundred meters behind him. There was an unknown quantity of rocks and squashed cars within that pitch-black body of wind. A deep gorge had been dug out in the tornado’s wake, and the buildings along its path had been damaged as well. At this point, the crossdresser could no longer control the tornado, only prod it in a general direction and rely on the tornado’s own might to suck Cheng Xiao in.

The tornado had already reached such a size and was no longer inferior to natural tornados. Its suction force within several hundred meters was already startlingly large. Cheng Xiao felt his steps weakening, and he turned around at once, and what he saw scared him out of his wits. An enormous tornado with shocking power was bearing down on him. Let alone a mere Cheng Xiao, even a robot would turn to dust after being drawn inside. There was no longer time to run. He would be pulled inside within at most ten seconds. He couldn't not go all-out this time. He would die if he didn't!

(What to do, what to do? I didn't expect this ladyboy to be this good. Or is it clone Xuan’s creation that is too good?) Cheng Xiao looked silently at the gauntlets on his hands. This was a creation of Xuan as well that could raise the might of his Nanto Suicho Ken. Unfortunately, his body had its limits and no matter how much it was raised it wouldn't compare to this force of nature. Thus, he could only flee all this time. Still, a skill’s power was determined by its user’s power and application. Since he could no longer avoid it now, he silently resolved himself to fight desperately against this crossdresser.

“A skill’s power is determined by its user’s power and application… Hey, ladyboy! One last chance! Let’s not fight anymore, and go our separate ways. If we continue, you will definitely die!” Cheng Xiao no longer ran, stopping to look at the approaching tornado as he shouted.

The crossdresser didn't say anything when he saw Cheng Xiao no longer avoid it, only smiling sillily. How could he stop now when he just had to wait for Cheng Xiao to fall into the tornado and be pounded into dust.

Just like that, Cheng Xiao was sucked into the tornado by the spiralling airflow before ten seconds had even passed. When he was in the air, Cheng Xiao’s body was twisting in a strange manner, using the Nanto Suicho Ken to spin continuously. A burst of wind pressure appeared around him, which spiralled along with the tornado. Although its range was small, its pressure was great, leaving the sand, rocks and cars unable to near him, temporarily guaranteeing his safety. Cheng Xiao naturally knew what hardships he was going through however. How could this fist art be so easily to use? His body had to endure the wind pressure produced, else it not only fail to kill the enemy, but hurt himself as well. If he just kept defending, he would be exhausted after a minute. Thus, wasn't it better to make a gamble? Cheng Xiao began to put in more effort into twisting his body when he thought of this.

(The wind… let the wind flow become my own flow… If I can do it, that ladyboy or crossdresser or whatever isn't something to dread… Succeed! Even if I could only do it a few times out of the hundreds of times I practiced, I WILL succeed!)

Cheng Xiao grit his teeth as he continued to dance. The Nanto Suicho Ken use such movements to produce wind pressure to attack the enemy. In such an enormous tornado, this little bit of wind pressure couldn't change anything. However, the spiralling of the wind pressure and the tornado synchronised, and more and more of the airflow entered. A smaller scale tornado with Cheng Xiao as its heart actually formed within this tornado!


“Excellent! I actually managed to reach a synergy between the wind the gauntlets controlled and the flow of wind. Then, I created an attack similar to a tornado. You did not see how I wrecked my basement. If I use this in the final battle, I should be able to dispose of a lot of people, right? And protect Lan and Yingkong, hehe…” Cheng Xiao laughed to Xuan. He was currently within Xuan's room, and of course not that basement. It was too dangerous a place, and he wouldn't enter without the determination to die. Xuan was currently eating a fruit, which was why he could discuss with Xuan.

“Oh, synergy with wind?” Xuan gave him a sidelong glance, giving his apple a bite. “That's risky. Synergising with wind can also be considered to be merging into it. It can naturally bring out great power, but a wind’s flow is purely random and chaotic. It can't be calculated and even a small pebble can lead to sudden changes in the wind flow, which is dangerous. You may be ripped to shreds instantaneously. Be careful. Your method of attacking isn't actually using wind like wind type magic, but using wind as a medium to execute fist arts. You’re inside the wind, so you’re within its attack range as well. Don't use this move unless you have the resolve to die.”

(I may die using it? And the pieces of my body won't even be able to be put together anymore if I die after using such a huge tornado as my medium. Fine! If I die, I die! I’ve long since had the resolve to die in this final battle!)

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