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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 20-3: The Main Battlefield... and Each's Fight(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 20-3: The Main Battlefield... and Each's Fight(III)

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Cheng Xiao gave a shout, but his voice wasn’t able to escape the roaring of the tornado. However, the wind pressure around his body spiked up in intensity, and more wind began to flow in his surroundings along the tornado’s revolution. The power of the wind flow was already no longer something Cheng Xiao could control, and it was simply like it was madly spinning him around now instead.

(Synergising with wind… This feeling is like you’re the wind itself. No matter how many changes there are to the wind flow, I am within it, I am the wind… I’m not controlling the wind, but guiding it, transforming this tornado entirely into my strength!)

Slowly, a disharmonious motion, which didn’t follow the motion of the tornado’s revolution, appeared within the tornado. It was instead slanted and the air was flowing from up to down, slowly deviating from the vertical form of the tornado and eventually becoming a strange horizontal tornado. This scene surprised the crossdresser. He had never seen such a tornado before, which looked like it didn't conform to natural laws. Could a tornado actually be formed horizontally?

The answer was no. It couldn’t possibly form naturally. In other words, this strange tornado was artificial, and could only be caused by Cheng Xiao inside. Being able to cause an effect on the entire tornado meant that his power far exceeded what the crossdresser had imagined. As he wasn’t an idiot, he managed to think of this within a few seconds after seeing the sudden changed in the tornado. He immediately planned to retreat backwards. Unfortunately, he had realised it too late.

The horizontal tornado continuously came apart, shedding the cars and rocks within. It all happened within moments and the enormous suction force from the tornado coming apart prevented the crossdresser from leaving. He could only watch on as the tornado became smaller. Cheng Xiao’s form could now be seen hazily within. However, that was it, as Cheng Xiao’s dance made the tornado whirl towards him!

It had all happened too fast. Cheng Xiao miniature tornado had already viciously rammed into the crossdresser within only a second or two of him thinking to escape. In the moment contact was made, this crossdresser with the external appearance of a lovely young girl disintegrated, even his bones turning into fragments. It didn't end there. Even if it was miniature, it still had a diameter of over ten meters. The tornado carried Cheng Xiao, yes, the tornado carried Cheng Xiao and not the other way around, right through a building and crashing on a hillside. There was boom like a small meteor had landed, and a small mushroom cloud rose up. Although there was no light from an explosion, the destructive force generated definitely wasn’t little. Several buildings upwards of the slope all came crashing down, and a giant crater of width one hundred meters and depth ten meters was formed. It wasn't inferior from the landing of a small meteor just based on visuals.

A tornado was a spinning air flow, and its cutting force arising from that accumulation and spinning was practically the same as when a drill met wood… Of course, while its might was strong, Cheng Xiao who was within wished that it could be a tiny bit weaker, so that this ridiculous scene where he slammed into the ground wouldn’t happen. The air flow had then lifted him up several tens of meters again, before dropping him on the ground again. If his fist art wasn’t special, he would have fallen to his death there and then. Even so, Cheng Xiao was left weak and limp on the ground, disregarding any dangers around.

“Dammit, so many of my bones are broken. I can’t ride the Sky Stick, and even just a zombie that randomly appears would be able to eat me. Dammit, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die. I didn’t expect that crossdresser to be so strong. He surely must have been ranked in their top three, right?” Cheng Xiao cursed on the ground, very depressed in his heart.

It took a few minutes before he endured the acute pains to take out his box of golden needles. He slowly used his right hand, the only part left that could move, to hold the needle and stab it into various parts of his body. When his entire body was covered in needles, he slowly sat up cross-legged. He sat there quiet and unmoving, as white smoke slowly flowed out from the top of his head.

(I need some time to recover my energy. I hope no zombies come here in that time. If I die to those mouths instead of the tornado, that would really be an unfair death…)

Cheng Xiao’s prayers were effective, and due to the destructive power of the tornado, there were no zombies in the area. However, although no zombie appeared… two Xuans appeared.

“How much life force do you have left? Even if you have rune technology to convert energy into life force, the law of conservation of energy still exists. After factoring in the energy used for conversion and the energy that dissipates, even if you convert all your energy, how much will become your life force? Twenty percent? Thirty?”

“I could ask you the same question. How many causality points do you have left? You’ve used so much, and how much has this plane rejected your team and you already? Maybe a rock will fall on you and kill you later. Do you think reversing causality is something so carefree?”

“It’s not just my team and I who are being rejected by the world. As my enemy and another me, you too will be rejected by the world too, just to a different extent.” The two Xuans’ body continuously let off a radiant light, which was the appearance of the Lambda Driver. Perhaps there really was someone controlling everything in the shadows. These two same people, in different teams and completely different experiences and knowledge, had both chosen the Lambda Driver as their main method of attack, with gun-kata that had been self taught supplementing it. However, one Xuan had an ancient bell floating above his head, while the other had a girl carrying paper in her hands floating not far behind him.

Suddenly, Xuan’s muzzle emitted a brilliance that was even more magnificent than a rainbow. However, behind this magnificence was death as when the brilliance spread, two bullets were shooting towards clone Xuan.

The two radiant bullets were incredibly fast. When they reached clone Xuan’s front, without anyone understanding what he did, the two bullets curved around him and flew off into the distance, hitting a building downwards of the three. The two small bullets were to the building akin to ants below a person’s foot in size. However, the effect when they struck the walls was shocking, like if the ants had given the human a bite and instantly swallowed him into their stomach. The point where the building touched the bullets immediately split apart, and the radiance transformed into shockwaves that destroyed the building and other buildings that were within a hundred meters behind it. This power was worthy of being called a large scale weapon.

The Godseal Board… capable of reversing causality and turning heaven and earth upside down...

Clone Xuan didn’t show any weakness either, raising his hand and sending two beautiful radiances towards his original as well. When the two reached Xuan’s, that ancient bell automatically shook itself and issued a clear and crisp ringing sound. The two beautiful radiances came to a halt in mid-air, and on closer inspection, even the minute dust in the surroundings, clone Xuan and the girl nearby had all come to a standstill. It was only when Xuan moved his body away did everything in the surroundings start moving again.

The Bell of the East Emperor, capable of suppressing the vast universe and all things in creation...

Cheng Xiao looked at the two who were moving further and further away from him, his head covered with cold sweat from the fright. Those two beautiful radiances had passed by him, one on his right and one on his left, trapping him in their middle. Fortunately, his position had been good, else those two shots were enough to take his life. It seemed that if he cherished his life, it was best to stay away from Xuan… He couldn't stay here. This place would cost him his life!

When he thought about this, he stood up without demur. Although his limbs were weak from the pain, he had techniques of inserting golden needles into his acupoints to seal off his sense of pain. When he got up, his body was already covered in needles again. However, he could still move and he hurriedly took out his Sky Stick, going in the direction opposite of the Xuans’ group of three without hesitation. According to Cheng Xiao’s thinking, it was best to be as far from Xuan if he valued his life...

Cheng Xiao VS crossdresser… Cheng Xiao’s victory!

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