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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 21-4: Luo Yinglong’s True Character(IV)

Volume 23 21-4: Luo Yinglong’s True Character(IV)

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Luo Yinglong sped along, but the direction he went off in was slightly different from Gando’s. This made him feel slight doubtful. When someone’s power reached a certain level, there would be a certain sensitivity to powerhouses in combat, such as now when Yinglong could sense a tremendous pressure from far off. The battle of the Zhengs was a battlefield which surpassed the Xuans. It was the fight for the main character destiny, and the objective of this world, no the entire God’s Realm, and the true aim of the final battle. The pressure they were letting off was enough to draw all who had unlocked the fourth stage in. Thus, why would Gando instead be going further and further away with his power? Did he have something else to do?

(Maybe… just maybe he had a poor sense of direction? If so, then that would be awesome! If he only reaches after the Zhengs decide victory, wouldn’t I be saved? Hahaha…)

Yinglong rejoiced in his heart. He suddenly saw Sky Sticks that were flying not far in front of him. When he got closer, he saw it was Wangxia, Liu Yu, Juntian and a heavily injured Yanwei. They were squeezing on two Sky Sticks, and this cramped formation made Yinglong frown.

“Luo, Luo Yinglong?!” Wangxia’s eyes were sharp, and he immediately saw Yinglong. In the information Xuan had gathered once of the powerhouses in the realm, this Cultivator was one of the more important ones. He was the main combat force of team Celestial. When he caught sight of him, he thought Yinglong was here to seek vengeance for Adam, especially when he was flying over so fast.

Upon seeing Wangxia take a few bombs out, Yinglong hurriedly called out, “Don’t, don’t! I already left team Celestial and joined team China! I already met with Zheng and his group just now! Heeeeeyyyy! You’re still throwing it?!”

As his words fell, a miniature nuke exploded not far from Yinglong. The enormous shockwaves easily made it through his hastily erected barrier. But that was all. A flash of azure light instantly enveloped the violent shockwaves. When Wangxia and the rest recovered from their surprise, Yinglong was already safe and sound before them.

“Hey! I’m telling the truth! I really joined team China! Zheng and clone Zheng’s battlefield is in front! I was going to go help Zheng!” Yinglong looked at the four. He couldn’t whack them nor could he kill them, so he could only helplessly continue to explain.

“...I believe you. We’ll be dead already if you were an enemy.” Wangxia nodded. He understood it after briefly thinking about it. Yinglong was originally of team Celestial, so he and team Devil were bitter enemies to the end, so he wouldn’t use the four of them to coerce Zheng. Using them to coerce clone Zheng would be even more ridiculous. Would that strongest person abandon the battle for four unimportant people? The answer was obvious. That was the first thing.

Secondly, if Yinglong was here to take revenge for Adam or team Celestial, he could just kill the four of them directly. Why would he need to join the battle of Zhengs? Did he want to play the bystander to fish for rewards from the side and try to kill both Zhengs? That wasn’t possible with his power even if he was a Cultivator. Thus, malicious intent or a conspiracy being at play could be rejected.

There was another important reason Wangxia had thought of. Adam had been team Celestial’s strategist. Adam was dead, so did a hothead like Luo Yinglong actually even know the meaning of the words malicious intent and conspiracy?

“I may not know what you’re thinking, but I’m suddenly feeling pretty annoyed now…” Yinglong rubbed his temples. He didn’t look dashing or elegant in the least now, what with strips of cloth being all that remained on him after what had obviously been a fierce battle. He had also hidden that deep and profound look of his. Thus, he looked like hothead he had been before, so Wangxia wasn’t wrong in thinking so.

“We’ll give this woman treatment first. She looks like she’s about to drop dead anytime now.” Yinglong looked at Yanwei who Wangxia was carrying. She was indeed heavily injured. Although her blood loss had already been stemmed, her injuries reached even her internal organs. She was about to die after flying for so long, so Yinglong’s arrival right at this time was indeed a coincidence.

“Is it really a coincidence?” Yinglong laughed coldly upon seeing Wangxia and the rest sighing. “She’s Zhang Heng’s girl, that person good at using bows who’s one of your elites, right? In other words, her plotline hasn’t been resolved yet, so ‘he’ wouldn't let her die yet. Me coincidentally arriving now is insurance for her survival. No, perhaps there’s a double insurance. If an accident stopped me from arriving, you might meet Cheng Xiao, your medic, ahead…”

As he spoke, Yinglong received Yanwei and placed her flat on the ground. He then slowly poured his Refined Qi into her. Yanwei’s wounds patched themselves up at a visible rate, and her face had become much better than that pale pallor before although she still hadn’t woken up. Her life should be safe now.

“Qi itself has healing properties. If Zheng poured Qi into you, it could suppress your injuries. Refined Qi, however, is a completely different energy from Qi, qualitatively and quantitatively. Its healing properties are equivalent to Light of the Soul that had the form of life force, and is a top-class healing energy. It’s just that it’s exhausting.” Yinglong exhaled as he withdrew his hand.

Wangxi hurried over to Yanwei’s side, only relaxing when he gave her a careful inspection. He turned to Yinglong and asked, “What to you intend to do next? Go along with us to help Zheng?”

“...No. I won't be going with you. I’ll be going myself. All of you are too weak, and if you just intrude in their battle like that, you’ll die. If you want to join their battle, you need to at least reach Zhang Heng’s level. If you’re too weak, you’ll instead affect the Zheng you’re trying to help. You have to know, their battle is something even I’m not able to join in fully.” Yinglong shook his head.

He paused before continuing. “The mission Xuan gave you should have been to defeat team Celestial, or kill Adam? Next, you all should not interfere with the Zhengs’ fight. Wait here for the rest of team China or team Devil to come. Standing guard should be your most important job. Don’t let anyone interfere, until you all gather enough power to intervene. Only then can you join in, understand?”

The so-called king versus king and soldiers against soldiers was so. The king was able to single-handedly kill the majority of the other side’s soldiers, and the kings were practically on the same level. Thus, after the kings’ evenly matched battle began, as long as the soldiers determined victory and had the ability to influence the battle between kings, then the side whose soldiers won would win. However, the prerequisite was that they had the power to influence the battle of kings. One or two measly soldiers wouldn't be able to do so. That was what Yinglong meant.

If the battle between team China and team Devil was explained using chess pieces, king versus king was the two Zhengs’ fight, while the Xuans were the most powerful pieces outside of the king. If the rest were compared to pawns, Yingkong, Zhao Zhuikong and their tier would be worth two or three pawns, while the weakest tier of Juntian were basically ignorable outside of being used to deal with other soldiers. Thus, this method of battle was as clone Xuan said, a gamble of probability. The originally weaker team China had used this plan to successfully close the gap with team Devil. As for the final conclusion, that would depend on which of the two sides had more power remaining.

Yinglong joining team China was a variable, while to balance the power of the two, Gando had similarly also become a variable. The will of the heavens couldn’t be predicted and Yinglong sighed greatly in his heart.

After carefully exhorting Wangxia and the rest to be careful of Gando, Yinglong stepped on his flying sword and sped off. He hadn’t flown for more than a moment before a dense and dark mass of black flames appeared ahead of him. The hill they were fighting on wasn’t too large, and was just a few hundred meters tall. The hill had been completely destroyed in the violent clashes between the black flames and Explosion and Instant Destruction. The incredibly high temperatures reduced the rocks to lava and glass, then a following enormous shockwave from a collision would turn it all to dust. Just the sound from the collisions were enough to kill an ordinary person within a hundred meters. It was easily imaginable the destruction that would be caused by these two monsters fighting. And this was the result when they hadn’t even gone all-out. What if the black flame’s scale or temperature was just the slightest bit higher, or it was the true Destruction or even Chaos, Genesis Splitter that could flip over the heavens and earth?

Yinglong shook his head. He had already considered a lot on the way here. Since he couldn’t avoid the coming fatal disaster, he had to try his best to help Zheng obtain the main character qualifications, then revive himself through the main character destiny. Thus, he couldn’t let Gando interfere no matter what. Even if he failed in stopping Gando, he had to have something to stop him until the two determined victory or team China gathered enough power.

“Hey, the two of you stop for a while! I have something to say!” Yinglong was rather gutsy, directly flying into ten meters outside the domain of their battle. This was the closest he dared get close to. He wasn’t afraid of Zheng, but rather clone Zheng suddenly attacking and killing him.

There was another loud collision between Tiger’s Soul and the black flames as a crater dozens of meters in size was formed. Zheng and clone Zheng successfully separated themselves as they looked at Yinglong in tandem.

“Yinglong? Have you all have determined victory?” Zheng asked.

“...Luo Yinglong? You dare poke your nose here? Aren’t you afraid of dying?” Clone Zheng sneered coldly, opening his mouth to speak instead of continuing to attack.

(These words… aren’t the kind clone Zheng would say. He’s too powerful and stands at too high a peak. He wouldn’t threaten people with his aloof and arrogant personality. This confirms that clone Zheng must be able to sense ‘him’...)

Yinglong smiled bitterly as he gestured with his hand, “I don’t have much interest in interfering with your fight. I don’t think anyone is so bored as to challenge a monster to a fight, right? I’m worried about other people interfering, so I specially came to ask you two gentlemen if you need a battlefield.”

“A battlefield?” Zheng asked curiously. He only looked carefully at his surroundings now. Indeed, the two’s battle had wreaked great havoc, and the hill had been destroyed without them even noticing it. This was still just the warm-up too, so if they went all-out, they might even affect the underground laboratory or even further. This battlefield really was too fragile.

“So, it’s like this. I’m about to face a life and death battle, and basically I’m going to die. But, it doesn’t sit right with me if I don’t at least try. So, let’s have a mutually beneficial deal. I’ll lay down an Omnidirectional Samsara Formation. It’ll siphon away a portion of the energy that overflows. Apart from strengthening the battlefield so it doesn’t break so easily from the power of your clashes, it’ll let me borrow some of it too to face the upcoming battle. How about it? It’s a good suggestion, right?” Yinglong chuckled.

The Zhengs frowned, but both had different considerations. One was curious about the battle Yinglong was speaking of, while the other of exactly how much Yinglong was aware of.

After a moment, Zheng directly said, “I’m fine with anything. If he tries to attack you while you’re laying the formation, I’ll take the responsibility of tying him down. Whether it’ll be successful or not, I’m don’t dare be sure.”

“Unnecessary. Lay it. I myself am interested in seeing if divine abilities can overcome fate.” Clone Zheng didn’t say anything else, and sat down. He allowed the black flames to burn independently, and even shut his eyes a few seconds later.

(Thanks, you two Zhengs. I owe you each a favour. If I revive, I’ll pay you back when we face ‘him’ in the future…)

Yinglong exhaled and took out a rectangular piece of jade the size of his palm. It was covered in layers of fog and pale azure light, making it look like a cloud. Yinglong’s expression also turned from joking to serious, gradually becoming more deep and profound...

“Borrowing the force of heaven and earth… Omnidirectional Samsara Formation! Deploy!”

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