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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 23-3: Gather for the Final Battle!(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 23-3: Gather for the Final Battle!(III)

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“It’s finally begun?” Luo Yinglong was sitting on his flying sword in mid-air. He gave a silent look towards Zhengs’ battlefield, before turning his head toward the southeast. A black speck was fast approaching from afar. With Yinglong’s eyesight, he could tell it was the enormous organic weapon… the Eva Unit-01.

“Wangxia. You all have to make sure Zheng’s battle isn’t interfered with. No matter what happens, you have to ensure it even if you have to risk or gamble your lives. Remember, remember! Otherwise, we won’t have a chance to live.” Yinglong quickly transmitted a few lines to Wangxia and the rest, before standing up. He raised a single finger, manipulating the flying sword towards the Eva.

The two were incredibly fast, and Yinglong was already a few hundred meters away from the Eva in the blink of an eye. He rubbed his hands together, and sword light densely engulfed the Eva. Although it was immediately blocked by the A.T. Field, the Eva was still forced to a stop. When the azure light was finally dissipated by the A.T. Field, the two sides entered a face-off.

“YOU AGAIN! LUO YINGLONG! What relationship does team China have with you? Are you trying to block me again? Do you really want to die so much?” Gando had eaten Adam’s Light of the Soul. It wasn’t any ordinary Light of the Soul, but the ultimate product of the Human Instrumentality Project, the ultimate Light of the Soul. It couldn’t be denied that Gando’s luck was very good. The initial stages of the Human Instrumentality Project had been heavily sabotaged, and became incomplete. When Adam had attempted to absorb the Light of the Soul of the surrounding people to become complete, who would have expected team China had laid down a good scheme and Zero had landed an attack on him. Although he hadn’t died, he had ended up at his absolute weakest. With only his Light of the Soul remaining, he had been eaten by the Eva. Adam really had died a wrongful death.

Gando really had benefited. Even feeble, it was still the Light of the Soul of the ultimate lifeform. That ball of Light of the Soul represented an infinite source of energy to the Eva, a copy of God. It allowed the Eva to become invulnerable. It would still regenerate indefinitely as long as a single cell wasn’t destroyed.

“I’ll really be wanting to die if I didn’t stop you…” Yinglong snickered, before continuing seriously, “You and I are chess pieces. Why must we fight until both sides are hurt? Why not we stop and wait for the Zhengs to end their fight? Don’t all of you team Devil firmly believe that clone Zheng is peerless? So why not just quietly watch their battle?” There was still this very unlikely thought in Yinglong’s mind. He intended to borrow Gando’s trust in clone Zheng to delay this battle that would lead to his death. Perhaps this could let him overcome this fatal disaster.

“Shut up!” Gando instead began to rave madly, “You think I just want to win? No! What I want is revenge! Revenge with my own power and hands! I’ll repay the entire team China! Why do I have to wait for victory ro be decided? Killing Zheng myself is precisely what I want to do! Extermination is the only end for a team of hypocrites like them!”

“Is that so?” Yinglong sighed.

“That's fine! I'll kill you and then exterminate team China, starting with that hypocrite Zheng!” Gando began to roar with insanity again. He had sunk into the heart’s devil ever since merging with the Eva. His condition before could be just described as rampaging, while his own insanity wasn’t displayed. However, his consciousness had awakened after eating Adam, that madness had intensified. Upon seeing Yinglong blocking the way and declaring war, he didn’t hesitate to roar and unleash a punch. The two were separated by hundred of meters, but the fist carried with it countless diamond shaped A.T Fields, transparent but material.

Yinglong knew that it was impressive and that an A.T. Fields was one of the top tier forms of Light of the Soul. It could both attack and defend, with unfathomable power. You wouldn’t even see one person out of millions or tens of millions of people awaken an A.T. Field, an indication of how terrifying it was. Yinglong didn’t dare be negligent, as the flying sword below his feet shot out abruptly to welcome the A.T. Field, while he himself remained levitating there. As expected, a fierce shockwave travelled over, its might feeling like a miniature nuke’s. Yinglong’s heart sunk. Just this violent explosion had expended ten percent of his Refined Qi. It was obvious how powerful it had been.

Fortunately, he had laid down the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation, which replenished his Refined Qi within a few breaths as it operated. The flying sword returned to his side, revolving around his body like a strip of light.

“It’s impressive indeed. As expected of the ultimate battle power that ‘he’ arranged.” Yinglong let out a breath as he suddenly recalled what had happened a while back when he had been cultivating at Zu Mountain.

“Yinglong, do you know why master called you over?”

“No. Does master have any instructions?”

“True. Ever since master accepted you as my disciples, your senior brothers have been passing the skills on to you in place of master. Apart from meeting you that time I gave you the Cauldron of the Eight Trigrams, master hasn’t met you. Yinglong, do you feel as if master has been treating you coldly?”

“No, disciple had never ever felt as if…”

“Listen carefully, Yinglong. Although you’re an outsider not of this world, master has always treated you genuinely. But in the end you’re not of this world, so there’ll still be a day you leave. That’s why master doesn’t want to meet you too much, to prevent the eventual heartbreak… But your talents are still extraordinary. You’re far from reaching master’s level, and yet you can already sense the Heavenly Dao. That’s why master called you over…”

“Destiny? Master is speaking of ‘him’? That consciousness that keeps watching this universe? Isn’t ‘he’ an au…”

“Do not say it out loud. The Grand Dao is invisible and the Heavenly Dao dispassionate. Who can fathom its will? In the entire Zu Mountain, no, the entire Cultivation world, those who know ‘he’ exists number merely two or three. But you all from outside have different talents, and are able to able to possibly sense ‘him’ while you are still weak. That’s why master wants you to remember this. Never defy the heavens. No matter how much you outsiders know, no matter if you have methods to break out of the heavens, you still can’t defy the heavens. No matter how strong you are, it’ll still come to naught and ashes. Yinglong, if you’re willing to let go of the outside world, master, along with a few ancient elders who haven't died yet, is willing to help you sever your karma with the outside world. With your talents, you’ll become an immortal in fifty years at best, a hundred years at worst. Won’t you be able to live a carefree and happy life then?”

“... No. Master, disciple still had countless fetters there. It can’t be severed, nor reasoned out. Disciple will not run. Disciple will risk it even if I really do have to defy the heavens. The ‘he’ who plays this game of chess needs to know we as chess pieces possess the power of the common people’s anger!”

“Is that so? Ahhh… Yinglong, your chance for survival lies in that person who bears the main character destiny. This generation of you all as main characters may perhaps really have the chance to meet ‘him’. It’s just that that chance is too low…”

“Master, don’t you often tell us there will always be that chance of survival? When disciple returns this time, it’ll be for the final battle that decides my fate. Perhaps… disciple and master shall never meet again. Disciple shall pay respects to master one last time…”

“Ahhh… Alright, alright. Since you already know about your fatal disaster, master shall help you one last time. Although your lifebound flag is strong, it’s not invincible. Too bad you lost the Cauldron of the Eight Trigrams, or else… Our Zu Mountain is full of outstanding people, but we only have two Xiantian treasures. They’ve always been the treasures to defend our Zu Mountain. Your life and death is uncertain, so I will bestow the Qingsuo Sword of the ZiQing Swords to overcome this tribulation. Hopefully, it can help you survive…”

“Master! I…”

“Alright, don’t act like a child… Go, go…”

Yinglong suddenly woke up from his reverie, and gave his head a shake, as if he wanted to shake these memories out of his head. His heart shook. He knew this person before him was his fatal disaster. Otherwise, how would he who had entered the Nascent Soul stage so easily end up in a reverie? It must have been this incoming fatal disaster that made him involuntarily slip into a reverie due to some sort of interaction between heaven and man.

“Master! Disciple is about to use the Qingsuo Sword!”

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