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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 23-4: Gather for the Final Battle!(IV)

Volume 23 Chapter 23-4: Gather for the Final Battle!(IV)

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Luo Yinglong let out a breath as his hands made a sword incantation. The Refined Qi in his body poured into that azure coloured sword without holding back. The Qingsuo Sword was the supreme treasure of Zu Mountain, with infinite power. It was much stronger by who knew how many times compared to his lifebound flags. Even the Cauldron of the Eight Trigrams couldn’t compare. It was just that with his current level of power, he couldn’t competently use the Qingsuo Sword. Even just controlling it used all the Refined Qi in his body. It was thanks to the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation that endlessly transmitted him Refined Qi that he could use energy so extravagantly. This was his special power he hadn’t even used against the fake Cultivator.

The Qingsuo Sword’s azure radiance became more dazzling the more Yinglong’s power flowed. The azure light soared to the horizon, as if it wanted to pierce through the sky, and formed a pillar of azure light over a thousand meters in thickness before Yinglong. With a wave of his hand, he manipulated the Qingsuo Sword into slashing at Gando before he could attack. The enormous azure sword’s momentum was mighty, and the ground began to crack apart in the instant it moved. There was a ripping sound as the Qingsuo Sword struck the Eva’s A.T. Field!

That A.T. Field that could block anything was very sturdy, and the Qingluo Sword wasn’t able to shatter it on the first strike, although it filled it with fractures. Yinglong didn’t wait for Gando to recover from his surprise as he spat out a large mouthful of blood as he forcibly infused that endless Refined Qi into the Qingsuo Sword. As the azure light brightened, the sword chopped down again, utterly shattering the A.T. Field! The Qingsuo Sword easily bisected the Eva, before the arure light wrapped around the two halves, reducing them to nothingness. There was no longer any trace of its existence left.

“Huff, huff… Seriously? It was dealt with so easily? Or was this Qingsuo Sword just too powerful?” Yinglong gasped for breath. The consumption of operating this sword had been too great. He wasn’t able to execute two consecutive attacks even with the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation’s support. These two attacks were accomplished by him gambling with his life, consuming who knew how much of his life force.

At this moment, Yinglong suddenly discovered some abnormalities with his divine sense. In dozens of places in the air, lumps of twisting flesh had appeared. It was multipying and expanding at a ridiculous rate. Everytime two lumps touched each other, they would quickly fuse into one, becoming a bigger lump before continuing to multiply. With the flesh being purple, it was obviously the Eva’s regenerating body.

“Right. The fluid that spurted out when the Qingsuo Sword entered its body. Or was it the Eva’s blood? What the hell, it can regenerate from some blood that spurted out? Isn’t that ridiculous? Is it really that type where it can multiply infinitely even from a single cell?” Yinglong watched that gradually forming fleshy body in the air with a pale face. It was getting larger and larger. It had completed a quarter of its body in at most half a minute, and it looked like the remainder would regenerate soon. The attacks of the Qingsuo Sword could be described as ineffective, with absolutely no use.

“No, NO! How could a perfect organism exist in the world? Even if you haven’t reach the stage of being perfect, you’re not far from it! This is impossible!” Yinglong was about to activate the Qingsuo Sword again, but his body came up empty. He had no choice but to withdraw it and wait for his body to be filled with Refined Qi from the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation before he could use it again. However, he wouldn’t stand there and do nothing. Making some hand seals, the next attack was unleashed.

“Borrowing the force of heaven and earth! Eight Trigrams form!”

“Fire! Blazes!”

“Samadhi Fire!”

A piercingly bright white flame ignited in Yinglong’s hand. It looked tiny, but it gave off indescribably high temperatures, while Yinglong’s face paled some more. He hurled the white flame at the broken body of the Eva. It burnt everything in its path, turning the space it passed through into a sea of flame. However, it was blocked by an A.T. Field when it approached the Eva. Although it wasn’t completely cancelled out like the countless sword lights before, it still wasn’t able to penetrate the A.T. Field, the two of them mutually entangled and depleting. The only thing that heartened Yinglong was that the broken body’s rate of regeneration slowed down.

“Exactly! How could such a perfect organism exist? You may have Adam’s infinite Light of the Soul, but it’s not that much different from me relying on the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation! You can only receive or use a set amount of energy within a certain period of time. You can’t manifest an infinite amount of energy in an instant. If you could, you could just break out of this universe. Thus, as long as I completely deplete the Light of the Soul of that time period, I can kill you as long as I do it before your new Light of the Soul is usable!” Yinglong was shocked, and he no longer used skills to attack, instead focusing on absorbing the energy transmitted by the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation, while calculating and considering his next step. If he focused the next attack some, and contained all the blood, fluid and cells within the azure light, perhaps he would be able to defy the heavens and change his fate...

It was just that the Grand Dao was invisible and the Heavenly Dao dispassionate. Would it be so easy for him to reverse his fate?

However, the Qingsuo Sword was stronger than he imagined, being able to destroy Gando in one strike. The current Eva didn’t just have its A.T. Field, but a sturdy body that had become even more powerful after eating Adam. He had thought that only clone Zheng would be able to break this A.T. Field, but unexpectedly, one swing and one instant later, not only had the A.T. Field been broken, but so had its body. When his body recovered, Gando didn’t immediately recover his mental faculties immediately. It took a long while before he howled at the sky.

“Luo Gando, one last time! Stop! I don’t care who’s kind, or who’s evil. Even if you’re from team Devil, I don’t want to care much about your grudge with team China. Whether you’re a clone or an original, let’s peacefully wait for the Zhengs to finish fighting. How about it?” Yinglong wanted to give it one last try.

“All you hypocrites. Alright, you call yourselves kind. You have your saviour. Then what of us devils? We’re called devils? We too, have our saviour, the salvation of us devils… Even if I die, even if we’re called clones, I’ll make my Zheng win!”

Gando had already completely sunk into madness. Howling towards the sky, the muscles of the Eva began to swell up, the already enormous humanoid becoming even larger. Much of the metal covering it were shattered by these muscles, and Gando head a voice only he could hear…

“Synchronization rate at 90%, 97%, 99%, exceeding critical value 100%... Synchronization rate at 300%, synchronization rate at…” [1]

Gando was very clear that although he had suddenly obtained great power, his mental state still remained in the heart’s devil. Thus, the power he could unleash was limited. Dealing with those of Zheng’s level still wasn’t possible, so he had already came up with a plan when he was lost before. If there was an opponent he couldn’t win against, he would learn from clone Zheng and Zhao Zhuikong’s example. He would sink into the heart’s devil and use raw power to break through… Before eating Adam, a synch rate of 90% already robbed him of his consciousness. Now when he entered the heart’s devil again, the synch rate had already impressively gone beyond 400%. However, he would no longer be able to maintain his consciousness soon.

(Then I’ll abandon all my consciousness and rationality. I only need to remember one thing. Massacre all of team China, kill that hypocrite Zheng Zha! So, please, my body!)


The red light in the Eva’s eyes brightened, and it arched its body. Before Yinglong could react, the A.T. Field behind its back exploded, the huge force propelling this enormous Eva to an extreme speed. The Eva had already crossed the hundreds of meters and arrived before Yinglong in the blink of an eye, and its giant fist slammed violently into the Qingsuo Sword, the enormous force sending Yinglong flying a hundred meters away.

“Are you crazy?”

The Eva ignored Yinglong, instead grabbing the Qingsuo Sword’s azure light and frenziedly applying force, attempting to shatter it. The Qingsuo Sword itself may not have been large, but that azure sword light made it dozens of meters long. There were various crackling sounds as thick layers of A.T. Field crushed it within. The Qingsuo Sword wasn’t pleased with being trapped within, continuously buzzing as it attempted to flee. In his fright, Yinglong began to madly pour his Refined Qi into the Qingsuo Sword. It was his last trump card. If it was lost… he would definitely die.

“How did that monster suddenly become even stronger? Impossible! Did ‘he’ do something? Is it a must to kill me? I don’t accept this! I don’t accept this!”

[1] In the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, there was a time a 400% synch rate occurred as well.

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