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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 24-2: The Incorruptible Xia!(II)

Volume 23 Chapter 24-2: The Incorruptible Xia!(II)

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The green Light of the Soul on Heng’s body flashed and activated, as the four or five large holes began to mend themselves back. It was just that the speed was slowing down the more it healed. When only two were left, his Light of the Soul ran out, no longer able to heal it. He spat out a large mouthful of blood, simultaneously turning his head slowly towards clone Yanwei.

Everyone else was stunned. Clone Yanwei’s attacks had been too abrupt and fast, without the slightest omen. She had only suddenly attacked when Heng took out the Sky Stick. They weren't able to see the attack clearly, let alone stop it. At this moment, Wangxia gave a roar as he began to create bombs while Cheng Xiao flipped his body towards her.

“No… don’t kill her, please… let me do it.” Heng spat out another mouthful of blood, coughing out some bits of his internal organs as well. He staggered step by step towards clone Yanwei, while she herself seemed to be struggling with something, her entire body quivering. The bow of light would brighten, dim, brighten and dim again. Her eyes were blank, but it was neither from an unlocked genetic constraint or blindness. It overall looked more like she was being controlled, except that teardrops slowly flowed out from those blank eyes.

“It’s ok, everything's over… Don't cry…” Heng finally reached clone Yanwei’s side, and gently wiped away her tears. He smiled gently as he picked up the Sirius Bow.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to live on together with you. However, the controlled you is too much of a threat to my comrades. I no longer have the strength left to fight. I’ll die soon. So… let’s die together. It’s not running away, it’s not cowardliness. I just don’t want to sleep alone in the darkness, nor do I want you to go to sleep in the darkness alone. Go with me, my love… I really like you. If I knew courage then, we would have… Everything can no longer return to those beautiful days, but, I still remember that smile of yours in my memories. I’ll remember them forever…” Heng was shedding tears as well, as he placed the Sirius Bow’s bowstring around their necks. He gently placed his lips on hers, and the bowstring was abruptly released, as the two heads up into the air, kissing and touching...

Apart from the initial few arrows, the controlled clone Yanwei didn't shoot another arrow until her death, as if the control was only that much...

Yanwei had been watching Heng and her clone silently. When the two were dead, she silently crawled to their side. The heavily injured her didn’t even the strength to walk, and just crawling this distance reopened the wounds on her body. However, this woman strangely had a breath-taking smile on her face, filled with happiness.

Everyone watched the proceedings silently, until three people were suddenly flying over on Sky Sticks. Wangxia gave a shout, directing the rest’s attention to the three.

The newcomers were two men and one woman, all not of team China. Appearing here, and with Sky Sticks, there was an eighty percent chance they were from team Devil. Team China didn’t know how powerful they were, but they were definitely related to clone Yanwei’s betrayal for them to come just as soon as it happened.

“Not good! There’s a psyche force user!”

Wangxia felt his mind fall into chaos, as a thought to kill everyone around him formed. He hurriedly steadied his mind, while giving a roar. Cheng Xiao and Liu Yu were still fine, but a longsword suddenly manifested in Juntian’s hand as he thrusted at Wangxia.

Wangxia didn’t use his bombs, and with one forward movement and one push, he relieved Juntian of his longsword and knocked him out with a palm strike to the head.

At this time, the three had reached above team China. Apart from the woman in the middle who didn’t move, the other two men jumped off their Sky Sticks and landed separately at team China’s left and right.

The two were Chinese. One seemed to be a mixed-blood, and his muscles all swelled up, making him look like a Western bodybuilder. The other was as thin as a monkey, with slightly darker skin. He seemed like he was from the Southeast Asia area. He eyes were blank, and they didn’t know if he was controlled or had unlocked the genetic constraint.

Wangxia and Cheng Xiao exchanged a look, determining which opponent to take each. Cheng Xiao was a melee combatant, so he rushed towards the muscular man. Wangxia belonged to the mid-range large scale attacks category, and he immediately gathered explosive Demon Energy in his palms, shouting, “Liu Yu! Summon Obelisk!” He sent a bomb flying towards the skinny man with a wave of his hand. The skinny man was expressionless, allowing the invisible bomb to approach him. He actually extended a hand to grab the bomb, and the bomb easily blew his hand and arm off with a loud bang, while turning the rest of his body unrecognisable. His body toppled forward, this development causing Wangxia to freeze up. He had thought that someone from team Devil would have a few tricks. And yet, he was dealt with by just one bomb? Was this a joke?

It was indeed a joke… The skinny man’s blown off arm began to wriggle on the ground, before growing larger. Soon, it became a lump of meat one or two meters large. There was a ripping sound as insect pincers tore it open, and a giant ant crawled out from inside. Apart from this ant, the rest of the blown apart chunks of the man all began to wriggle and grow, forming dozens to a hundred lumps of meat of different sizes. When the large ant appeared, dozens to a hundred strangely shaped insects continuously appeared, all aberrants that scuttled out from the lumps of meat.

Wangxia was still fine. He was a soldier after all, and he was mentally tough. However, Liu Yu besides him was a standard little body, and he immediately yelped in fright. If Wangxia wasn’t in front of him, he wouldn’t have been able to resist fleeing. Even so, he wasn’t able to focus on summoning Obelisk.

“...Liu Yu! Calm down. You’re a warrior now and this is God’s Realm. You’re a warrior of team China, no matter how young you are! So, fight!” Wangxia didn’t turn around, saying softly.

Liu Yu took in a deep breath, holding the card in his hand silently. He then focused his mind on summoning Obelisk. Although there was still terror in his heart that he couldn’t repress, Wangxia’s words seemed to carry some strange magic in them as it allowed him to calm down in this final moment, finally summoning Obelisk.

Wangxia had already used large quantities of bombs to dispose of these insects, but as expected, they had shocking power. Their outer shell was made of some unknown material that the bombs weren’t able to blow apart, and they would at most be lifted dozens of meters up into the air. However, they would immediately flip their bodies over and rush towards Wangxia upon landing. It looked like they would rip apart Wangxia’s group.

(No choice but to use the miniature nukes. But it’s so close…)

Wangxia said loudly, “Take cover, everyone! I’m about to use a miniature nuke! Liu Yu! Use Obelisk to protect us!” The miniature nuke was already being controlled to fly into the distance, while a giant metal humanoid was bending over to shield him. When a white flash, the area was enveloped in an explosion’s shockwaves...

Team China Fallen: Xiao Honglu, Zero, Anck-Su-Namun, Qi Tengyi, Dragon, Kampa, Lan Feng, Imhotep, Zhao Yingkong (Main Personality), Luo Yinglong, Zhang Heng, Clone Ming Yanwei

Remaining Survivors: Zheng Zha, Chu Xuan, Cheng Xiao, Ming Yanwei, Liu Yu, Lin Juntian, Wangxia, Zhao Yingkong (Secondary Personality)

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