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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 24-3: The Incorruptible Xia!(III)

Volume 23 Chapter 24-3: The Incorruptible Xia!(III)

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Wangxia’s bomb enhancement wasn’t considered powerful in normal circumstances. Perhaps those who had unlocked a high level of the genetic constraint could utilise it to a very high level. They might be able to induce an explosion just through making a noise, or could trigger explosions through a mere point of their fingers. However, someone who had unlocked that level of the genetic constraint wouldn’t care for an enhancement like this.

However, Wangxia’s Bomb Dominator differed from normal enhancements in that it had Xuan. Large quantities of powerful bombs were created, and one of the best usages of Bomb Dominator was found, which was to control already pre existing bombs. He could increase its power, and freely control the time and location of the explosion. After obtaining the high-tech miniature nukes from Starship Troopers, he had reached the limits of power under the fourth stage in terms of mid distance large scale attacks.

Now, there were three from team Devil attacking. One psyche force user as support, while the other two’s strength was unclear. However, of those team China present, there were two rookies with negligible power, Wangxia’s fighting style wasn’t suitable for a melee, while Cheng Xiao had just had a hard battle, his combat power surely greatly reduced. As for Heng...

If Heng hadn't died, a victory against these three would practically be in the bag. Heng was one of team China’s main combat force. He didn’t even need the six arrow explosive shot. Just two or three wasn’t something these three could handle. It couldn’t be denied that these three’s arrival was too coincidental.

When Wangxia’s miniature nuke went off next to the insect man, violent shockwaves assaulted the area. As the two sides were too close, the miniature nuke would surely affect those from team China as well. Even if Obelisk was shielding them from the shockwaves, the resultant squall would still flow them far away.

The first to be hit was Heng and clone Yanwei’s corpses. The two corpses were sent flying into the air. Before anyone could respond, they were ripped to shreds by the enormous force, flesh and blood spilt in the air. The still alive original Yanwei was picked up by the shockwaves and squall too. However, her luck was good, as Cheng Xiao rushed to her side with a twist and spin of his body within seconds, protecting her in his embrace. The two made it a hundred meters before crashing onto the ground. If they hadn’t been people of God’s Realm with superhuman constitution, the impact would have smashed them into a bloody smear.

Cheng Xiao spat out mouthfuls of black blood, filled with chunks of flesh, before he could get up. His face was eerily green, but Yanwei whom he had protected wasn’t too injured. She looked like all she had suffered from a tumble. She hurriedly left Cheng Xiao’s embrace, asking anxiously, “Why did you save me? Can you not tell I want to die. Heng is dead, so what’s the point of me living on alone? And this is the final battle. I’ll only drag everyone down.”

“Idiot… I didn’t save you to save you. I don’t have the interest in touching other’s girl…” Cheng Xiao chuckled, fresh blood leaking from his mouth continuously. There was quite a few traces of blood in his nose as well, but this man was still smiling happily as always, saying, “I only have one belief… I can’t allow a woman to die in front of me, as long as she’s not an enemy, haha…” Cheng Xiao push off the ground and leapt to his feet. He didn’t care that the blood flowing from his nose flowed faster.

Wiping his nosebleed, he continued. “I get it. Each person has their own past. Whether your hatred towards Heng, Heng’s cowardice, Xuan’s lack of sense and feelings, or clone Zheng’s rage and despair, everyone has it. I do too… That’s why I won't let any woman die in front of me. If you want to die, at least wait for me to die first before doing so…” He broke out into laughter when he finished speaking.

At the same time, Wangxia’s miniature nuke was indeed very effective. That skinny man with a blank expression had been completely blown apart without the slightest bit of him left. A crater dozens of meters around where he had been had formed. He had died very cleanly. However. The insects’ exoskeleton was very tough. For over ten of the larger insects, they had been killed by the shockwaves, but their exoskeletons remained. It didn’t look metal, and it wasn’t known how such a sturdy material could be made from human flesh.

The other mixed blood seemed completely fine because he had been standing further away. The shockwaves and squall hadn’t been able to move him, and he suddenly gave a howl towards the sky when it ended. His entire body doubled in size, his skin darkened, and his hair all grew longer. Within seconds, he turned into a werewolf with ash-coloured fur.

“Gah, a werewolf again?” Those around muttered internally. Was the werewolf enhancement really that trendy in God’s Realm? Team China met one when facing team India, Kampa enhanced it as well later on, and now team Devil unexpectedly had another. Only… was this man strong?

When the mixed-blood’s transformation ended, he charged at Cheng Xiao and Yanwei first. The two were heavily injured, while Wangxia’s three was practically perfectly healthy. Together with that oppressive looking Obelisk dozens of meters tall, he naturally chose to finish of the injured and weaker two, despite being controlled as he still had his basic instincts.

The werewolf actually crossed over a hundred meters in a second or two, his claw suddenly swiping at Cheng Xiao’s head. The speed and power behind it was truly shocking. It wasn’t merely a hundredfold stronger than Kampa. He had to have at least unlocked the third stage. Even in team Devil, he would be part of the main combat force.

Cheng Xiao didn’t dare go head-on against the werewolf’s overwhelming speed and power. He leapt into the air, already jumping to the werewolf’s back when it struck out with his claws. Blood spurted out from the werewolf’s body as Nanto Suicho Ken was used to attack in the instant he leapt. However, the attack that was sufficient to slice through metal only drew a few drops of blood. It didn't even manage to cut through the muscles, only the skin. This werewolf was much stronger than that werewolf assassin from team India and team China’s partial werewolf Kampa.

The werewolf accepted the attack, not even turning his head. He leg kicked backwards, his enormous power and speed working perfectly together. How could Cheng Xiao who just landed withstand this? He was sent rolling on the ground by this kick, and his body issued cracking sounds, the bones clearly broken.

This exchange passed in the blink of an eye, and the far away Wangxia finally responded. He didn’t dare to use miniature nukes on this werewolf, only shouting, “LIU YU! Get Obelisk to help Cheng Xiao!”

However, Liu Yu didn’t respond. He instead looked at another direction with a face filled with terror. There were dozens of insects racing towards Wangxia and him over there...

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