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Terror Infinity (Web Novel) - Volume 23 Chapter 25-4: Primordial Dusk and Chaos... The End and The Beginning(IV)

Volume 23 Chapter 25-4: Primordial Dusk and Chaos... The End and The Beginning(IV)

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The title of the strongest...

All those who had unlocked the third stage had their own unique style of fighting. Their combat power had already surpassed the bounds of normal humans. In general, these outstanding people would be able to take on an army if they went back to the real world, or at bare minimum an army division. Of course, there were some specific outliers who excelled in single combat and were lacking when pitted against large numbers. Still, the third stage was a rough gauge of if they were qualified. Of course, it wasn’t absolute, with certain people below the third stage possessing large quantities of exchanged equipment, enhancements and weapons being strong as well. Thus, the third stage was merely a qualification and not an absolute advantage.

As for the fourth stagers, that was the true benchmark of if a team had entered the big leagues. Anyone at that stage was a first-rate powerhouse and would be part of the main combat force regardless of which team they joined. People of this level in the realm wouldn't exceed twenty. They stood at the peak of the realm and could look down on anyone weaker than them, even if it was an entire team.

Clone Zheng existed in this strata, and was an unrivalled powerhouse. This was definitely amazing, especially in team Devil that existed on the law of the jungle. It was unthinkable to be titled as the realm’s strongest in such a team if you didn't have real power to back it up. After all, the team had the perverted Zhao Zhuikong who would randomly pick a fight with you. To steadily carry this title with such a person by his side, it was obvious that this title was no exaggeration and clone Zheng lived up to it.

Zheng himself had experienced countless fights and life and death trials. He had obtained the qualifications to challenge clone Zheng by continuously becoming stronger step by step, as well as every change, effort, emotion and hard work. However, it was merely a qualification, amd he couldn't guarantee he could kill clone Zheng even if he used Chaos, Genesis Splitter. The over hundred black flame weapons really did have incredible power, and anyone slightly weaker who got surrounded would surely have died. However, this level was too weak for clone Zheng who was titled the strongest.

As expected, when Zheng used Chaos, Genesis Splitter, it was unrivalled against others that didn't belong to the same tier of power. He easily broke apart the hundred weapons, and struck clone Zheng for the first time. The injuries he suffered were enough to kill any ordinary person. However, who could have known that when clone Zheng was burned by the black flames, his injuries would recover in an instant? Not even a trace of blood could be seen on him.

Of course, it wouldn't have been much if that was it. Zheng had an unshakable confidence in the power of his Chaos, Genesis Splitter. Everything had its limits, and no matter how powerful a self-restorative ability was, all that had to be done to kill clone Zheng was to attack faster and fiercer than the regeneration. However, the move that clone Zheng used to uphold his title of the strongest, Primordial Dusk, Universe Armageddon, had appeared!

The surrounding black flames all quickly integrated into the black membrane that had blocked Tiger's Soul before, making it bigger and bigger. However, the black membrane was made of some unknown composition, which the endless black flames were only able to transform into a tiny bit of black membrane. When practically all of the black flames had been converted, there was only a meter sized black sphere left. It was dark and lightless, and any nearby light rays would distort and be sucked in, while the rocks on the ground were picked up and dragged into the sphere. The sphere itself shrank until it reached the size of a ping pong ball, when it abruptly collasped inwards and a black hole that tore through space appeared there.

It wasn't the black hole in astronomy, but merely a black coloured giant hole where the inside couldn't be seen. It was four to five meters tall and three to four meters wide. It simply stayed there ripping through space, giving those who looked at it the shivers.

“This is my gift to you, a power that makes even me shudder. Let me just say this. I have to beat you within ten minutes or I won’t be able to control this power and it’ll grow into an actual black hole. No one else can survive outside of me, and I don’t think you want that either.” Clone Zheng muttered to his original. For some reason, perhaps Zheng was seeing things, but he felt like he could detect a trace of loneliness in his clone’s eyes. Would loneliness appear in the eyes of the strongest, who had unwavering willpower?

“Excellent! My Chaos, Genesis Splitter, can't be maintained for long either! Since this is both our special moves, there’s no need to say anything more… Come! My clone, this is the last power I have to face you!” Zheng inhaled a deep breath, before giving a loud roar as he charged at his clone, while wielding Tiger’s Soul.

“Ah, how lonely…” Zheng faintly heard these words from his clone, but he didn't have time to consider it. He borrowed the incomparable speed from Chaos, Genesis Splitter to rush over, flashing past that strange black hole as he reached clone Zheng. Pouring enormous power into Tiger’s Soul, it slashed towards clone Zheng.

The climax of the realm’s battle to determine the strongest team and strongest individual had been reached. The curtain was about to fall, and team China and team Devil’s top level combatants had already suffered grave losses. Apart from the missing Hao Tian, the only ones left who could influence the conclusion aside from the Zhengs were the Xuans. This was also the worst possible conclusion of the king versus king and soldiers against soldiers battle… Both sides being annihilated!

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