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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel)




Wan Lili, 万里里


Drama Josei Mature Romance

Original Language:



In her previous lifetime, they had married for five years. He meant everything to her, but she was thrown away like an old shoe.

After her rebirth, she gave him a divorce contract preemptively—

“Divorce after one year, the terms of the contract are as follows: husband and wife shall not share a room or bed. Intimacy forbidden?”

He raised his eyebrow.

Who knew that after she got drunk one day, leaning on the headboard, he rested his deep-set eyes on her. “You broke the contract, Mrs, Li.”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1910: Too Extreme2020-10-28
Chapter 1909: Do You Like Su Qianci?2020-10-28
Chapter 1908: Would Have Remarried a Long Time Ago2020-10-27
Chapter 1907: Delivered2020-10-27
Chapter 1906: To See If It’s Male or Female2020-10-26
Chapter 1905: Yay, We’re Having Children!2020-10-26
Chapter 1904: There Won’t Be a Next Time2020-10-25
Chapter 1903: I Want a Kid2020-10-25
Chapter 1902: Isn’t it Too Late to Tell Me Now? Your Clothes are Off!2020-10-24
Chapter 1901: Shot Down2020-10-24
Chapter 1900: The Lover Prince’s Defeat2020-10-23
Chapter 1899: A Golden Virgin2020-10-23
Chapter 1898: Shut Up2020-10-22
Chapter 1897: Don’t Have to Go Back Home Tonight2020-10-22
Chapter 1896: She Really Was Pregnant2020-10-21
Chapter 1895: Your Ex-Wife’s Twin Sister2020-10-21
Chapter 1894: What if They Installed a Monitor?2020-10-20
Chapter 1893: Done in Ten Minutes2020-10-20
Chapter 1892: God is Jealous of My Beauty2020-10-20
Chapter 1891: Awkward as Hell2020-10-19
Chapter 1890: This Wasn’t What They Had Agreed Upon!2020-10-18
Chapter 1889: It’s New Year. Cheer Up!2020-10-18
Chapter 1888: Leaving a Good Impression on His Future Father-In-Law2020-10-17
Chapter 1887: Was He Regretting His Decision?2020-10-17
Chapter 1886: I’ll Have You Fired2020-10-16
Chapter 1885: Good News and Bad News2020-10-16
Chapter 1884: Driven to Desperation2020-10-15
Chapter 1883: Buzz Off, and Watch Your Step on Your Way Out2020-10-15
Chapter 1882: Just Where Did He Go?2020-10-14
Chapter 1881: Get Some Sleep2020-10-14
Chapter 1880: I was Just Cracking a Joke!2020-10-13
Chapter 1879: You Gave Me a Fright Just Now!2020-10-13
Chapter 1878: A Call in the Middle of the Night (III)2020-10-12
Chapter 1877: A Call in the Middle of the Night (II)2020-10-12
Chapter 1876: A Call in the Middle of the Night (I)2020-10-11
Chapter 1875: Only Beauties Are Ill-fated2020-10-11
Chapter 1874: I’m Afraid2020-10-10
Chapter 1873: Hair-raising2020-10-10
Chapter 1872: Mummy, Mosen Loves You2020-10-09
Chapter 1871: To Be Contented with Resting on One’s Laurels2020-10-09
Chapter 1870: A Smart Child Is Indeed Smart for a Reason2020-10-08
Chapter 1869: Yu Chulin2020-10-08
Chapter 1868: Daughters Are the Apple of the Eye2020-10-07
Chapter 1867: Could Not Help But Contemplate2020-10-07
Chapter 1866: Have Never Seen A Sharp Belly Before2020-10-06
Chapter 1865: You Look Good in Anything2020-10-06
Chapter 1864: Why Have I Been So Unlucky Lately?2020-10-05
Chapter 1863: Ninety-Nine Days of Hidden Marriage2020-10-05
Chapter 1862: It’s Useless to Worry About It2020-10-04
Chapter 1861: A Happy Life2020-10-04
Chapter 1860: How Did Your Belly Grow So Quickly?2020-10-03
Chapter 1859: Are We Being Followed?2020-10-03
Chapter 1858: Nobody’s Here! Nobody’s Here!2020-10-02
Chapter 1857: The Horror of Clearing His Traces2020-10-02
Chapter 1856: You Dropped Something2020-10-01
Chapter 1855: Come Back Right Now!2020-10-01
Chapter 1854: You Threw the Children2020-09-30
Chapter 1853: Stop, Shen Zilie!2020-09-30
Chapter 1852: What If We Change Our Minds or Cheat on Each Other?2020-09-29
Chapter 1851: You May Know a Person’s Face but Not His Heart2020-09-29
Chapter 1850: Young People Shouldn’t Sigh2020-09-28
Chapter 1849: Infertility2020-09-28
Chapter 1848: A Pair of Completely White Eyes2020-09-27
Chapter 1847: Marriages Are All the Same—Early or Late2020-09-27
Chapter 1846: Being Pulled into the Woods2020-09-26
Chapter 1845: I Admit It2020-09-26
Chapter 1844: Why Are You Back Together Again2020-09-25
Chapter 1843: To Summon the Gods and the Ghosts2020-09-25
Chapter 1842: Does That Sound Like a Life of Fortune to You?2020-09-24
Chapter 1841: If She Were to Really Die2020-09-24
Chapter 1840: In Shen Manting’s Room2020-09-23
Chapter 1839: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing2020-09-23
Chapter 1838: Enough Now! Calm Down!2020-09-22
Chapter 1837: To Profit from a Misfortune2020-09-22
Chapter 1836: Fate2020-09-21
Chapter 1835: Getting Married in Secret2020-09-21
Chapter 1834: Qianqian Is Pregnant2020-09-20
Chapter 1833: This Lady Won’t Do (2)2020-09-20
Chapter 1832: This Lady Won’t Do (1)2020-09-19
Chapter 1831: Letting Loose in Order to Capture2020-09-19
Chapter 1830: Ill At Ease2020-09-18
Chapter 1829: So Darn Embarrassed2020-09-18
Chapter 1828: Lying through His Teeth2020-09-17
Chapter 1827: Have Some Self-Control! Your Parents Are Around!2020-09-17
Chapter 1826: A Picture of Shen Zhilie Naked2020-09-16
Chapter 1825: The Sign of a Short Life2020-09-16
Chapter 1824: Palm Reading2020-09-15
Chapter 1823: She Looks Mean2020-09-15
Chapter 1822: Da*n Scoundrel2020-09-14
Chapter 1821: Where’s My Gift?2020-09-14
Chapter 1820: How Are You Going to Survive in the Future2020-09-13
Chapter 1819: Stay with Me Tonight2020-09-13
Chapter 1818: Distorting the Truth2020-09-12
Chapter 1817: If You Are Unwell, You’ll Need to Make an Appointment2020-09-12
Chapter 1816: Get the Hell Away from Me!2020-09-11
Chapter 1815: We’ve Already Done Them All!2020-09-11
Chapter 1814: I’ll Make You Bear My Child2020-09-10
Chapter 1813: This Is the Last Time2020-09-10
Chapter 1812: What Is Our Relationship2020-09-09
Chapter 1811: What Does He Want To Do?2020-09-09
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