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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 886 - We Are Not The Husband And Wife As Long As We Don’t Get Married.

Chapter 886: We Are Not The Husband And Wife As Long As We Don’t Get Married.

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Ou Ming saw her tears, and with a smile on his face and pity in his eyes, he lowered his head to wipe her tears away. “I am serious, Yu Lili. I had such a plan four years ago and I even prepared the wedding dress, the wedding, the ring and the place, just for one day, when you would tell me that you were pregnant, then I would propose to you, let you marry me, be my wife and be the married woman of Ou group.”

However, when she got pregnant, the answer given to him was another one. Yu Lili didn’t know that how he hated her was equal to how he loved her for the past four years. When Ou Ming spoke, his eyes were not mixed with any other emotions. His eyes were like the sea that’s tenderness was boundless.

Yu Lili subconsciously thought of the design drawings and the site design drawings that she had inadvertently seen in his study a long long time ago.

Were those things… prepared for me? Since four years ago, he had already prepared everything for me? Is that true?

It was hard to believe, so she looked at him and asked, “What about your fiancée?”

Ou Ming frowned, and looked at her unhappily and whispered, “Did she look for you?”

He didn’t deny it, so it is true. That Shen Manting is really his fiancée. When she left, she knew the existence of Miss Shen. For four years, that Shen Manting has been with him, right? Yu Lili felt a little uncomfortable. But I also know that I do not have the right to explain to Ou Ming that I’m unhappy. Now, I am still just a mistress. Yu Lili lowered her head, nodded and replied, “Yes, she called me today, and I blacklisted her.”

Hearing that, he smiled happily and said, “Well done.”

Yu Lili felt a little confused. She looked at him and asked, “Don’t you want to ask what happened? What if I bullied your fiancee?”

Ou Ming chuckled, reached out to touch her short hair and said, “There’s no worry, because if she met you, she must be bullied by you.”

“You don’t like her?”

“You tell me?” Ou Ming’s last syllable raised slightly making him inexpressibly evil.

Yu Lili was so excited, but she pushed him away as if it was somewhat unacceptable, and said, “Since you don’t like her, why did you get engaged with her?”

“My mom arranged that.” Ou Ming pulled her closer. “I am thirty-one years old. If I didn’t marry, not only my mom but my dad as well would keep pressing me to do that because I am the only son in our family.”

Hearing the expected answer herself, Yu Lili still felt somewhat disappointed. Since it was arranged by the parents, it can be told that Shen Manting is a good choice for the Ou family. It is necessary that two families are fairly well matched, isn’t it? That fiancée was chosen by his mother personally, but I don’t even know his mother’s appearance…

Ou Ming understood Yu Lili’s disappointment, so his eyes were full of favor and his big hand brushed over her short hair. “I will not marry her.”

“Then why did you get engaged with her…” Isn’t engagement meant to get married?

“We are not the husband and wife as long as we don’t get married. My mother had started to arrange it five years ago. If I wanted to marry her, I would be a married man now.”

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