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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1101 - Shotgun wedding

Chapter 1101: Shotgun wedding

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Yu Lili was taken aback and objected to it immediately. “No…”

But Ou Ming had already held her up.

“No, I don’t want to!” Yu Lili clung on to him tightly and begged, “Finish it up inside before going out! What if Ye Qianqian comes home all of a sudden?”

“That won’t happen! She’s gone home for the New Year!”

“No!” Yu Lili opposed out loud as she tightened her legs around Ou Ming’s waist. “Do it inside. Otherwise, I’ll…”

“What will you do?” Ou Ming asked humorously.

“I’ll bite you!”

Since Ou Ming didn’t make any major movements, Yu Lili’s voice was much clearer and steadier.

When Ou Ming heard her, he smirked and laid her on the bed anew. “Since you want me, I’ll acquiesce.”

“I… ahhh…” Yu Lili wanted to speak, but her insides tightened at his entry, and she was rendered speechless.

Umpteen times later, Yu Lili was exhausted. Her eyelids started to droop, and fatigue overcame her.

Ou Ming pulled his shirt over and draped it over her, and then he carried her to the bathroom to wash her up. After both of them took a bath together, Ou Ming carried her back again. He put on a shirt, and when he turned around, Yu Lili was already fast asleep.

With an indulgent smile, Ou Ming checked the time. It was 11.45 pm, 15 minutes away from the first day of the new year.

He dressed her, carried her into the sitting room, and turned on the television. Many channels were broadcasting the New Year’s Gala.

This was what the proper New Year’s atmosphere was supposed to be!

When he turned back towards Yu Lili, she’d already awoken and was watching the TV.

Ou Ming wrapped his arms around her and said, “The countdown is about to begin. Does this count as us having spent two years together?”

Yu Lili looked away and snorted. She closed her eyes, but the smile on her lips continued to widen.

Ou Ming positioned her on his lap and played with her fingers as he held her hand. “You were in a deadlock with my mom tonight. My mother is a person who values her public image very much. Given the way you contradicted her, she’s bound to bear a grudge against you. That’s why I wanted to you apologize to her.”

Yu Lili looked into his eyes as Ou Ming lifted his eyes from Yu Lili’s hands to her face.

“Uncle Wen is my mother’s best friend. But it was my first time meeting him too. It’s fortunate that he was there to help us out of that predicament. Otherwise, it would have been disastrous.” As he spoke, he sighed between the sentences. “Why couldn’t you see what I was trying to convey with my eyes? If I tell you to do something in front of my mom next time, you have to listen. Otherwise, the going is going to get really hard.”

The way Ou Ming phrased his words was as if he’d already treated Yu Lili as his family.


Yu Lili looked down and spoke. “Your mother hates me. I can tell that a lot of what she said tonight was deliberately meant to provoke me.”

“I will make her accept you.” Ou Ming caressed her face with his hand and suggested, “Let’s give birth to a child. Then my mom will have no choice but to accept the situation.”

Ou Ming stopped for a moment and looked at her tummy. Gently stroking it, he asked, “Or could it be that my child is already inside?”

Yu Lili lowered her head. That would be miraculous.

She covered his hand with hers and reveled in the sensation.

After all, from the time they had first met till now, they had only made love a few times. However, since they never did use any protection, could it be that she might already be carrying his child in her?

Yu Lili suddenly felt a sense of yearning. If she was really pregnant, would they then be able to have a shotgun wedding?

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