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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1102 - Run. Let’s just elope.

Chapter 1102: Run. Let’s just elope.

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Get married.

How sacred those two words were. Yu Lili wanted to, and she only wanted to marry Ou Ming, to be together with him forever.

She looked up and saw that he was looking at her, his mischievous eyes shining brightly. His two eyes were like mirrors, reflecting her and only her.

“Let’s welcome in the New Year. There are only 30 seconds left!”

A contagiously charismatic voice rang out from the television. When Ou Ming heard it, he beamed and said, “The countdown is about to begin.”

This feeling was a little unreal for Yu Lili. She snuggled into his embrace and said, “I think this is the first time we’re welcoming in the New Year together.”

“Yes.” Ou Ming gazed at her and planted a gentle kiss on her face. “And we’ll spend the next 50 together as well.”

“Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

Ou Ming kissed her on the lips as the voices in the television continued counting down enthusiastically.

“Three, two, one!”

Ou Ming released her and uttered in a deep voice, “Happy New Year.”

For some reason, Yu Lili’s nose began to ache with unshed tears. She hugged him with both arms and replied, “Happy New Year.”

Ou Ming chuckled. He turned the television off and had his arms around her as they made their way back to the room.

When Yu Lili woke up, the sun was already up.

Warmth radiated from her side, giving Yu Lili a comfortable sense of security. She cuddled closer to him and burrowed into his chest.

Ou Ming was instantaneously awakened by her actions. He opened one eye and saw the dark strands of her hair.

Tilting the corners of his lips up, he stretched out his legs out wrapped them around her body. Just like that, the both of them were locked around each other.

Yu Lili tried to resist him for a while but gave up very quickly. With a wiggle, she yelped, “This is uncomfortable!”

Ou Ming released her and asked, “It’s the first day of the New Year. Where would you like to go?”

Yu Lili heard him and raised her eyes to meet his, but all she saw was the stubble on his jaw.

She stuck her finger out and poked him. “Don’t you need to go home?”

His jaw felt ticklish from her pokes, so he caught hold of her finger.

“Is that where you want to go?” he asked in return.


“Then I won’t go either.” Ou Ming tilted his face down to face her and whispered, “Are you hungry?”


When Ou Ming heard that, he was very satisfied with the answer. His hand snaked its way up underneath her shirt as he declared suggestively, “Let’s get some exercise then.”

“No! Ah… that tickles! Stop stroking me there… Ah… mmmmm…”

After their shower, Yu Lili was famished.

Yu Lili dabbed a bit of makeup on her face after the both of them got dressed, and they got ready to head out.

Ou Ming wore the same clothes that he did the day before. He waited for Yu Lili to emerge and they descended the flights of stairs together.

There were many eateries nearby, and they picked one at random. When they were done and stepped out, they noticed a trendy Bentley parked right at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Such a car did not belong to an average citizen. A sense of familiarity crept into Yu Lili as she observed the car. She looked at Ou Ming, who had clearly already identified the owner of that Bentley.

Holding on to Yu Lili’s hand, he instructed, “Let’s go.”

“Stop where you are!” A command rang out. Yu Lili started in surprise at the sound of Jiao Ziqing’s voice.

She turned to look. Jiao Ziqing was dressed to the nines in a blush-colored fur coat and elegant makeup. She was extremely eye-catching.

She was here for Ou Ming.

Ou Ming pulled Yu Lili along, and a sudden sense of excitement overcame him. With a hearty laugh, he said to her, “Run. Let’s just elope.”

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