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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1103 - Marry me. Let’s be together.

Chapter 1103: Marry me. Let’s be together.

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Yu Lili was stunned into a stupor when she heard that.

Was this guy… serious? Wasn’t this guy very filial and obedient to his mother? And now he was suggesting that they elope?

Before Yu Lili had time to react, she found herself being pulled along as Ou Ming ran ahead.

Ou Ming’s legs were long and quick. When he ran, he ran fast. Yu Lili continued to be dragged along. It was hard for her to keep up, and with a misstep, she almost fell.

But Ou Ming’s reflexes were quick, and he grabbed Yu Lili in time, preventing her from being falling to the concrete.

When Ou Ming’s mother witnessed this, she was incensed and shrieked, “Ou Ming, get the hell back here!”

But since Ou Ming had instigated it to begin with, it was a pipe dream to think that he’d stop.

Jiao Ziqing shrieked even louder, but Ou Ming had no intention of stopping at all. Instead, he held on to Yu Lili and ran even further.

“You rascal!” Jiao Ziqing’s face reddened in anger. She turned and got back inside the car, and barked out, “Give chase! Hurry!”

The luxurious Bentley moved off immediately in the direction that Ou Ming and Yu Lili had run towards.

They were close to the railway tracks, and Yu Lili panicked at the thought of a train suddenly appearing when Ou Ming pulled her across the tracks. She yelled out, “Ou Ming, slow down! What if a train comes?”

Ou Ming turned back to look at her and burst out laughing. He seemed to be in high spirits.

From the tracks that were now behind him came the sound of the train chugging. The loud noise eclipsed all the surrounding sounds.

Ou Ming held on to her hand and announced excitedly, “At most, we’d just die together! Yu Lili, marry me!

Yu Lili’s heart stopped as she continued trying to keep up with his crazy pace.

The wind blew over. The winter wind was bitingly cold. But Yu Lili’s heart was burning with happiness, and the warmth spread all over her body.


The sound of a train’s whistle sounded from the front, and another train could be seen coming from the opposite direction.

Yu Lili’s face drained of its color, and she held Ou Ming back. “Stop going further! It’s dangerous!”

Ou Ming stopped in his tracks, just one step away from the train track. At the same time, he turned towards Yu Lili with eyes that were shining brightly. His eyes were burning brightly with such a deep love that Yu Lili felt her heart tremble.

Choo! Choo!

As the train passed them by, it brought along with it a stir of activity and reverberation that could almost lift a person off their feet.

Ou Ming embraced her with both arms and yelled into her ear, “Marry me! Let’s be together!”

“Your mother…”

“Let’s just do the deed and make the report later. What can she do then? Even if she really objects to us being together, it’s not like I’ll divorce you. When that time comes, we’ll just let the law handle it. She’ll have no right to interfere in the matters between a husband and wife.”

Choo! Choo! Choo!

The sound of the trains continued with a deafening reverberation, exactly like what Yu Lili was experiencing internally.

Yu Lili looked at Ou Ming as if he were mad and asked, “Are you crazy?”

“Can’t you tell whether or not I’m crazy?” Ou Ming laughed. He looked up and saw the Bentley pulling up behind Yu Lili.

Without much choice, he gave a sigh and declared, “OK then. We’ll elope first and discuss the wedding later.”

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