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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1104 - Fine! You’ll be the death of me!

Chapter 1104: Fine! You’ll be the death of me!

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For some reason, Yu Lili got excited when faced with this crazy attitude of Ou Ming’s.

The train behind Ou Ming disappeared in the distance, and the booming sound that accompanied it dissipated too. The sun’s rays shone on Ou Ming from behind, giving him an ethereal image as he looked at Yu Lili dotingly.

Yu Lili smiled subconsciously as she nodded her head. Ou Ming burst out laughing instantaneously, and after grabbing her hand, he ran ahead.

When the person in the Bentley saw the couple running once again, her anger boiled over.

When Yu Lili looked back unintentionally, she caught a glimpse of the Bentley. The car had already u-turned and was making its way in the opposite direction.

Seeing Ou Ming’s mother concede defeat made Yu Lili feel vindicated inside.

When she turned her head back around, she didn’t realize that the person beside her had stopped running. It took a while also to realize that they were already on the other side of the main road.

A car zoomed past them from the left, and Yu Lili tried to take a step back in caution. But before she could move, a strong arm circled around her and pulled her back into a protective cocoon.

Yu Lili’s heart was beating in her throat. That had been a big fright indeed.

Looking at the handsome face right in front of her, she let out a sigh of relief and exclaimed, “What just happened was so dangerous! What if we’d gotten hit?”

Ou Ming hugged her by the roadside and whispered, “It’ll be fine. I’m here to protect you.”

“What if I’d gotten hit? Even if I didn’t die, I’d have at least lost an arm or a leg! How ugly I would be then!” Yu Lili rebuked him and gave him a smack.

In the moments earlier, she hadn’t realized at all that they had reached the side of the main road. If Ou Ming hadn’t pulled her away in time, it was highly likely that she would have been hit by the car and be lying on the road right now!

When Ou Ming heard Yu Lili’s words, he smiled and reassured her, “What do you have to be afraid of? You’ll never be ugly no matter what. If your arms are gone, I’ll feed you and bathe you. If your legs are broken, I’ll carry you on my back and take care of you for the rest of your life.”

Yu Lili couldn’t tell if Ou Ming was joking or being serious, but she nevertheless felt touched hearing him say that.

But very quickly, her lips twitched, and she replied, “I’ll never give you that chance.”

Ou Ming pinched her cheeks. “The light’s green,” he remarked.

When Yu Lili turned to look, she found many bystanders looking at her. With an awkward grimace, she pushed herself out of Ou Ming’s embrace and crossed the road.

Ou Ming watched her from behind, his heart aflutter. He closed their distance, took her hand in his and walked with her. “What about me? If I lost my limbs, what would you do?”

“There’ll never be such a day.” Yu Lili held on to his hand without looking back and walked on.

“What if there is?”

There were many people walking in both directions. It was bound to be crowded everywhere since it was the first day of the New Year.

The grip between Yu Lili’s and Ou Ming’s hands tightened, and they were brought closer to each other. Ou Ming walked right beside her and rested his arm across her shoulders. “What if there is such a day? What will you do?” he continued interrogating.

Yu Lili gave it some thought then giggled aloud and replied, “I’m with you only because you’re good-looking. If you no longer have your hands or legs, you won’t be good-looking anymore. If that day comes, I’ll leave you and won’t be with you anymore!”

“How dare you!” Ou Ming knew she was joking with him, but he was still a little upset at her reply. Amidst the crowd, he pinched the side of her waist and said, “If you dare to run away, I’ll kill you.”

“Okay! Come kill me, then.” Yu Lili pushed his hand away and ran right into the thick of the crowd.

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