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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1105 - You’re willing to forfeit your mother’s life for a woman.

Chapter 1105: You’re willing to forfeit your mother’s life for a woman.

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Yu Lili was extremely familiar with the area around them. Up ahead was a famous local attraction of Kingstown. Lovers called it the “Matchmaker’s Lake.” There were many sculptures by the Matchmaker’s Lake—sculptures of the Lord of Soil and Ground, the Goddess of Mercy, and various other deities. These sculptures surrounded The Matchmaker’s Lake as if they were protecting what was within.

Numerous couples would choose to come here to pray for blessings, throw coins into the water, and release lotus lanterns on the lake at night.

When Ou Ming said to elope, did he mean to come here and exchange their vows?

When Yu Lili thought of this, the emotions in her heart sweetened, and her steps slowed.

After running for less than a minute, Yu Lili turned around. When she saw Ou Ming blocked by the crowd, unable to catch up with her, she laughed out loud.

She waved at him animatedly, and many people looked over. Seeing her act like this, Ou Ming felt powerless to do anything. At the same time, he felt his love for her overflowing. Watching his beloved gave him a saccharine feeling unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

Ou Ming was tall, and so he stood out in the crowd. When Yu Lili saw the look in Ou Ming’s eyes, her heart melted, and she was moved.

After she had ascertained that he had seen her, her wave became decreasingly animated until at last, she was just standing there with her hand in the air, waiting for Ou Ming to come over.

Ou Ming looked at her like she was a mischievous little child, and he pushed his way through the crowd to get to her.

All of a sudden, he felt a grip on his arm. Whoever it was had exerted a huge amount of force, and it shocked Ou Ming in his tracks.

He turned his head and realized that it was Jiao Ziqing’s bodyguard, Guan Yun.

Bodyguard Guan had a huge and towering physique. Dressed in black, his grip on Ou Ming was very tight.

“Young Master, Madam is waiting for you in the car. Please go back,” the bodyguard instructed. His tone was neutral and didn’t betray any hint of what he was thinking.

Ou Ming struggled for a moment and said, “I’m not going back. Tell my mom that I’ll go back later.”

“Young Master, Madam’s illness has acted up.” There was finally a quiver in Bodyguard Guan’s voice, and he sounded panicked.

Ou Ming’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that, and he turned his head and asked, “Didn’t she bring her medicine with her?”

“She did,” Bodyguard Guan replied.

But before Ou Ming could heave a sigh of relief, Bodyguard Guan continued talking. He said, “But Madam refused to eat her medication. She said if you don’t return, she won’t eat her medication and just die in front of you.” As he spoke, his grip on Ou Ming’s arm tightened.

Upon hearing that, Ou Ming broke out in maniacal laughter in anger and yelled, “F*ck! Is she crazy? She’s using such a tactic to force me back home?”

This wasn’t the first time!

She had used this same tactic when she wanted to blackmail him into breaking up with Yu Lili. How despicable!

Unfortunately, he was powerless against such a tactic.

Regardless of how despicable Jiao Ziqing was, she was still his mother who gave birth to him and brought him up all these years!

Bodyguard Guan heard Ou Ming’s outburst and could tell from his nervous tone that he was on the verge of caving in. Bodyguard Guan continued, “Madam asked me to ask you this. She is your mother after all. If you’re willing to forfeit your mother’s life for a woman, will you both really be able to live happily ever after? If she really dies, her death would have been caused by you and that woman.”

“F*ck!” Ou Ming cursed out loud, and he turned instinctively to look at Yu Lili standing ahead in the distance.

Yu Lili could sense that something was wrong and was at that moment trying to push her way over through the crowd.

Ou Ming’s heart softened, and he said, “Give me a moment to tell Yu Lili.”

But Bodyguard Guan pulled him away and yelled, “There isn’t enough time! Are you really going to let your mother die?”

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