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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1106 - What will happen when she can’t find me?

Chapter 1106: What will happen when she can’t find me?

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Unprepared, Ou Ming staggered along at Guan Yun’s pull. He looked towards Yu Lili and realized that she was lost among the crowd and nowhere to be seen.

Bodyguard Guan exerted his force to pull Ou Ming along in the opposite direction. Ou Ming looked back at him and barked out, “I’ll walk on my own! Where is my mom?”

“Up ahead. Hurry!”

Bodyguard Guan had always been an honest person, and judging from his demeanor, it didn’t seem like he was acting.

“Damn it!” Ou Ming cursed under his breath as he headed resolutely in the direction that Bodyguard Guan had indicated. He pushed the crowd aside and ran.

After Yu Lili had been pushed backward by the crowd, she lost sight of Ou Ming.

She turned to her right and her left and looked all around, but she couldn’t find Ou Ming anywhere at all.

“Ou Ming!” she hollered.

But the crowd was too dense, and Yu Lili’s voice was soon swallowed up amid the cacophony. Yu Lili made her way back to the spot that Ou Ming was originally and looked around, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t catch a glimpse of him at all.

Dejectedly, Yu Lili stood at that same spot and kept looking out.

All she could see was a sea of black heads bobbing.

Where on earth is he?

Led by Bodyguard Guan, Ou Ming ran for a really long time. Finally, after crossing two main roads, they stopped at the exit of the attraction.

There weren’t many people here, and the expressway lay just up ahead. He came face to face with the familiar Bentley that was parked by the roadside. The chauffeur was in the driver’s seat, but Jiao Ziqing was nowhere to be seen.

Ou Ming was still panting. He looked at Bodyguard Guan and asked, “Where’s my mom?”

“In the backseat! Lying down.” Bodyguard Guan dragged him over to the car.

Ou Ming had a nagging sense that something was amiss, but he didn’t give it much thought and made his way to the car.

When he opened the door to the backseat, he saw Jiao Ziqing sitting up inside, all prim and proper. She looked regal and content. Upon further scrutiny, she still appeared calm and unruffled, completely unlike someone whose illness had just acted up.

When Ou Ming witnessed this, he knew he’d been set up. He was about to walk off in a fury, but Bodyguard Guan caught hold of him and forced him into the car.

The chauffeur locked the car doors immediately after Bodyguard Guan slammed it shut.

Flustered and exasperated, Ou Ming banged on the car door as he roared, “You lied to me!”

Jiao Ziqing appeared indifferent to her son’s rage and spoke offhandedly, “Go home. It’s unbecoming to spend the New Year with a mistress.”

“Shut up!” Ou Ming was angered past reason, and he bellowed back, “She’s not a mistress! She’s my girlfriend!”

Jiao Ziqing looked at Ou Ming as if he were crazy beyond help.

His eyes and expression all emulated that of someone crazy. “Ou Ming, you’re mad. You’ve been utterly bewitched by that woman! You’ve turned mad!”

“Mom, I know very well what I’m doing. If you want me to go back with you, I will. But you have to let me out first so that I can tell her know and say goodbye. I’ll head back with you immediately after that.”

“Impossible!” Jiao Ziqing objected without even sparing it a thought. “Do you really think I’m stupid? Would you still come back after I released you?”

Once bitten twice shy. Such a tactic could only work once.

Jiao Ziqing knew her son well, and she coldly instructed the chauffeur, “Drive faster.”

The chauffeur obeyed and sped up.

Ou Ming closed his eyes with a heavy heart. “She’ll be there waiting for me. What will happen when she can’t find me?”

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