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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1107 - High-speed, rear-end collision

Chapter 1107: High-speed, rear-end collision

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Find you? Do you really think that woman cares about you? She’ll naturally go home when she can’t find you.”

Ou Ming’s face darkened when he heard that, and he shook his head. “No. She’ll definitely assume we lost each other in the crowd and will wait for me at the original location.”

Yu Lili would never leave. Even if she didn’t see him return, she’d wait for him and look for him.

Jiao Ziqing felt her heart pinch a little when she saw how Ou Ming was acting. After all, any mother would never want to see her own son unhappy. But how could a woman the likes of Yu Lili ever be good enough for her son?

Ou Ming was now held a lofty position and had a say in almost everything in Kingstown.

But, what if…?

With a gentle sigh, Jiao Ziqing put her hand on Ou Ming’s and explained earnestly, “Ou Ming, you have everything now. But if you were to fall from your high status one day, that woman will not remain by your side. That sort of woman is after money and fame, and will curry favor with those in power. Should you one day face difficulties, not only will she not remain by your side, she might even kick you down further. I’ve seen plenty of such women. You’re now mesmerized by her. But in the future, you’ll understand my heart. I’m the only one in this world who is true to you, don’t you understand?”

Ou Ming turned to his side to face his mother and spoke sincerely, “Mom, this woman isn’t like what you make her out to be. It’s true that Yu Lili is an orphan who never knew her parents. But all these years, I’ve gotten to know her. She’s nothing like what you say at all. She’s even better than Shen Manting, by a hundred times, by a thousand times.”

When Jiao Ziqing saw how serious Ou Ming was being, her anger flared up, and she spat out, “Why won’t you just understand? What spell has that woman cast over you to make you so resolute? Ou Ming, please don’t make me angry. The time I have left to live isn’t long. Are you really trying to drive me to my death?”

Such words were grave indeed. Ou Ming calmed himself down and didn’t speak further. He gently removed Jiao Ziqing’s hand and closed his eyes while seated upright on the car seat.

Jiao Ziqing gave a sigh of relief was she saw this.

Bodyguard Guan was monitoring the situation behind closely. Should Ou Ming display any movement, he’d be prepared to have him under control immediately.

Ten minutes passed, and the car entered the expressway, and still there was no movement from Ou Ming.

Both Jiao Ziqing and Bodyguard Guan relaxed a little, and their heartbeats settled.

Out of the blue, Ou Ming opened his eyes, and he suddenly got up and threw himself onto the driver’s seat.

Old Chauffeur Chen had been working for Jiao Ziqing for many decades, but this was his first time being faced with such a situation. He yelped in surprise, “Young Master, what are you doing?”

The car was speeding along on the expressway, and Old Chen was frightened, but he was still an experienced chauffeur at the end of the day. He quickly brought the car to an emergency stop by the side.

Fortunately, there weren’t many cars on the expressway. The car that was directly behind the Bentley braked immediately as well, but couldn’t avoid kissing the Bentley’s bumper.


The sudden impact made Jiao Ziqing dizzy.

But at the same time, she felt a gust of cold wind blow over from the left.

The car door had obviously been opened.

Jiao Ziqing opened her eyes with much difficulty, but all she saw were black spots. “Xiao Ou, come back!” she called out.

All that she heard in return was the sound of a car screeching to a halt, followed by a dull thud.

In the blur, Jiao Ziqing could make out the figure of a man collapsing. At the same time came Old Chauffeur Chen’s shriek, “Young Master!”

Exclamations rang out all around, together with the car horns and the screech of the brakes…

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