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The 99th Divorce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1108 - I’m waiting for him to meet me back here.

Chapter 1108: I’m waiting for him to meet me back here.

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Yu Lili looked around for a very, very long time, but still, Ou Ming was nowhere to be found.

She kept going in circles and found herself back at the original spot yet again. It was an especially sunny day today, and the sun was particularly harsh. The number of people outside slowly dwindled.

Yu Lili took off her outer coat and stood at the original spot, trying to make it easier for Ou Ming to find her.

After some thought, she decided to try her luck calling him. She dialed Ou Ming’s number, but unsurprisingly, his phone was turned off.

Yu Lili just continued standing there, and as minutes became an hour, there was still no sign of Ou Ming.

Was he hiding somewhere?

That seemed terribly unlikely.

She checked the time; it was already past three in the afternoon. Most families would be partaking of their reunion meal together at this hour, wouldn’t they?

Otherwise, they’d already be done with the meal and be playing mahjong, chatting together, or taking a drive out as a family.

How nice.

But where was Ou Ming? Did he go home secretly? That didn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense for him to disappear suddenly either.

The first day of the New Year was an especially special day. Could he have hidden himself to give her a surprise?

At this thought, Yu Lili’s knotted stomach began to relax

The security guard at the attraction observed that Yu Lili had been standing at the same spot for a long time and finally couldn’t resist coming forward and asking, “Miss, are you waiting for someone?”

Yu Lili smiled and nodded her head. “Yeah, I’m waiting for my boyfriend.”

“He’s so late? You’ve been standing here for almost two hours already. Why isn’t he here yet?”

“No, he was here with me just now. But we lost each other in the crowd. I’m waiting for him to meet me back here.”

When the security guard heard that, he clicked his tongue, “Tsk, what a lovely lady you are. Give him a call, then. How can he allow you to stand out here all on your own waiting for him in this biting wind, especially on New Year’s day?”

“It’s fine, Sir. You may go back first. I’m sure he will find me soon.” Yu Lili smiled at him gratefully.

“Alright, if your legs are tired from standing, you may come over to the security booth and have a seat. You look about the same age as my daughter; I feel bad for you.”

Yu Lili laughed and replied, “It’s fine. You may go back first.”

“Alright.” The security guard waved his hand and walked back.

Yu Lili continued standing at the same spot for close to another hour but still saw no sign of Ou Ming.

Could he have already passed by here, and seeing that she wasn’t there, returned to her home? The more Yu Lili thought about it, the more plausible it seemed.

Yu Lili put on her coat and walked over to the security booth to speak with the same security guard from moments before. “Sir, if you see a man about this tall, in a trench coat and wearing a suit underneath, who is looking for me, could you please tell him that I’m waiting for him at home?”

“OK,” the security guard nodded his head as he agreed. “If I see him later, I’ll tell him to go home. Do you have a picture of him?”

The sudden realization dawned, and Yu Lili fished her phone out of her pocket, scrolled to find Ou Ming’s picture, and showed it to him. “Here.”

When the security guard saw Ou Ming’s face, his eyes lit up, and he exclaimed, “He’s really quite handsome. He looks like a movie star.”

It was pleasant to hear someone complimenting her man, and Yu Lili beamed. “Thank you for the trouble then! I’m going back now.”


Her home was some distance away from this place. If Ou Ming were really waiting at the entrance of her home, that wouldn’t be good.

Yu Lili rushed out and flagged a taxi back. But when she reached her lobby, she was met with a huge disappointment.

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