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The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 638: Three Encounters, Falling Thrice in Deep Love (8)

Chapter 638: Three Encounters, Falling Thrice in Deep Love (8)

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The necklace was more than familiar to him. It was a birthday present that someone had given her, and Gu Yusheng had flown into a jealous rage that led him to breaking the necklace. Subsequently, feeling vexed over his behavior, he had searched through countless jewelry stores to mend the necklace and replace the perfect tiny pearl on it.

The money appeared to be the note that she’d written on back on the night they had played the money game. He had even returned to that stand repeatedly to try to find it, but he’d never managed to, apparently because she had never spent it.

So, she really is my little troublemaker whom I’ve been searching for all this time.

So, the one whom she had been talking about in her letters was me, and the one whom I was speaking to was her.

So, in my lifetime, my three encounters with deep romance have all been with the same person.

These answers opened up even more revelations.

No wonder I felt such a change from the first moment I met little troublemaker.

No wonder I fell for Qin Zhi’ai unknowingly after meeting her, despite having limited interaction with her.

No wonder I always felt that she was little troublemaker despite the difference in their aura, voice, and appearance.

No wonder I hadn’t understood anything…

He truly understood now. He understood all of it.

Be it sweetheart, little troublemaker, little lovemaker, or even little secretary, all were linked to two words: Qin Zhi’ai.

Gu Yusheng had no idea how long he’d been in a trance staring at the money when his cell phone rang in his pocket. It rang nonstop, so finally he whipped out his phone and checked the screen.

Xiaowang had sent him several messages.

“Master Gu, I’ve used all the excuses I can think of, even that I forgot my wallet and needed to find it, but she’s paid the bill!”

“Master Gu, I can’t hold Secretary Qin here any longer. Are you done on your end?”

“Master Gu, Secretary Qin is leaving now.”

“Master Gu…”

Gu Yusheng replied, “Mm,” and began stuffing the necklace and money back into the red pouch, which he tied up exactly as he’d found it. After tidying up the contents in her luggage, he zipped it up, and placed it back in its original position before standing up and scanning once around Qin Zhi’ai’s bedroom. After confirming that there were no clues to his presence, he strode toward the bedroom door.

Before stepping out of the bedroom, Gu Yusheng turned around and looked in the direction of the pair of men’s socks on the loveseat. He stared at them for some time before turning and leaving.

Moments after returning to his car, Gu Yusheng saw a taxi pull over at the entrance to the apartment complex. Qin Zhi’ai paid for her ride, got out of the taxi, and entered her apartment building.

Gu Yusheng turned on his car engine and left only when the lights in Qin Zhi’ai’s bedroom came on.

Upon returning to the villa, Gu Yusheng sat in his study and reread the letters that A had written to him over the years from beginning to end.

So, without his knowledge, a girl had loved him so passionately and selflessly with all her might that she had never cared about the consequences.

But eight years ago, he had given up on her for his dream.

Then five years ago, he had forgotten about her.

And just one year ago, she had assumed Liang Doukou’s identity and approached him.

It seemed that he had always chosen his beliefs over her love.

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